What is the Best Indoor Putting Green?

Rainy day? Stuck in the office? Don’t worry….with the numerous golf training gears and gadgets available these days, you can still work on your game.  We already looked at some of the best swing trainers on the market.  But as any pro knows, the best way to shave strokes off your score is to improve your putting!  Here are our recommendations for the best indoor putting green.

Best Indoor Putting Green Recommendations

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat

sklz accelerator pro ball return putting mat - best indoor putting green

The training equipment gurus over at SKLZ have created one of the best indoor putting mats on the market.  The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is over 9 feet long, automatically returns your ball, and has alignment guides at 3′, 5′ and 7′ to help you get consistent from multiple distances.  The mat is also sloped uphill at the end to train you to putt past the hole, so you will never leave your putts short on the course!

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is decently-priced at only $50.  We would have liked to see a bit higher quality plastic used, as the current material feels a bit cheap.  Many customers also complained about the ball-return mechanism not working all the time.  Overall the SKLZ Accelerator Pro is a great indoor putting green that rolls true, and can be honestly recommended for your home or office.

Buy the SKLZ Accelerator Pro here

Also check out the SKLZ Vari-Break Putting Course

Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

big moss augusta putting green

This Big Moss Augusta is the mother of all indoor putting greens.  It is extremely large for an indoor green, measuring 12′ x 4′.   So, make sure you have enough space in your home or office to use it!  The Augusta features patented “True-Roll” downgrain material that simulates putting on freshly cut greens.  The material is extremely high quality, and will not get worn down even after being vacuumed multiple times.

The Big Moss Augusta also comes with a “break snake” so you can create custom slopes and contours in the green.  It is great way to practice your reads and uphill/downhill putts.  The Augusta also comes with a separate chipping mat, so you can practice your shots from off the green.

The Big Moss August is made in the USA, and therefore has a relatively high price tag of $285.  The price is the only downside we could find for this product.  If you are a serious golfer, and simply want the best indoor putting green available, then it is well worth the investment.  The Augusta will last you a very long time and will definitley help improve your game.

Buy the Big Moss Augusta Putting Green here

Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

grassroots part three putting greenLooking for a cheap alternative to the Big Moss Augusta?  The Grassroots Par Three Putting Green is a budget-friendly choice.  This kidney-shaped green measures 3’x9′ and has three separate practice hole cutouts.  It also has built in traps behind the holes to catch your missed shots.

The Grassroots Putting Green is made of noticeably cheaper material compared to that of the Big Moss Augusta, but still provides a fairly realistic putting service.  The holes are fairly shallow, so the balls tends to bounce out.  This mat also has problems staying unrolled, so you may need to use tape or other things to hold it flat.

Overall, the Grassroots Putting Green will get the job done, and for just over $30 though, you won’t be able to find a much better deal than this.

 Buy the Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

5 thoughts on “What is the Best Indoor Putting Green?”

  1. Went on your recommendation and bought one of these Sklz Accelerator Pro. It took me a little over two weeks to receive but well worth the wait. The thing is awesome. Very impressive quality and the ball roll is excellent.better than any golf store green i’ve ever used.I’m going to order the chipping pad circle with rough and fringe on it. Curious if you have ever used this, it looks good? If it is as good as the green itself, I’ll be impressed. Thanks for the tip I almost bought from a different company. Glad I found this write up.

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