The Best Practice Golf Balls

When you can’t get to the range for whatever reason, there is a variety of equipment to help you practice your swing — in your basement, garage, family room or the backyard.  Perhaps, the simplest of all training tools is the practice golf ball.

The best practice golf balls simulate hitting a real golf ball, but do not travel as far, and are usually made of softer material.   This allows you to practice your swing in a small area (i.e. your backyard, basement, local park, etc.) without worrying about damaging nearby houses, cars, or people.  Just make sure you have enough space to swing (and watch out for lights)!

Here are some factors to consider when you are looking for the best golf practice balls:

  • Construction and design – Practice golf balls are made with a variety of materials and designs. The best ones will not damage property (cars, windows, etc.) or injure anyone when you hit an errant shot.
  • Distance – Not all practice golf balls travel the same distance when hit. Some will be better suited for the backyard, others for the public park and some for indoor use.
  • Feel and flight – Some balls give very little feedback and does not mimic real ball travel very well. Look for ones that do this well.

The Best Practice Golf Balls — Top 5

Callaway HX Practice Balls

callaway hx best practice golf ballsYou can practice your swing to your heart’s content with these Callaway practice balls. They simulate actual ball flight flawlessly thanks to the patented HEX dimple pattern. They are safe to use anywhere thanks to the soft foam construction which will not damage any nearby buildings (or break your windows).  The material is also durable, and will not crack after a few hits like some other cheap practice balls.

The HX Practice Balls fly about 30% to 50% of the distance of normal golf balls.  So, make sure you have enough space if you are taking a full swing.

You can buy the Callaway HX Practice Balls in either packs of 9 or 18 and and in a variety of colors (orange, yellow, or pink).  Overall, the realistic ball flight, durability, and soft/safe material makes this one of the best practice golf balls on the market.

Buy the Callaway HX Practice Balls here!

Orlimar 36 Practice Balls (24 with Holes, 12 Foam)

orlimar practice golf ballsWant cheap? These balls from Orlimar Golf come in a giant pack of 36 — 24 plastic balls with air holes (wiffle balls) and 12 balls made from high density foam. You can use them inside and outside and you’ll definitely improve your swing without inflicting damage on your surroundings.

These balls are perfect for the backyard as their distance is limited. Unfortunately they sacrifice some of that “real feel” and you don’t get an idea of the distance and trajectory of the ball, especially on the plastic “wiffle” balls. But overall they are great for practicing your swing at home, and keeping in shape during winter months.

One downside is that the plastic balls tend to get damaged quite easily.  For just around 30 cents per ball though, you won’t find much cheaper practice golf balls than these.

Buy the Orlimar Practice Golf Balls here!


birdieball best practice golf ballsWhat the h*ll is this?  You’ll be forgiven for looking at this bracelet shaped object with some serious apprehension.

Despite its odd shape, the Birdie Ball is one of the best practice golf balls out there.  Hitting it feels like hitting a real golf ball, and it even flies on a realistic trajectory.    Since it acts just like a real ball you can even practice a variety of shots with it. Draw it, fade it, and spin it…just like a real golf ball!

The only difference is that the Birdie Ball is limited to fly around 40 yards, so it is great for taking to your local park or even in your own backyard (if its big enough).  You can take a full swing and not worry about it flying 200 yards away.

The ball itself is made from a “super polymer” which will not cause damage to windows, people, or anything else in case you mishit.   It is also extremely durable and will not break easily like the cheaper plastic wiffle balls.

The only downside is that these are a bit expensive relative to other practice golf balls.  The 12 ball pack should last you a very long time though, so you can look at it as a long term investment.

As unconventional as the Birdie Ball may look, they are probably the best practice golf balls on the market.  Give them a shot!

Buy the BirdieBall here!

PrideSports Practice Foam Golf Balls

pridesports practice foam golf ballsJust want something that is cheap and practical?

Then, these practice golf balls from PrideSports may be for you.  Made from soft dimpled foam, these balls are great for indoor and outdoor use.  The soft material makes them fairly safe to hit anywhere as they won’t damage anything or hurt anyone.  The balls fly straight if hit properly, so you can get an idea if you are making correct ball contact.  They can also carry a fair distance if hit well, so be careful when taking full swings!

One downside is that they are a bit too soft for some golfers, so they lack the “real feel” of impacting a golf ball.  Despite this, they are still great for practicing your swing overall and keeping fit in your off time. They are especially great for practicing indoors on a rainy day.

Currently on sale for a ridiculously low price of only $7 for 12 balls, you can’t really go wrong with these.

Buy the PrideSports Practice Foam Golf Balls here!

SKLZ LF30 Limited Flight Practice Golf Balls

sklz lf30 practice golf balls

The LF30 Practice Golf Balls are just another great training product from SKLZ.

These bright yellow orbs are painted with alignment stripes to help you improve your setup consistency.  They also allow you to see how the ball spins when you are practicing your short game.

The LF30s are made of a soft foam that feel solid to hit, but will not cause any damage to your walls or windows.  They also fly true and straight like a normal golf ball, but go only around 30 yards.

Overall, the SKLZ LF30s are great practice golf balls, and are very reasonably price at about $12 for a 12-pack.

Buy the SKLZ LF30 Practice Golf Balls here!

Also check out the SKLZ Impact Golf Ball here

almostGolf Practice Golf Balls

almostgolf best practice golf ballsThey look like golf balls,  hit like golf balls, and fly like golf balls, but they’re not quite golf balls.  They’re Almost Golf balls!

These practice golf balls are one of the most highly rated products on the market.  The main reason customers love this ball is that they feel and fly off your club just like a real golf ball.  The dense foam construction allows the ball to ‘pop’ off your club, giving you a more realistic feel on impact.  You can also spin, fade, and draw it just like a real golf ball.

The foam is quite firm, but soft enough so that it won’t break any windows or dent cars.

Perhaps one downside of the Almost Golf ball is that it can fly quite far — about 50% the distance of a normal golf ball, up to around 100 yards.  So, make sure you have enough space in your yard if taking a full swing.

Overall, these are just another great practice golf ball.  They are also reasonably priced at about $15 per dozen.

Buy the almostGolf Practice Golf Balls here!

Buy the pack of 36 almostGolf Balls here ($35) !


With the best practice golf balls, you can practice your swing almost anywhere, and anytime.  No need to rush out to try and rush out to the driving range after work or after dinner!

There is a good mix of quality and affordability on this list, so you are bound to find something that suits your needs.  Let us know which is your favorite!

The 11 Best Golf Gifts for Golf Lovers

If you have a golfer in your life you need never be stuck for great gift ideas, no matter what the occasion. No more boring socks, ties or aftershave. The game of golf has advanced tremendously and so has the range of awesome gear, gadgets, and accessories that go with it. You can have your pick not just from novelty items, but also from some very nifty and useful technical gadgets. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the best golf gifts for any golf lover (in no particular order).

The 11 Best Golf Gifts

1. Golf GPS Watch

A new golf GPS watch is the perfect gift for your golfing friend who also loves having the latest tech gadgets.  It combines the power of a golf GPS system, with the convenience and functionality of a watch.   Any golfer will love having, and showing off this handy gadget to their friends.

e.g. Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch 

garmin s1 golf gps watch best golf gifts 2014The Garmin Approach S1 is an older model, but still one of the best entry-level GPS watches.   It is preloaded with more than 14000 U.S. and Canada courses and more can be added. The watch is available in black or white, includes an odometer, alarm and sets the time and time zone automatically using the GPS functionality.

It’s packed full of features that will seriously impress and excite anyone unwrapping it. It provides yardages to the back, middle and front of the green, measures exact distances from anywhere on the course and tracks your distance using a pedometer when you are walking the course.

It’s completely waterproof, has large numerals so you can read it at a glance and comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It’s ready to use right out of the box with no setup needed and no monthly subscriptions to use it.  If your friend doesn’t already have a golf GPS watch, then the Garmin S1 is a fantastic choice.

Buy the Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch here!

–> See our list of the Best Golf GPS Watches here!

2. Golf Rangefinder

Have a friend that’s a bit of a perfectionist? Always obsessing over the details?  Then a new golf rangefinder could be the best golf gift for him (or her).  It will them exact yardage to any target on the course, so they never have to complain about the yardage markers being off.

e.g. Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

bushnell tour v3 rangefinder best golf gifts 2014The Bushnell Tour V3 is easily one of the best rangefinders on the market.  Used by the pros, this makes a very special gift for any golfer and tops the list of as one the best golf gifts.  All players with a rangefinder in their golf bag love them and never play without it. Those without one are eternally envious of those who do.

It can be operated single handed and all you need to do is point it, press the button, wait for the jolt to confirm the laser found the target and read the distance off the display.  Then it is all up to you to make the shot.

It features Pin Seeker Technology to find the exact distance to the flag without being interfered with by other objects in the background. It is completely legal for tournament play and for posting scores for handicap purposes.  It’s also ergonomically designed and has a sturdy and durable rubber casing that makes it very easy to grip. It comes in a handy carry case and a 3-volt battery and 2 year warranty is included.

Buy the Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Laser Rangefinder here!

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3. Golf Swing Analyzer for Smartphones

Smartphones can do nearly anything these days.  If you know a golf lover who has a newer iPhone or Android device, then you should definitely consider getting them one of these cool swing analyzer devices.

e.g. Zepp Golf 3D Training System (iOS/Android)

zepp 3d golf swing analyzer best golf gifts 2014Every golfer wants to improve their swing and they are always looking for ways to do it simply and without spending thousands on lessons. The Zepp Golf 3D Training System allows you to practice your swing and get immediate feedback and analysis on a range of factors affecting your swing. It simply clips onto your glove, syncs with the app on your smartphone (iPhone and Android) and gives you instant feedback swing after swing.

You also have the ability to see your swing in 3D animated model, so you can analyze it from every angle. Or you can compare your swing to professional players and coaches. With the data provided you can implement corrections and tips on your next swing and start making progress immediately. Apart from having a coach right there with you, there is no better way for a golfer to improve their swing on the spot. This best golf gift item is a must for any avid golfer out there.

Buy the Zepp Golf 3D Training System here!

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4. Putting Mat / Indoor Putting Green

Putting mats are the best golf gifts for winter!  Any golf lover would appreciate a great putting mat to keep their short game in shape during the off-season.

e.g. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat

skzl pro return putting matt golf giftsImproving their putting accuracy is on every golfer’s mind. A putting mat like this  one from SKLZ allows them to practice at home, at the office and during the long winter months when they can’t get out on the course.

With this gift the golfer in your life can quickly nip out to the garage to practice or get in a few practice shots between meetings. It’s a great quality item and will provide years of service.

Buy the SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat here!

–>  See the other best putting mats here!

5. Golf Swing Trainer

Golfers are always trying to improve their game.  A good golf swing trainer tool can help them get the upperhand against their friends and the course.

e.g SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer

sklz swing trainerCore muscles are important for a golfer and directly affects their swing, accuracy and the distance they get. The Gold Flex allows you to not only warm up before a round, but will also give you a great core workout and help you improve your swing. It is very handy and fast to use at home for a quick workout and swing practice.

Buy the SKLZ Gold Flex Tempo Trainer here!

–> See the other best golf swing trainers here!

6. Golf Travel Bag

Know a golfer who likes to travel? Then, we’re sure they would appreciate a great golf travel bag, so they can safely take their clubs with them.

e.g. CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover 

caddydaddy travel golf bagBusiness trips, family holidays or golfing weekends will be a breeze with the CaddyDaddy. We cannot imagine that any golfer would not be ecstatic receiving this as a gift. It is always a struggle to cart your clubs through the airport and multiple transfer can be irksome with a sub-par golf travel bag.

The CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 is one of the top options out there, and won’t break the bank.  This best golf gift 2014 should top the list for the travelling golfer in your life.

 Buy the CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Travel Golf Cover here!

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 7.  Novelty / Funny Golf Gifts

Even golfers have a sense of humor!

e.g. MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack

mysack golf ball storage sack best golf gifts 2014

Any man with a sense of humor will appreciate this graphically shaped golf ball holder.  The “MySack” appropriately holds exactly two golf balls, has a velcro close top, and can easily be attached to your golf bag.

This gift will guarantee some laughs, and is also quite useful!

Buy the MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack here!

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 8. New Golf Glove

Serious golfers will go through a few golf gloves each season, and are always in need of a replacement or backup glove.    It makes a great gift, and is also easy on your wallet ($10-$30).  Just make sure you know their size!

e.g. Nike Men’s Dura Feel VII Golf Glove Regular Left Hand 

nike mens dura feel golf glove golf giftThis glove from Nike looks great, fits well, uses excellent quality material and is extra durable.  There is also Lycra spandex material placed on the fingers and back of hand for maximum flexibility and breathability.  The Dura Feel VII is not the most high-end glove on the market, but for only around $10, you can’t find a much better deal.  It is available in white, or black.

Buy the Nike Dura Feel VII Golf Glove here!

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 9. Golf Books

Golf is a 99% mental game.  A great golf book will be an interesting read, and could help improve  your friend’s game as well!

e.g. BEN HOGAN’S FIVE LESSONS: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf 

ben hogans five lessons of golfWhether the golfer in your life is a seasoned player or a mere beginner, this timeless and completely illustrated guide will be used time and again. We guarantee it will never be too far out of reach and will get ample use over time.  Ben Hogan’s reveals his special techniques that will help any average golfer improve their scores.  Every golf lover should have this classic on their bookshelf!

Buy it now here!

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10. Golf Practice Net

A golf net (coupled with a golf hitting mat)  is one of the best golf gifts for anyone stuck at home during the long winter months, or for someone who just doesn’t have time to go to the range consistently.  Golfers can never get enough practice!

e.g. The Net Return Pro Series Golf Net 

the net return pro series best golf practice netIf price is no issue, then the Net Return Pro Series Golf Net is easily the #1 golf net available todayt.  It is simple to assemble, can be used indoors or outdoors, and is made of the highest end material on the market.  The net 7′ 6″ high, 8′ wide and 3′ 6″ deep,  so make sure there is somewhere in the house to put it.  The only downside of this net, is that it costs $495.

Buy the Net Return Pro Series Golf Net here!

 –> For some cheaper options, see our list of the best golf nets here!

11. New Golf Driver

Probably the #1 thing on most golfers’ list is a brand new driver.

e.g. TaylorMade Men’s JetSpeed Golf Driver 

taylormade jetspeed golf driverIf you’ve heard some hints around the house that someone needs a new driver for his bag, you cannot go wrong with the TaylorMade JetSpeed. This club will generate faster swing speed and increase distance and confidence. Users report it’s a vast improvement over TaylorMade’s previous driver, the RBZ. No wonder GolfDigest gave it the gold in its 2014 hotlist roundup.  In this category it is definitely the best golf gift of 2014. You’ll be proudly credited when asked where he got that amazing new driver from. And his friends will be asking.

Buy the TaylorMade JetSpeed Golf Driver here! 

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Whatever item peaks your interest on our best golf gifts list, the golfer in your life is sure to love it. Make your choice today!

What is the Best Golf Mat?

Whether you are trying to save a bit of money on all those buckets at the range or just want to practice more often, you’ll need a good setup at home to practice. One key piece of equipment you’ll need is a golf mat (the other is a golf net). You don’t want to tear up your backyard leaving divots everywhere and you certainly don’t want to hit off hard surfaces when you practice indoors. How do you pick the best golf mat and what should you look out for? Here is our advice on it.

Qualities to Look for:

  • Durability: You will use all your clubs to practice. This means the mat must be able to hold up to your irons, woods and wedges. When it comes to durability not all golf mats are created equal.
  • Design: Take a close look at the quality of the materials used. For the best golf mat you want a backing that will keep it in place on a hard surface. A sloped edge is also good as minimizes impact on your club should you hit the edge.
  • Price: Buy what suits your budget and keep in mind that even ranges replaces their mats from time to time.
  • Size: Check that the mat is big enough to use with all your clubs and that you have space to move the ball around a bit to reduce wear on just one spot. This way it’s sure to last even longer.
  • Tees: Ideally you want a mat that lets you replace the tees. As you know, tees break. Or perhaps you just want to use a higher or lower tee. This allows you to increase your practice range.
  • Authentic feel: for a truly “real feel” the best golf mat will give you feedback on your shot and won’t jar your wrists and elbows when you hit of firmer surfaces.

The 5 Best Golf Mat Reviews

Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat

callaway ft launch zone hitting mat best golf matCallaway certainly needs no introduction and their golf mat is true to their reputation. The mat measures 16 x 8 x 1 inches and has a true-turf surface that simulates hitting off a real fairway. The construction is high quality and a unique tee holder lets you use any tee you want. Excellent shock absorption is taken care of by a durable rubber backing.   The heavy rubber backing also ensures that it will not slide or shift around when you hit balls.  For the level of quality it’s reasonably priced at under $20 (on Amazon).

The one downside of the Callaway FT Launch Zone is that it is very small.   If you’re a beginner, or just want a larger hitting surface, then you may want to consider a bigger mat.

Overall, the combination of quality hitting surface, and budget price makes the Callaway one of the best golf practice mats available.

Emerald Par Golf Mat (3′ x 5′)

emerald par golf matFrom mat specialists All Turf Mats, the Emerald Par Golf Mat measures in at 3 feet x 5 feet, and has a 5mm foam backing to reduce club shock when you hit the mat.  The thicker backing also makes this mat suitable for use on any surfaces including concrete or wood.  The surface is made from ½ in. woven nylon turf, which is very durable and comfortable to hit off of.   The mat also includes a 2 in. rubber wooden tee holder so you can practice your drives.

Unlike the Callaway Hitting Mat (above), the Emerald Par is large enough so that you can also stand on it while practicing.  Some players may prefer a wider mat, but for most, this is more than enough.

There are not many negative points to the Emerald Par Golf Mat  — with a great mid-range price of $79.99, and superb durability (includes 1 year manufacturers warranty and 8 year fade warranty) it is easily one of the best golf mats on the market today.

Want a wider mat?  Check out the similar 4′ x 5′ Monster Tee Golf Mat from All Turf Mats.

Jef World of Golf Fairway / Rough Practice Mat

fairway rough golf practice matAlways in the rough?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  This unique golf mat offers a solution to your problem.   It features a dual sided hitting surface, so you can simulate shots from the rough or the fairway.  It also comes with 3 different sized rubber tees, so you can practice your woods and driver (make sure you have a good golf net!).

The Jef World of Golf Practice Mat is very small (1′ x 2′), which makes it portable to move around, but can also be very limiting as each surface is only 1/2 foot wide.   The back is made with heavy duty rubber which helps prevent the mat from shifting when being used.  The surface material is a bit cheaper than other high end mats, but for only $25, you can’t ask for much more.

If you are looking for a simple mat for chipping practice, or a small mat you can move around without hassle, then this may be the mat for you.

Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat (4′ x 4′)

country club elite real feel golf mat 5x5Want the best of the best?  Then look no further than the Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat.  It is used by the finest country clubs and golf academies in the world, including LPGA legend Annika Sorenstam’s Golf Academy.  It is certainly better than the mats you will find at your local driving range.

The one factor that makes the Country Club Elite so much better than other golf mats is its deep “real feel” turf.  With most other mats, your club will simply bounce/skid off the surface, but with the Country Club Elite, your club will be able to sink down into and through the turf (just like real grass).  This will help you simulate the results you would get on an actual course.  If you hit a solid shot, your club will flow freely though the turf, but if you hit a fat shot (too far behind the ball), your club will be held up by the turf, and resulting in a chunked shot.  In fact the turf is so deep, you can stick a real tee right into the mat!

If you want to simulate real course conditions, then the Country Club Elite is simply the best golf mat on the market.   The only downside is that it will cost you a fat $319.

Also see the larger (5′ x 5′) version here:  Real Feel Golf Mat 5′ x 5′

SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat 

sklz glide pad divot simulator golf mat

Want to simulate real grass conditions, but can’t fathom spending $300+ on the Country Club Elite Golf Mat (see above)?  Don’t worry, the team at SKLZ has you covered. The SKLZ Glide Pad Golf Mat simulates natural grass feel with its unique sliding function.  As you swing down and through the ball, the mat will actually slide forward to simulate the feeling of creating a divot.  The turf is also thick enough that you can stick a tee into it and practice your driver.

The SKLZ Glide Pad hitting surface is quite small (10″ x 19″), so it is probably not suited for absolute beginners.

Check out promo video below to see the mat in action:

Although the SKLZ mat does not simulate the real grass/divot feeling quite as well as the Country Club Elite Golf Mat, it is less than 1/2 of the price ($149 on Amazon).  So, if you are looking for a value alternative, then this may be the best golf mat for you!

Also check out the similar FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat

What is the Best Golf Practice Net?

As much as you love to golf, let’s face it… you never get to play enough, let alone go to the practice range as often as you need to. You can only improve your game with practice, practice and more practice. But, with work and family commitments, it’s not always easy to get to the range as often as you want. A golf net may just be the solution for you. It will allow you to practice at home whenever you have time to spare; even if it’s only for 10 minutes or while you’re watching the game dying to hit the ball. You want to get bang for your buck, so you’ll want the best golf practice net that suits your budget. Let’s see if we can help you with that.

When shopping for a golf practice net there are a few factors to take into account before you buy:

  • The size of the net is probably the first thing you want to look at. You may want to set it up in your garage, basement, backyard or even the driveway. You may even want to move it around depending on the weather.
  • The netting is another key factor. You’ll be hitting real golf balls so you want a quality, durable and strong net that won’t rip, sag or fold in on itself. A very handy feature in some of the best golf practice nets is automatic ball return. The net will allow the ball to roll back to you so no running around after it.
  • Take a very close look at the frame construction and material. You want to specifically consider if it will hold it’s shape over time, is it easy and quick to set up and does it have ground anchors should you decide to use it outdoors.
  • The best golf practice net should allow you to practice with all of the clubs in your bag so check on the range of clubs the net is suitable for.

The 5 Best Golf Practice Net Reviews

Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net 

callaway tri ball hitting net best golf netThe Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net net comes in three sizes: 6 x 7 Feet, 7 x 8 Feet and 9 x 10 Feet.  It is reasonably priced at $68.99, $89.98 and $128.21 respectively (on Amazon). The net is made with an extremly strong netting (self-proclaimed “strongest netting in golf”) and includes a hanging target to help improve your consistency. The unique triangular shape of the  net allows you to practice with  a full range of clubs — from your driver through to your wedge. This net is freestanding, so you can use it indoors, and includes stakes to anchor it outdoors. It also packs away in a nylon carry bag so you can easily take it wherever you want or simply store it away.  The smallest of the three sizes (6’x7′) is most ideal for indoor use.

There are some downsides to this product.  Some players have experienced net breakages or polls snapping after limited use.  Callaway is a reputable brand, and stands behind its product.  So, if the netting unexpectedly breaks, or pole snaps, just contact Callaway and they will send you a replacement part.

The biggest problem with this golf net though is that it can be a bit difficult/complicated to set up  (Callaway’s Tri-Ball Hitting Net instructions).  You may need a friend or two to help you figure it out the first couple times.  If you are looking for an affordable option from a reputable brand, then the Tri-Ball is one of the best value golf nets available on the market.

The RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Practice Net 

rukket rukknet golf practice netThis high quality golfing net from Rukket is available in one size only (10 Feet wide, 7 Feet high and 5 Feet deep). It can be used outdoors or indoors, but the size probably makes it impractical for indoor use for most people.  It costs $199.99, and hosts a variety of features to back up its price.  It has a unique double net system to ensure that your ball will never rip through.  The frame is made from strong steel, instead of fiberglass like most other golf nets.  The rest of the Rukknet is double stitched and uses heavy/durable materials.    The four-ply knotless netting design disperses power from your shot easily and returns the ball to you.  You can easily hit a full powered driver into the RukkNet, and not worry about anything breaking, ripping or your ball flying back at your face.

Maybe the best part about the Rukknet, is that it is incredibly easy to set up.  It literally pops open when you want to use it, similar to some camping tents.  Coincidentally, the one downside of the RukkNet is that it can be a pain to fold back up.  If you aren’t careful, the bars will get twisted.   Of course, after a few times, you should get the hang of it.  The RukkNet is also not very good to use on windy days, as it will get pushed/blown over easily due to its light weight.

Check out the RukkNet promo video below to see its simple setup and other features in action:

If you don’t mind spending $145, then we can recommend the RukkNet as one the best golf practice nets available.

To get some extra features/attachments (chipping targets, hitting mats etc), check out the RukknNet Portable Driving Range combo ($165)

PowerNet Golf Practice Net 

The PowerNet Golf Practice Net is 10 feet x 7 feet x 3 feet and retails at a very reasonable $99.

The construction of this golf net is absolutely fantastic.  The metal frame is very sturdy, and extremely well made.   You do not need to worry about the net tipping over.  Most customers report that they do not even use the included ground pegs to keep the net in place.

The netting itself is heavy-duty, and made of 6 ply knotless construction, so you do not need to worry about it ripping even if you are blasting your driver shots into it.  The netting is also designed to return the ball back to your feet after each shot.

One of the best features of the PowerNet is that it is incredibly easy to set up.  You can literally set it up or take it down in about 2 minutes (the first time might take a bit longer of course).  This makes it optimal for moving into and out of your garage/house depending on weather.

Even better, everything is backed by a lifetime warranty!  If a part breaks, or goes missing, just call their customer service, and you will get a replacement.

For a price of just $99, the PowerNet Golf Practice Net is awesome value.  If you want the most bang for your buck, then this is the best golf practice net for you!.

The Net Return Pro Series Golf Net the net return pro series best golf practice net

With a price tag of $595.00 The Net Return Pro Series Golf  & Multi-Sport Net is by far the most expensive net on our list.  It is also easily the best all around and highest quality net available.

It comes in one size, measuring 7′ 6″ high, 8′ wide and 3’6″ deep, and weights about 28 pounds.  The frame is constructed from lightweight tubular aluminum that will not rust, and the net is made from a commercial grade, UV treated, heavyweight polyester material.   The net has a simple “push button” assembly that requires no extra tools, and will allow you to set the entire net up in about 5 minutes (maybe longer your first couple of times).   The automatic ball return feature works extremely well, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Check out the promo video below for a closer look at The Net Return Golf Net:

If price is not an issue, then The Net Return Pro Series Golf Net is simply the best golf practice net available on the market today.  It can also be used for multiple other sports, such as soccer, baseball, softball, football and lacrosse.

The company provides a complete 1 year, 100% money back guarantee when you purchase this net.  Please note it does not come with the hitting mat / turf as seen in the picture.  You will need to buy it separately (see here for one option).

SKLZ Quickster Golf Net with Target

sklz quickster golf net with target

Need a more budget friendly option?  Then the Quickster Golf Net from training equipment specialists SKLZ could be for you.  It is available in a couple different net sizes (6’x6′ or 8’x8′), and comes with a removable target for chipping/aiming practice.   The frame is constructed from lightweight, but sturdy composite steel & fiberglass material.  The two-ply woven net is strong enough to be used for all range of shots (full driver to wedge).

Unlike some other nets, the SKLZ Quickster Golf Net is EXTREMELY simple to assemble/take-down, and packs away nicely into the included carry bag so you can bring it anywhere you go, or simply store it away.

One downside of the Quickster Golf Net is that it does not have an automatic ball return feature.  So, just make sure you have a bucket of balls beside you when practicing.

Overall, this is a very high quality, high-value product.  For budget-conscious golfers, we recommend the SKLZ Quickster as the the best golf practice net

Check out SKLZ video below:

What is the Best Indoor Putting Green?

Rainy day? Stuck in the office? Don’t worry….with the numerous golf training gears and gadgets available these days, you can still work on your game.  We already looked at some of the best swing trainers on the market.  But as any pro knows, the best way to shave strokes off your score is to improve your putting!  Here are our recommendations for the best indoor putting green.

Best Indoor Putting Green Recommendations

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Ball Return Putting Mat

sklz accelerator pro ball return putting mat - best indoor putting green

The training equipment gurus over at SKLZ have created one of the best indoor putting mats on the market.  The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is over 9 feet long, automatically returns your ball, and has alignment guides at 3′, 5′ and 7′ to help you get consistent from multiple distances.  The mat is also sloped uphill at the end to train you to putt past the hole, so you will never leave your putts short on the course!

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is decently-priced at only $50.  We would have liked to see a bit higher quality plastic used, as the current material feels a bit cheap.  Many customers also complained about the ball-return mechanism not working all the time.  Overall the SKLZ Accelerator Pro is a great indoor putting green that rolls true, and can be honestly recommended for your home or office.

Buy the SKLZ Accelerator Pro here

Also check out the SKLZ Vari-Break Putting Course

Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

big moss augusta putting green

This Big Moss Augusta is the mother of all indoor putting greens.  It is extremely large for an indoor green, measuring 12′ x 4′.   So, make sure you have enough space in your home or office to use it!  The Augusta features patented “True-Roll” downgrain material that simulates putting on freshly cut greens.  The material is extremely high quality, and will not get worn down even after being vacuumed multiple times.

The Big Moss Augusta also comes with a “break snake” so you can create custom slopes and contours in the green.  It is great way to practice your reads and uphill/downhill putts.  The Augusta also comes with a separate chipping mat, so you can practice your shots from off the green.

The Big Moss August is made in the USA, and therefore has a relatively high price tag of $285.  The price is the only downside we could find for this product.  If you are a serious golfer, and simply want the best indoor putting green available, then it is well worth the investment.  The Augusta will last you a very long time and will definitley help improve your game.

Buy the Big Moss Augusta Putting Green here

Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

grassroots part three putting greenLooking for a cheap alternative to the Big Moss Augusta?  The Grassroots Par Three Putting Green is a budget-friendly choice.  This kidney-shaped green measures 3’x9′ and has three separate practice hole cutouts.  It also has built in traps behind the holes to catch your missed shots.

The Grassroots Putting Green is made of noticeably cheaper material compared to that of the Big Moss Augusta, but still provides a fairly realistic putting service.  The holes are fairly shallow, so the balls tends to bounce out.  This mat also has problems staying unrolled, so you may need to use tape or other things to hold it flat.

Overall, the Grassroots Putting Green will get the job done, and for just over $30 though, you won’t be able to find a much better deal than this.

 Buy the Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

What’s the Best Golf Swing Trainer?

Stuck in the office all day?  Have a few minutes to spare and want to work out some of the kinks in your swing?  These golf training devices will help you fix your slice, increase your swing speed, hit straighter drives, and hopefully help you shoot lower scores on the course.  Below are some of best golf swing trainers available on the market.

The 6 Best Golf Swing Trainers

SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Swing Trainer

sklz gold flex strength and tempo trainer best golf swing trainerWhat it does:  The SKLZ Gold Flex Strength and Tempo Trainer helps you create clubhead lag for longer drives, build core strength/flexibility, and develop a better tempo in your golf swing.  Overall, this swing trainer will help give you flatter swing plane, which in turn will help eliminate slices.

Who it’s for:  The SKLZ Gold Flex is a great tool for all players, especially those struggling with slicing.  In fact it has even been used by PGA tour players such as Vijay Singh, Matt Kuchar, and Fred Couples.  It is also great for older players to increase torso flexibility.  The Gold Flex is perfect device for stretching before a game, and to get a good swing rhythm before teeing off.

Overall rating: 4.6/5



SKLZ Tempo and Grip Trainer

sklz tempo and grip trainer best golf swing trainerWhat it does:  Here is another great tool from SKLZ that does exactly as the name implies — improves your grip and swing tempo/rhythm.  This small training club (approx 30 inches long) has a molded grip to ensure that your hands are always in the exact proper position.  Changeable weights allow you to simulate swinging either irons (heavy) or woods (light), while also developing your flexibility and golf-specific muscles.  Using this trainer will help give you a flatter swing plane, and elimiate unwanted slices.

Who it’s for:  The small size of this tool makes it the best golf swing trainer for practicing indoors at your office or home.  It’s also very reasonably priced at only $25.  If you don’t have time to get to the range before the game, then a few swings with the SKLZ Tempo and Grip is the perfect warmup. Note that this tool is only made for right handed players.

Overall rating: 4.5/5



IZZO Smooth Swing

izzo smooth swingWhat it does:  Helps elimate the dreaded “chicken wing“.  The IZZO Smooth Swing keeps your arms and body together for a tighter, more efficient swing.   With a tighter swing, you will start to hit consistently longer, and more accurate shots.

Who it’s for:  Anyone that has that ugly chicken wing form in their golf swing.  It is a simple, and cheap device that works.  If you don’t mind looking a little bit dorky at the driving range, then you should try out the IZZO Smooth Swing.

Overall rating: 4/5 – Simple device that does what it’s supposed to do, but you could also just use a large rubber bands to simulate the same effect.



SKLZ Smash Bag

sklz smash bagWhat it does:  Helps you practice making proper club contact, and provides instant visual feedback.   Just take a full swing at the SKLZ Smash Bag. then look at the angle of the target map to see how you did.  If your swing was straight/true, the bag will remain aligned. If your swing missed the target or hit at a skewed angle, you will feel the miss, and the bag will also show with a skewed indentation.

Who it’s for: If you’re struggling with hitting thin/fat, slicing/hooking, then give the Smash Bag a try. It is particulary good for beginners who want to get the feel of making proper impact.  It is perfect for practing in your house, backyard or at the range.

Overall rating: 4/5 – Great priced hitting bag, especially for beginner and intermediate golfers.



 Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

swingyde golf swing trainerWhat it does:  The Swingyde helps your arms and wrists stay in the proper position throughout the golf swing.  It will help you develop a flatter swing with correct clubface alignment.  This will allow you to make square contact, and consistently hit more accurate, straighter shots.  The Swingyde is particularly useful for your backswing, when you can’t see your wrists.  It will let you feel if your hands are in the proper “hinge” position.

Who it’s for: The Swingyde is the best golf swing trainer for players that struggle with making square contact (clubface angle is too open, or too closed), or have problems keeping their front arm straight on their backswing.  It is a very simple device and has been used by pros like Zach Johnson and Charles Howell III.  The Swingyde can be used by left or right handed players.

Overall rating: 4/5 – Simple device that works well, but a bit overpriced for a piece of plastic.



 Momentus Speed Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer with Training Grip

momentus speed whoosh golf swing trainerWhat it does:  The Momentus Speed Whoosh helps activate your “fast twitch” muscles, which in turn helps you increase your swing speed and hit more explosive drives. The Speed Whoosh weighs the same as an average driver, but swings 20+ MPH faster.  This unnatural speed helps activate your normally unused fast twitch muscles, and prepares them for use.  After swinging the Speed Whoosh six times in a row, then switching to your normal driver, you will see an increase of 7-10 mph in club head speed.  This can translate to an extra 20-25 yards of distance.  The timing ball on the Speed Whoosh also lets you know if you are releasing on your downswing too early or too late.

Who it’s for: The Speed Whoosh is best golf swing trainer for players trying to increase their swing speed and hit longer drives.  It has been used by long-drive champions as well as many PGA tour professionals.  It is not so useful for absolute beginners who are still working on their swing fundamentals.

Overall rating: 4.2/5 – Will give you a extra yards on your drive, but won’t fix your slice/hook or other swing flaws.