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Gear Review – FX-Sport VC Golf Headphones

VC-Golf Headphones

We recently had the chance to review a new golf product called the VC Golf Headphones by FX-Sport based out of the UK. Who Are They First lets take a look at the company behind the product.  FX-Sport is centered

The Best Practice Golf Balls

callaway hx best practice golf balls

When you can’t get to the range for whatever reason, there is a variety of equipment to help you practice your swing — in your basement, garage, family room or the backyard.  Perhaps, the simplest of all training tools is the practice

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What is the Best Golf Mat?

Whether you are trying to save a bit of money on all those buckets at the range or just want to practice more often, you’ll need a good setup at home to practice. One key piece of equipment you’ll need

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What is the Best Golf Practice Net?

As much as you love to golf, let’s face it… you never get to play enough, let alone go to the practice range as often as you need to. You can only improve your game with practice, practice and more

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What are the Best Putting Aids?

Want to improve your putting?  Then you should practice (obviously)!  But, if you are not practicing the right way, then it will all be for naught.  Luckily for you, there are many gizmos and gadgets on the market that will

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What is the Best Indoor Putting Green?

Rainy day? Stuck in the office? Don’t worry….with the numerous golf training gears and gadgets available these days, you can still work on your game.  We already looked at some of the best swing trainers on the market.  But as any pro

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Best Golf Swing Analyzer for iOS / Android

Technology.  Isn’t it amazing?  With your smartphone and a simple attachment, you can now get a complete analysis of your own golf swing, including club head speed, club head angles, backswing angles, body rotation, and more.  You can even compare

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What’s the Best Golf Swing Trainer?

Stuck in the office all day?  Have a few minutes to spare and want to work out some of the kinks in your swing?  These golf training devices will help you fix your slice, increase your swing speed, hit straighter

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