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Golf Science: Aerodynamics of Golf Balls and Drivers

aerodynamics of golf balls and gold drivers. Golf Science!!

I’m sure you have been hearing a lot about aerodynamics and golf science lately.  Especially as it pertains to drivers.  Every time I start to research new drivers, there are so many manufacturers claiming to have some new science that

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10 Things You Should Have in Your Golf Bag

golf bag

          What’s in your bag? Your golf bag, more specifically. If you’re a serious golfer, there are many important things you need to have in there, no matter what. A lot of golfers get by with

Top 10 Kids Golf Shoes of 2017

kids golf shoes

Your little golfer deserves the very best; from clubs to gloves, you want to make sure that when they walk onto the green, they are as prepared as they can be. When you are outfitting them head to toe, make sure

9 Best Golfers to Watch in 2017

best golfers

You’ve got your top-notch gear. You’ve got your green. You’ve got the right season. What about inspiration? There are many professional golfers out there to keep your eye on. It can be difficult to narrow the field at times. That’s

Can a Golf Simulator Take Your Game to the Next Level?

golf simulator

Are you looking to up your golfing game? You might want to look at a golf simulator. These devices can be used to take your golf game to the next level. No matter your level of experience, you might benefit

What is Inside of Golf Balls and Why It Matters

What is inside a golf ball

  As one gets further into the game of golf, it is inevitable that previously insignificant aspects of the game get more and more critique.  It is the pursuit of that extra few yards off the tee, more consistent approach

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The Top 10 Golf Apps To Keep In Your Pocket

Golf apps

Everything has gone mobile. We’ve got mobile phones, mobile cat videos, mobile beer directories, mobile home surveillance. And now even golf has gone mobile. Golf apps have been around for a while now. And it’s really about time you get

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How to Easily Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

golf swing speed

It might be tempting to try for the “Happy Gilmore” swing when you step up to the tee. Besides, hockey players get a lot of power out of those slap shots, right? But golf is a different game. Getting your

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