The best golf gifts, books, tees, and other various golf related accessories!

The Best Father’s Day Golf Gifts

the best fathers day golf gifts

Ok, I know that this day in age there is a holiday for everything.  Like Waffle Day.  But today I want to focus on good ole Dad.  Fathers day is Sunday June 18th, and that is fast approaching.  If you

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Best Way to Improve Your Club Grip – Grip Boost!

Golf Spray Grip Boost golf club grips

Grip matters!  Every golf coach on earth will undoubtedly tell you that your hand position and grip are very key factors in a perfect golf swing.  With each golfer having their own unique hand position due to however they feel

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How to Easily Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

golf swing speed

It might be tempting to try for the “Happy Gilmore” swing when you step up to the tee. Besides, hockey players get a lot of power out of those slap shots, right? But golf is a different game. Getting your

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Best Golf Exercise

Golf, as with any sport, will need players to invest in time honing their body doing specific exercises in order enhance their overall game. Golf is not simply hitting the ball you see, it is about hitting it fast, strong

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What are the Best Golf Tees?

Often overlooked, always underappreciated.  No, we’re not talking about you and your job.  We’re talking about the almighty golf tee! This tiny golf accessory is an afterthought to most average golfers.  While it may seem to you that any kind of

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What is the Best Divot Repair Tool?

Tired of denting greens with your picture-perfect approach shots?  (In your dreams maybe…) Well, in the rare case that you do hit the green, a divot repair tool is essential to have in your pocket. This small fork-like tool is needed if

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The Best Golf Ball Retrievers

Shanked one into the lake? Golf ball retrievers are incredibly handy devices that can be used to grab golf balls that have fallen into bushes, hazards or other difficult to reach places on the course.   There are several types of golf

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The 5 Best Golf Instruction Books

There are many golf books out there offering a horde of advice and teachings to help improve your entire game, swing, putting etc. Here are our top five best golf instruction books of all time.  5 Best Golf Instruction Books

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Five Funny Golf Gifts

Funny golf gifts make fantastic stocking fillers at Christmas or great gag gifts at Father’s Day, birthdays, office parties or just about any other occasion you can think of.  Everyone enjoys a few laughs and not all gifts have to

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The 11 Best Golf Gifts for Golf Lovers

If you have a golfer in your life you need never be stuck for great gift ideas, no matter what the occasion. No more boring socks, ties or aftershave. The game of golf has advanced tremendously and so has the

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