7 New Golf Courses Opening in 2018

new golf courses

new golf coursesAre you looking for a new place to play golf?

Indoor putting greens and golf simulators are great for practice, but there’s nothing like getting out there on a beautiful, brand new golf course. Next year, there are lots opening up around the world to satisfy all your golfing desires.

Read on to find out what new golf courses are coming in 2018.

New Golf Courses We Can’t Wait to Play On

1. Sage Run Golf Club

The Sage Run Golf Club is a hotly anticipated new course in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The course is built over a drumlin, which is a large sloping hill that has formed into an oval shape. This challenges players to move with it in different directions, playing on open and wooded areas as well as through pine scrubs.

Water is only involved in one or two holes throughout the entire course, and players are said to have no forced carries at all.

The course is part of the Island Resort, which also features a casino. Book a stay and play package for a long weekend, and you can enjoy a relaxing spa and evening entertainment after a long day of golfing.

Once you’ve played there, you can also hop over to the nearby Sweetgrass Golf Club to enjoy another game.

2. Baylands Golf Links

Bayland Golf Links is currently being built on the same site that California’s Palo Alto Municipal Golf Club once occupied.

The old course was fraught with flooding problems. This prompted a huge reconfiguration project to transform it into a course that California can be proud of. Wetlands and marshland areas are being incorporated into the course in order to provide better flood protection, so the new course won’t suffer the same fate as its predecessor.

Turfed areas are being replaced with natural ones, bringing the course more in line with the beautiful Baylands landscape. Non-native trees are being removed, too. Instead, 300 new native trees are being brought in to be planted.

The course is set to open in the spring of 2018.

3. New Tempest Golf Club

Tempest Golf Club is currently under construction in Texas, on the site where the Southern Hills Golf Club once sat.

The course spans more than 7,000 yards, with one hole alone playing over a 450-yard stretch. This is the eleventh hole of the course, which is deemed to be the most challenging.

The course is due to open in July 2018.

4. New Utah Golf Club

Utah is soon to get a brand new golf course in the city of Hurricane.

The first half of the course is set in grassy valleys, while the second half is on more difficult terrain, with plenty of hills. Throughout your game, you’ll be able to admire the beautiful backdrop of Pine Mountain.

The course will also feature a driving range for golfers who just want to get a little practice. Dale Beddo, designer of the course, says this is an important part of the facility and will make it a complete product.

The driving range will be 345-yards long. There’ll also be a short game area covering four acres, spanning over uphill, downhill, sidehill, and rough terrains.

This course will be open to the public in September next year.

5. Cromwell Golf Resort

Plans for a new multi-million-dollar resort are underway on New Zealand’s southern island.

The project is a partnership between Kiwi pro golfer Phil Tataurangi and golf course designer Brett Thompson. It covers a huge area of land next to the Highlands Motorsport track, which mainly consists of flat terrain. Pine trees will provide shade in areas dotted around the course.

The course is designed for golf tourism rather than for hosting championship events, so just about anyone can play there.

If you’re into motorsports as well as golf, this course should be on your list. Keep your eyes peeled for opening dates for this one!

6. Le Mont Choisy

If you’re looking to take a golfing holiday in a gorgeous tropical location, this course could be just the one for you.

Le Mont Choisy is opening in Mauritius, taking its name from the stretch of land it covers, starting from what was once lush sugar cane fields and ending at the coast.

Now, it’s home to one of the world’s most luxurious golfing resorts. However, that doesn’t mean the site’s history has been erased. The designers vowed to preserve the environmental and historical heritage of the site while turning it into a great golfing destination.

The course is set on a site of incredible natural beauty. As you play, you can observe the wildlife, with yellow canaries chirping in the trees around you.

It’s designed to provide numerous options for each hole, so golf enthusiasts can come back to play again and again and have a different experience each time.

7. Links Valley

Links Valley is one of the most exciting new golf courses set to open next year. This is because it brings something different to the game. Instead of playing the traditional way, from hole 1 to hole 18, you’ll be able to play this 9-hole course from either direction.

That’s right, this golf course if completely reversible. That means there are two different courses in just one area of land. This is a relatively new concept to the game, although there are some existing reversible golf courses. One of them is The Loop at Forest Dunes, situated in Michigan.

This course is being built in Ullerbeg, Netherlands, on a former sand quarry site. The course will feature height differences of up to 20 meters, over sandy areas, pine tree-lined heathlands, and green, grassy plains.

While no specific date has been set for a grand opening, it’s expected to be open for the summer of 2018.

Everything a Golfer Needs

Now that you know all the new golf courses that you’ve got to look forward to visiting next year, you can get ready to play!

Part of preparing for a big golfing trip is honing your swing and improving your putting skills. We can help you do just that.

Before you get practicing, see our list of 7 golf putting tips to improve your game on the green.

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