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Golf, as with any sport, will need players to invest in time honing their body doing specific exercises in order enhance their overall game. Golf is not simply hitting the ball you see, it is about hitting it fast, strong and precise. Golfers know that it is not just a game of swinging your club at the ball. Hence, professional players invest in training their body using special exercises so that they can level up their game in the field. In order to help you bring out you’re A-game we have compiled a list of the best golf exercises that you can perform in order to strengthen your body and optimize your muscles to increase your skills in the game of golf.

The Best Golf Exercise — Top 5

Standing Wood Chop

This exercise specifically targets your hips, backs and shoulders which can then help strengthen your swings and the flexibility of the muscles significantly. You will need a type of cable system such as a resistance band in order to perform this exercise. You can also use free weights or a medicine ball if you have those lying around. This is one of the best golf exercises you can do as it focuses on the main muscles that you use when playing golf.

This exercise is simple yet extremely effective. Using the resistance band, you simply step on it with your left foot and grab the other end with your right hand. You can loop it around your hand for added security and avoid it slipping out of your grasp. Make sure that you have also secured the other end with your foot. Now, with both your feet at shoulder width apart, you pull the resistance band overhead with your right hand in a stance you would take as if preparing to swing an axe. Slowly bring it back to the original position which is the knee level and repeat about 8 12 times. You can rest for about 20 or 30 seconds before switching sides. Repeat this at least three times.

Lateral Lunges

This exercise will help enhance the flexibility and strength of your hips. In golf, this translates to faster and more precise swings. It uses a simple side to side movement in order to work on the frontal plane of the hips.

When doing this exercise, be sure to keep a perfect posture throughout to maximize results. You can do this exercise in open room or field. Standing straight up, shift your weight to your left side taking a large step to that direction. Lower your posture (while still maintaining a straight body) so that you will end up in a position that has your left leg bent and your right leg extended straight. Hold this position for a couple seconds and then alternate to the other side.  Perform about 8 – 12 repetitions and then rest for 20 – 30 seconds and repeat at least 3 times. For added efficiency and benefit you can carry a free weight such as a dumb bell or medicine ball on both hands while doing this exercise.

Glute Activation Lunge

The Glute Activation Lunge is similar to the Lateral Lunges but instead of shifting your weight from left to right you move forward and back. This exercise also helps improve the range of mobility and flexibility of your hips and gives an extra burst of explosion on your swings which makes it another essential in the best golf exercises category.

Start this exercise on an upright position with your feet together and your hands on your hips. Now, while still maintaining an upright position take a large step forward with the front leg bent at a 90 degree angle and the back leg remaining in a straight angle. Step back while maintaining posture and repeat 8 – 12 times, alternate legs at least 3 times per set and resting for 20 – 30 seconds in between.

Front Plank and Side Plank

This two exercise routines will help improve your core muscles and uphold the upper body’s stability and strength.

To perform the front plank, simply lie down on the floor face down with both palms flat. Tuck your toes under for support and using your arms, elbows and shoulders push away from the floor. Hold this position for 20 seconds to 1 minute depending on your limits while still keeping a straight form and slowly go back down to floor. Rest for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat about 5 times.

The side plank is done by lying on your side with both legs atop each other and your forearm acting as your main support. Make sure that the shoulder and elbow are aligned with each other and steadily lift your hips so that you will form a straight line with your body. Continue holding this position for about 20 seconds to a minute as well and lower yourself once finished. Move to the other side and repeat about 5 times each while resting for 10 – 15 seconds in between.

Suspine Spinal Twist

The Suspine Spinal Twist exercise is an outstanding method to help develop core strength while also improving its overall flexibility. It can also help build muscles on your shoulders leaving it limber. This is also one of the best golf exercises that will help increase your swing range and mobility while also enhancing your strength to perform accurate swings.

To perform this exercise you need lie flat on your back while raising your feet bent on the knees at a 90 degree angle as if sitting. Extend your arms outwards with the palms resting flat on the floor. Once ready, move your legs to side (either right or left) and try to bring it as low as possible to slightly above ground. Remember to keep both knees together and hold this position for about 30 seconds. Afterwards, steadily return to the original position and move to the other side and repeat. Repeat for about 3 – 5 times.

As with all sports, conditioning is the key to success in golf. By keeping your body fit and performing these exercises you can push the level of your game to new heights. Be consistent when doing these exercises as determination is a key ingredient to be successful in any endeavor. Combine the best golf exercises with healthy living to further optimize the results that you will achieve. Remember that practice makes perfect and that God-given talents is nothing without hard work and determination.


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