Is Slazenger the Best Golf Ball Brand for You? A Quick Review

In the game of golf, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. This even includes the type of golf balls you use!

With so many options on the market, you may not be sure where to start. Are all golf balls the same? Or, are certain ones better suited for your needs than others?

One of the most well-known brands in this space is Slazenger. Today, we’re sharing everything you need to know about Slazenger golf balls to help you decide if they’re right for you!

About Slazenger

Before we dive into our quick Slazenger golf balls review, let’s take a look at the brand. One of the most historic and best-known names in the industry, Slazenger has been around for more than 140 years.

Founded in 1881 by Ralph and Albert Slazenger, the company has made golf balls for more than five of those decades. Some of its most popular models include:

  • ProV1
  • ProV1x
  • V300
  • V100

While the ProV1 and ProV1x are considered the brand’s professional models, the V300 and V100 are designed for any player. Slazenger V300 golf balls are more recent and build upon some of the standout features of the V100, which include:

  • Soft feel
  • Low compression
  • Great control

In terms of affordability, Slazenger V100 golf balls are a great budget pick, offering excellent quality at a good price point.

Why Choose Slazenger Golf Balls?

There’s a reason Slazenger has stuck around so long in the golfing realm. All of its golf balls, including the four above, offer three main benefits. Let’s take a look.

Hitting Distance

Are you looking to increase your hitting distance? If your golf balls don’t seem to go as far as you’d like, the ones you’re using might be to blame. Slazenger models are heralded for their light weight and great travel speed.

Whether you’re hitting off the tee or the green, you should find that they fly farther than other, comparative brands. If this is the main issue you want to correct, look into Slazenger Raw Distance golf balls!

Putting Performance

It can be difficult to hit some golf balls off the green. Certain ones simply don’t roll as well as others do, but this is where Slazenger shines.

All models roll beautifully on nearly any surface, which can help improve your putting game.

Iron Performance

Finally, you also want a golf ball that will perform well as soon as it hits your irons. This is especially the case with close-range shots when accuracy really matters. You don’t want a ball that will turn askew as soon as you hit it.

As long as they impact the iron correctly, Slazenger golf balls are known to be on-target and direct. We’ve found that Slazenger golf ball compression ratings tend to be on the lower side, which gives golfers more control over their movement.

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Now that you know a little more about Slazenger golf balls, are you ready to try them out for yourself?

The game of golf is super personal, and what works for one player might not be the best fit for the next. To determine which brand is right for you, play with a few different ones to find the models that fit you the best.

Once you discover the ones you love, check out our golf bag reviews to find a new place to store them!

Top 10 Most Reliable Golf Ball Brands

golf ball brandsWhether you are an experienced golfer or you are new to the game, you will inevitably end up having your own preferred brand of golf ball(s). The best-known golf ball brands have been in the business for years making top quality products, and they are dedicated to the game.

Experienced golfers choose their favorite golf ball brands based on a number of factors such as; speed, distance, spin, height and more.

Hopefully, this list of the most reliable golf ball brands will give you a good idea of what’s out there, so that you can make an educated decision on which golf ball you want to go with.

Top 10 Most Reliable Golf Ball Brands

The golf ball brands on this list have been carefully selected. We selected them based on a number of factors, such as; customer reviews, company integrity, design quality, and a few other important physical factors, just to keep it fair.

#1 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x

Titleist has been the number one golf ball in the golf industry for quite some time now. They offer a variety of golf balls, but the Pro V1 and the ProV1x are by far their best balls ever.

The Pro V1 and Pro V1x are designed to deliver longer distance, lower spin, and exceptional control. The Pro V series are also designed to deliver a more consistent flight, drop and stop control, longer durability, and a softer feel.

Buy the Pro V1 here

#2 Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X

The Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X balls are the most popular balls amongst many experienced golfers.

The Chrome Soft balls deliver fast ball speeds, lower spin off the driver, distance and control through the bag, and great durability.

Buy the Chrome Soft here

#3 Wilson Duo Soft Line

Wilson came out with the new Duo Soft Ball this year. The Duo Soft ball is officially the softest golf ball currently on the market.

With just a 29 compression, the Duo Soft has a very soft feel, and offers magnificent performance at an affordable price.

The Duo Soft Balls are made to provide longer distance, and they are said to deliver a superior level of accuracy.

Buy the Wilson Duo Soft here

#4 Bridgestone Tour B Line

Bridgestone has a new line of Tour Golf Balls out this year called the Tour B. The Tour B line includes the Tour B and the Tour BXS.

The Tour B is designed for a lower spin, amazing control, and better distance.

While the Tour BXS will give you a softer ball due to the SlipRes Technology cover.

With the Tour B line, you will experience accelerated speed with the Gradation Core construction, and lower spin off the tee.

Buy the Bridgestone Tour B here

#5 Srixon Z Star and Z Star XV

Srixon is another one of the most popular golf ball brands available. Their Z Star balls are designed with golf excellence in mind.

The new Z Star and Z Star XV balls are both designed for pro tournaments and high-level players. They deliver exceptional distance, a higher launch, and they are softer than ever.

The Z Star and Z Star XV golf balls are designed with energetic Gradient Growth Core technology, meaning that they launch fast, go far, and elevate every facet of your game.

#6 TaylorMade Tour Preferred X

The Tour Preferred X ball is designed for distance and speed, with controlled height and an excellent feel to it. The Tour Preferred X is a 4-layer golf ball made for distance and feel. It gives you extra control and a slightly higher ball flight.

The Tour Preferred X also offers tour level greenside spin and a more control all around than some other golf balls.

Buy the TaylorMade Tour Preferred X here

#7 Slazenger V300

The Slazenger name brand is one of many trusted golf ball brands of the US Open and World Cups.

The Slazenger V300 Soft Golf Balls are widely used for their quality and price. The V300 Series has a soft responsive core that gives you excellent ball height and amazing distance.

The combination of Surlyn cover with a 352 dimple pattern help launch the ball higher than ever, while providing excellent durability.

#8 Volvik S4 Golf Balls

Volvik Golf Balls are used in PGA Tours, LPGA Tours, Champions Tours and more. Volvik products are trusted by golfers all over the world.

The Volvik S4 is a 4 piece ball that gives you a high greenside spin with a soft, yet heavier feel.

With only a 105 compression, you will experience increased ball speed, and a longer ascending distance.

The Volvik S4 has an accuracy that is to be reckoned with and comes in multiple colors to accommodate any type of green you can play on.

Buy Volvik S4 here

9 Mizuno MP-S & MP-X Golf Balls

The Mizuno name stretches worldwide across multiple industries, and their MP-X Ball is known to sit right at the top the Mizuno quiver. It has a soft urethane cover and 330 dimple design, made to deliver a magnificent distance.

The MP-X is a 4 layer ball with a mid compression and is said to deliver tour-level performance. The MP-X is specially designed for golfers with high swings and is the preferred brand of many golfers.

Mizuno also carries the JPX and the JPX-S, so if you want a ball that is cheaper, go with those.

Buy the Mizuno MP-S here

#10 Nike RZN Platinum and RZN Black

The Nike RZN Platinum ball is made for superior softness and excellent distance, with a high wedge spin and low driver spin. This allows for an excellent level of control on the green.

Buy the Nike RZN Platinum here

Final Thoughts

As time progresses, there is a growing number of golf ball brands being designed specifically to help golfers master their game.

From golf balls to golf clubs, from golf gear to even golf apps, companies are making it easier and easier to learn the game and develop your golf skills like a true pro.

Every golf ball on this list is made deliberately to help you master your golf game. By the same token, every one of the golf ball brands we’ve listed is a known industry leader, with a proven record of excellence in product design and a trusting customer base.

Be sure to check out our blog on the newest golf courses to open in 2018, and contact us if you need any help or have any questions.

What is Inside of Golf Balls and Why It Matters


As one gets further into the game of golf, it is inevitable that previously insignificant aspects of the game get more and more critique.  It is the pursuit of that extra few yards off the tee, more consistent approach shots, better feel around the greens, etc.  It has happened to me with being more selective of the clothes and shoes I wear, what glove I use, and the ball that I choose to play with.


When I first started playing golf, I used to think that all golf balls were pretty much the same.  Ones that I found in the woods or pond were the same as the sleeve of Titleist Pro Vs that I bought in the pro shop that morning (and lost after 3 holes).  Over the years I began to play more and more and a lot of variables in my game became constants. It was those constants that allowed to me to really notice the variables that occurred round after round.  This is how I started noticing how different balls behaved differently.


By not losing tons of balls per round, I was able to play with one ball for 18 holes and start testing out different brands and seeing how they reacted to my swing, my impact speed, my overall game.  Selecting the right ball for your game can be fun, and here is a link to an article that will get you in the right frame of mind. Which Ball Should You Buy


But for today I wanted to write about the thought that came into my head while pondering over all these golf balls… “I wonder what is actually inside these little guys?”


What is Inside of Golf Balls

Modern standards dictate that the ball be 1.68 inches in diameter and weigh 1.62 oz.  For the most part, golf ball manufacturers make 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece, and 5-piece.  The pieces refer to how many layers the ball has.  For example, a 2-piece has a solid core with the dimpled urethane cover.


The 1-piecers are range balls or mini golf balls; same material throughout, cheap to manufacture, and durable for the abuse they take from duffers like you and me.  They won’t travel as far so never use them for playing a round.


2-piece construction balls are the cheapest ones you’ll find for sale and are great for beginners.  Consisting of a solid rubber core wrapped in a very durable urethane cover, they are a low spin ball.  Meaning that they have minimal backspin off the club face and hence will roll further down the fairway, generating more distance.  The drawback is that they don’t offer the control that the next batch will.


3-piece balls will be perfect for the golfer that isn’t a beginner, and has started to consistently shoot rounds in the high 80s and 90s.  Added around the solid rubber core, there will be a layer of synthetic rubber, plastic, or resin material called a mantle.  The mantle is what will give these balls a softer feel and more spin.  That is great for control, but for a beginner that will sacrifice distance.  Intermediate golfers have already made up for this shorter ball flight by generating more club head speed at impact, so that’s why this ball is best for them.  Covers on 3-piece balls will be softer, increasing feel, but which will scratch a little easier.


4 piece and 5-piece balls add more mantle layers designed to optimize feel, spin, control, launch speed, and distance.  These are the balls the pros use, and as such, are priced the highest.


Final Thoughts

What is actually inside of golf balls matters!  Remember, do your research, and find the ball that is right for you and your game.  You may generate a lot of speed on your downswing so you can get away with a softer ball that you can control better.  Also, don’t forget about testing out how a ball rolls off your putter and along greens.  The confidence you’ll get from a ball that feels great off the putter will put your mind at ease as you are standing over that birdie putt.

Here is a great video on the ‘sciencey’ stuff inside of golf balls:


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Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Golf is one of the few outdoor sports that senior citizens can take part in without straining themselves too much physically. However, golf is still basically a “young man’s game” and the older you get, the more you find it difficult to hit that ball over a great distance. In that regard we will talk about the best golf balls for seniors.

First thing is first though, let us talk about what properties these specially made golf balls have that make them ideal for senior golfers. We will also discuss what to look for if you are an avid golfer that is already past the 50 years old mark.

Important Factors for Choosing Golf Balls for Seniors

Before choosing, you have to consider what you primarily need with your golf ball. Do you need it to achieve maximum distance or maybe a combination of distance and precision? You should also take into account its tour quality performance.

Your Skills will Guide you Towards the Right Type of Golf Ball

Similar to golfers of all ages, senior golf player will need to look at their skill level to determine the best type of golf ball for them. High handicap golf players will need a low compression golf ball while lower handicapped players will not be satisfied with low compression golf balls and will most likely prefer the higher compression ones.

Those are pretty much the basics of what a senior golfer should remember when choosing the best golf balls for seniors. Now that we have that cleared out of the way it is now time to take a look at the best selling and highly rated golf balls for seniors in the market today.

The Best Golf Balls for Seniors — Top 5

Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls

Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls

The Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls is an affordable set of golf balls that offer greater distance with every swing. This is ideal for senior golfers who have a high handicap and is also great for golfers that are not as experienced in this sport. This is an extremely soft and is equipped with a superbly soft core for optimum distance. You can definitely achieve amazing distances using drivers and irons with this trusted golf ball.

The Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls may give you an edge when it comes to hitting that ball over great distance but due to the low compression design it will also have lower accuracy and will be quite difficult to hit in a straight line.

Buy the Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls here!

Taylormade SuperDeep Golf Balls

Taylormade SuperDeep Golf Balls

The Taylormade SuperDeep Golf Balls utilizes highly durable rubber material to give it more distance. With a price lower price tag than most high quality low compression golf balls, it has become one of the most popular golf balls for beginners as well as senior golf players.

The technology used in developing the core of the SuperDeep golf ball allows for it to store and release the energy from the impact to give it a bounce that will boost the distance it will travel significantly. It also incorporates a low drag aerodynamic design that keeps the ball at a steady height for a longer period. Definitely one of the better designed best golf balls for seniors.

Buy the Taylormade SuperDeep Golf Balls here!

Nike Golf Crush Extreme Golf Balls

Nike Golf Crush Extreme Golf Balls

The Nike Golf Crush Extreme Golf Balls are a slightly more expensive but not much. That is actually expected when it comes to brand name products. The Nike Golf Crusher Extreme helps golfers achieve commendable distance while maintaining more accuracy than what you would expect with a low compression golf ball.

It uses a softer yet faster core that is developed to give it the speed needed to reach farther distances while giving golfers that perfect feel on impact. It is equipped with a thin, incomer cover that enhances the greenside feel. This is a 2-piece type golf ball (standard type today) and uses a 312 dimple design to keep drag low while enhancing air time. Each set contains 12 golf balls.

Buy the Nike Golf Crush Extreme Golf Balls here!

Bridgestone Golf 2016 Tour B330 RXS Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2012 Tour B330 RXS Golf Balls

The Bridgestone B330 RXS is a tour quality golf ball that is ideal for senior golfers who have a mid to high handicap. It is designed to give golfers farther distance while keeping spin at a minimum. It has a soft gradational compression core that enhances its travel distance while keeping trajectory straight.

The outer layer itself has been redesigned to give the golf ball a lower number of spin which then translates to higher precision of each swing. The soft Urethane outer layer also helps give golfers greenside spin control. It also incorporates a 2-piece golf type design and a 330 dimple features for a maintained air time.

Buy the Bridgestone Golf 2016 Tour B330 RXS Golf Balls here!

Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls

callaway supersoft golf balls best cold weather golf ball

The Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls get the recognition for being one of the softest golf balls available in the market today. This is quite handy for senior golfers who have found that their swing speed is not as fast as it used to be. It features a 35 compression rating that puts it just at the tipping point of being able to offer longer distances while still maintaining some fashion of precision.

As it is designed to have an extremely low compression it also features reduced spin which helps in keeping your golf ball at a controlled height for the ideal distance. The low spin also gives it a straighter flight. The Callaway golf balls are available in various bright colors to help increase its visibility while on the air.

Buy the Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls here!

While age does not matter when it comes to playing and enjoying golf it is still a major factor when it comes to your performance. This is why it is essential to have the best tools by your side and senior golfers will do well to have the best golf balls for seniors in their pocket when they plan on taking a day inside the course.

The Best Practice Golf Balls

When you can’t get to the range for whatever reason, there is a variety of equipment to help you practice your swing — in your basement, garage, family room or the backyard.  Perhaps, the simplest of all training tools is the practice golf ball.

The best practice golf balls simulate hitting a real golf ball, but do not travel as far, and are usually made of softer material.   This allows you to practice your swing in a small area (i.e. your backyard, basement, local park, etc.) without worrying about damaging nearby houses, cars, or people.  Just make sure you have enough space to swing (and watch out for lights)!

Here are some factors to consider when you are looking for the best golf practice balls:

  • Construction and design – Practice golf balls are made with a variety of materials and designs. The best ones will not damage property (cars, windows, etc.) or injure anyone when you hit an errant shot.
  • Distance – Not all practice golf balls travel the same distance when hit. Some will be better suited for the backyard, others for the public park and some for indoor use.
  • Feel and flight – Some balls give very little feedback and does not mimic real ball travel very well. Look for ones that do this well.

The Best Practice Golf Balls — Top 5

Callaway HX Practice Balls

callaway hx best practice golf ballsYou can practice your swing to your heart’s content with these Callaway practice balls. They simulate actual ball flight flawlessly thanks to the patented HEX dimple pattern. They are safe to use anywhere thanks to the soft foam construction which will not damage any nearby buildings (or break your windows).  The material is also durable, and will not crack after a few hits like some other cheap practice balls.

The HX Practice Balls fly about 30% to 50% of the distance of normal golf balls.  So, make sure you have enough space if you are taking a full swing.

You can buy the Callaway HX Practice Balls in either packs of 9 or 18 and and in a variety of colors (orange, yellow, or pink).  Overall, the realistic ball flight, durability, and soft/safe material makes this one of the best practice golf balls on the market.

Buy the Callaway HX Practice Balls here!

Orlimar 36 Practice Balls (24 with Holes, 12 Foam)

orlimar practice golf ballsWant cheap? These balls from Orlimar Golf come in a giant pack of 36 — 24 plastic balls with air holes (wiffle balls) and 12 balls made from high density foam. You can use them inside and outside and you’ll definitely improve your swing without inflicting damage on your surroundings.

These balls are perfect for the backyard as their distance is limited. Unfortunately they sacrifice some of that “real feel” and you don’t get an idea of the distance and trajectory of the ball, especially on the plastic “wiffle” balls. But overall they are great for practicing your swing at home, and keeping in shape during winter months.

One downside is that the plastic balls tend to get damaged quite easily.  For just around 30 cents per ball though, you won’t find much cheaper practice golf balls than these.

Buy the Orlimar Practice Golf Balls here!


birdieball best practice golf ballsWhat the h*ll is this?  You’ll be forgiven for looking at this bracelet shaped object with some serious apprehension.

Despite its odd shape, the Birdie Ball is one of the best practice golf balls out there.  Hitting it feels like hitting a real golf ball, and it even flies on a realistic trajectory.    Since it acts just like a real ball you can even practice a variety of shots with it. Draw it, fade it, and spin it…just like a real golf ball!

The only difference is that the Birdie Ball is limited to fly around 40 yards, so it is great for taking to your local park or even in your own backyard (if its big enough).  You can take a full swing and not worry about it flying 200 yards away.

The ball itself is made from a “super polymer” which will not cause damage to windows, people, or anything else in case you mishit.   It is also extremely durable and will not break easily like the cheaper plastic wiffle balls.

The only downside is that these are a bit expensive relative to other practice golf balls.  The 12 ball pack should last you a very long time though, so you can look at it as a long term investment.

As unconventional as the Birdie Ball may look, they are probably the best practice golf balls on the market.  Give them a shot!

Buy the BirdieBall here!

PrideSports Practice Foam Golf Balls

pridesports practice foam golf ballsJust want something that is cheap and practical?

Then, these practice golf balls from PrideSports may be for you.  Made from soft dimpled foam, these balls are great for indoor and outdoor use.  The soft material makes them fairly safe to hit anywhere as they won’t damage anything or hurt anyone.  The balls fly straight if hit properly, so you can get an idea if you are making correct ball contact.  They can also carry a fair distance if hit well, so be careful when taking full swings!

One downside is that they are a bit too soft for some golfers, so they lack the “real feel” of impacting a golf ball.  Despite this, they are still great for practicing your swing overall and keeping fit in your off time. They are especially great for practicing indoors on a rainy day.

Currently on sale for a ridiculously low price of only $7 for 12 balls, you can’t really go wrong with these.

Buy the PrideSports Practice Foam Golf Balls here!

SKLZ LF30 Limited Flight Practice Golf Balls

sklz lf30 practice golf balls

The LF30 Practice Golf Balls are just another great training product from SKLZ.

These bright yellow orbs are painted with alignment stripes to help you improve your setup consistency.  They also allow you to see how the ball spins when you are practicing your short game.

The LF30s are made of a soft foam that feel solid to hit, but will not cause any damage to your walls or windows.  They also fly true and straight like a normal golf ball, but go only around 30 yards.

Overall, the SKLZ LF30s are great practice golf balls, and are very reasonably price at about $12 for a 12-pack.

Buy the SKLZ LF30 Practice Golf Balls here!

Also check out the SKLZ Impact Golf Ball here

almostGolf Practice Golf Balls

almostgolf best practice golf ballsThey look like golf balls,  hit like golf balls, and fly like golf balls, but they’re not quite golf balls.  They’re Almost Golf balls!

These practice golf balls are one of the most highly rated products on the market.  The main reason customers love this ball is that they feel and fly off your club just like a real golf ball.  The dense foam construction allows the ball to ‘pop’ off your club, giving you a more realistic feel on impact.  You can also spin, fade, and draw it just like a real golf ball.

The foam is quite firm, but soft enough so that it won’t break any windows or dent cars.

Perhaps one downside of the Almost Golf ball is that it can fly quite far — about 50% the distance of a normal golf ball, up to around 100 yards.  So, make sure you have enough space in your yard if taking a full swing.

Overall, these are just another great practice golf ball.  They are also reasonably priced at about $15 per dozen.

Buy the almostGolf Practice Golf Balls here!

Buy the pack of 36 almostGolf Balls here ($35) !


With the best practice golf balls, you can practice your swing almost anywhere, and anytime.  No need to rush out to try and rush out to the driving range after work or after dinner!

There is a good mix of quality and affordability on this list, so you are bound to find something that suits your needs.  Let us know which is your favorite!

The Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Most beginners think that using any golf ball will do.  Just steal some range balls and head to the course.  Besides, it’s just a ball, right?  Wrong!  Not all golf balls are made equal, and using the correct one can help give you the extra confidence to elevate your game.

Below, is a list we have compiled of the best golf balls for beginners.  First, let’s look at some of things to consider when choosing a ball:

Price –  There is no point in using expensive, tour level golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1 which cost around $5/ball.  As a beginner, you are going to lose some balls no matter what.  The thought of losing these expensive balls will just add stress and pressure each time you swing.

Brand – Unless you are a sponsored professional, there is also no point in being brand loyal.  Your clubs might be from Callaway, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use balls from Nike, Wilson, or other brands. You should try all golf balls, until you find one that works best for you.

Layers / Compression –  Golf balls are generally separated by how many layers it has, and compression levels.  Nowadays you can buy golf balls that are made of up to five pieces/layers.  More layers (3-5) generally means you can produce more spin with the ball.  Less layers means less spin, but better distance.  For beginners, we recommend 2 layer or 3 layer golf balls.  Having less spin, will help mitigate your hooks/slices from spinning out of control.  The extra distance can also give you a confidence boost. High layer golf balls are meant for pros/advanced level players that can really control the spin on their shots.  Lower compression balls are also better for beginners, as they are softer feeling, and go farther.

The Best Golf Balls for Beginners – Top 5

Below are some of the best beginner golf balls that we have found based on price, construction, and customer feedback.

Wilson Titanium Ball

wilson titanium ball best cheap golf balls

This is a great set of golf balls for beginners as it is incredibly cheap  ($0.77 per ball). The pack includes 18 golf balls that utilize two piece constructions for a longer drive. The titanium core makes sure that every swing you make will deliver the maximum distance possible. These golf balls are also quite sturdy and durable as it is coated with Surlyn material.

The Wilson Titanium is a great golf ball to hone your skills as a beginner.  They are cheap, and get decent distance.  Obviously, they won’t react or spin as well as top-end premium golf balls, but that’s not that important if you are still a beginner.

At less than a dollar per ball, these are perfect for beginners, as they are cheap enough that you won’t worry so much about losing them, and can swing freely.

Buy the Wilson Titanium Ball here!

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

If you want to go a bit more premium, than you should check out the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls.

Touted as the softest golf balls that Callaway has ever developed, these golf balls have a 35 compression rating and are currently among the softest in the market today.

This is one of the best golf balls for beginners and those with slower swings. The extremely low compression means lower backspin and farther distance travelled. The lower spin also results in a straight flight which is great if you are looking to enhance your accuracy.  This is great for beginners, as lower spin will also help mitigate your slice / hook.

These golf balls feel great to hit, and are some of the best on the market — not just beginners.  At $1.65/ball, they are more expensive than the cheapest balls on the market,  but still very reasonable.

You can also buy the Callaway Supersoft golf balls also come in variety bright colors (yellow, pink, orange) to match your style, and make finding them a bit easier.

Buy the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls here!

Chromax M1x Golf Balls

Chromax M1x Golf Balls

Sick of always looking for your ball?  One of the most annoying things for beginners is constantly having to look for your ball after you hit it into the rough.

Well, worry no more — the Chromax M1x golf ball is here to help!  The patented design uses a reflective inner layer with translucent outer layer to make the ball easier to see in the air, and on the ground.  Combined with its metallic color finish, your days of searching endlessly for your ball is over.

The Chromax M1x is not just for looks.  The 2-piece ball was specifically designed for beginners or players with lower swing speeds thanks to its low 75-compression rating.  Low compression means better distance on your drives!

The only problem with these golf balls is that they are DAMN expensive (~ $4.50/ball).  If price is not a concern though, and the stress of constantly searching for your ball is more important, then you should definitely check these out.  The Chromax M1x comes in a variety of colors to match your style (silver, purple, orange, green, pink, blue, etc.)

Buy the Chromax M1x Golf Balls here!

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls

wilson ultra 500 best golf balls for beginners

Another great beginner golf ball from Wilson is the Ultra 500 Golf Balls.

These two-piece golf balls are all about distance. They feature a titanium core and a cut proof cover to help distribute the force of your swing evenly throughout the ball and reduce backspin for a longer drive. The reduced backspin also helps in increasing accuracy as you will notice that each swing will fly straighter. The outer layer is also very durable….ultra durable some may say.

The Ultra 500 Golf balls are available for purchase in bright yellow color, which makes finding your ball much easier.

For just about $1/ball, these are very affordable and are easily some of the best golf balls for beginners.

Buy the Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls here!

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway 2015 Warbird Golf Balls

The patented Warbird core by Callaway uses a larger yet softer core that helps deliver faster ball speeds for greater distance. It also decreases the thickness of the of the golf ball outer layer that enhances the feel of the impact without affecting the results of distance travelled. The hex aerodynamics once again returns and has been improved to better reduce backspin for a longer flight and more controlled trajectory, even with lower swing speeds.

Overall, the Callaway Warbird gives you great distance, but feels like a rock to hit.  Many beginners may not like this hard feeling.

The Callaway 2015 Warbird Golf Ball is available in two color options: traditional white and optical yellow for better visibility.  At $1.50/ball, they are very reasonably priced.

Buy the Callaway 2015 Warbird Golf Balls here!

BONUS: Recycled / Used Golf Balls

nike used best golf balls for beginnersReally want to save some money?  Don’t care about having brand new packaging?

Then, you should definitely consider buying some second-hand golf balls.  They generally come in large packs of 50, and are extremely cheap at around 50 cents or less per ball!

Of course, you are bound to receive some duds, or balls that are too scratched up to play, but overall most will be completely fine.  If you are lucky, you might even get some premium, top-end golf balls in your pack!

As a beginner, you are bound to lose many golf balls, so using second hand golf balls is one of the most cost-efficient ways to learn the game.

If you are just starting out, and want to save some money, then you should definitely consider buying used golf balls.

Buy 50 used Callaway Golf Balls here 

Buy 50 used Nike Golf Balls here 

Check out other used golf balls here!

Those are our choices of the best golf balls for beginners.  You should try using different types of balls, until you find one that works best for you.  Let us know which is your favorite!

The Best Cold Weather Golf Ball for Winter

Want to play some golf this winter? You might notice that your shots don’t fly quite as far when playing in cold weather. This is not your fault though; it is common knowledge by golfers that the cold climate can affect the distance traveled by golf balls.  This is caused by a combination of higher air density in winter, and the fact that your balls (both types) are probably frozen solid.  Just think…how far could you hit an ice cube?

So, what should you do?  You can try to keep your balls warm in a thermos… but the more practical way would be to just use a different type of golf ball.

What kind of golf ball, you ask? Basically, the best golf balls for cold weather are ones with a low compression rating.  Low compression golf balls are normally used by beginners, or players with lower swing speeds.  But, in the winter, if you want to maintain your distance, then we recommend almost all players to use a low compression golf ball (compression rating under 70).  High compression balls are higher density, so in cold weather, the ball will feel much heavier, and will simulate hitting a rock.  That’s probably not what you want.

The main downside of using a low compression golf ball is that you lose some control and spin, especially around the greens. Although, when you are playing in winter, you will probably have more problems with your ball getting plugged into the ground.

Let’s take a look at the best cold weather golf ball options on the market today. Below is a list we compiled from a collection of user ratings and reviews.

The Best Cold Weather Golf Ball – 5 Picks

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls (12 pack)

wilson staff fifty elite golf ball best cold weather golf ballThis golf ball from Wilson was one of the first real low compression golf balls on the market.  Back in 2008, it was the softest ball on the market, with a 50 compression rating (hence the name).  Nowadays, there are lower compression balls, but the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite still holds is own. They offer excellent distance but not at the expense of complete lack of control.  As for cold weather golfing, the Wilson Staff Fifty are an excellent choice, and we definitely recommend any golfer to try them out if they are losing distance with their normal ball. The Wilson Staff Fifty Golf balls are also available in yellow and orange for easier visibility.

Best of all, right now, these excellent golf balls are available for nearly 50% off regular price (on Amazon)!  Get ready for Winter and pick up a 12-pack today!

Buy the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls here

Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls (12 pack)

callaway supersoft golf balls best cold weather golf ballThis amazing ball from Callaway has a compression rating of just 35, and is considered as a SUPER low compression golf ball. With this amazingly low compression, it is one of the “softest” golf balls on the market, and also gives very little spin which helps players hit straighter and longer. This is particularly useful for playing on colder winter/autumn days when you would typically lose a lot of distance.  Pound for pound, this is definitely one of the best cold weather golf balls available.  They feel absolutely amazing coming off your club, and will go farther than you expect!

If you don’t like normal white balls, the Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls are also available in a variety of bright colors (yellow, pink, orange) to help you locate them easier.

Buy the Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls here!

Precept Laddie X Golf Balls (24 pack)

precept laddie x golf ballsGolfing on a budget?  Then these Precept Laddie X Golf Balls from Bridgestone Golf could be for you.  They are the best affordable low-compression, cold weather golf balls on the market. The Laddie X utilizes an enhanced velocity muscle-fiber core which effectively increases distance traveled while also increasing durability and stability. The 372 wind cheating dimple design gives you that extra distance whether you are playing in warm or cold climates.  They feel soft off the tee or on the green, and are overall just a great ball.

Also, for less than $1/ball (on Amazon), you can’t really go wrong with the Precept Laddie X.

Buy the Precept Laddie X Golf Balls here!

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball (15-pack)

taylormade noodle long and soft golf balls best winter golf ballLong and soft.  The name says it all.  These signature low-cost golf balls from TaylorMade go freaking far, and feel absolutely amazing coming off your clubface.  They are a 2-piece ball and are completely designed for distance.  They feature an energy packed core and agile ionomer cover, along with a special dimple pattern for better trajectory, and longer distance on every shot.  They also feel soft and easy to control around greens — rare for a lower cost golf ball.

The Noodle Long & Soft are of excellent value (approx. $1.50/ball), and one of the best cold weather golf ball options available.  Once you go Noodle, you may never go back!

Buy the TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball here!

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls (12-pack)

wilson staff duo best cold weather golf ball 2015Last, but definitely not least is the Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls.  With a compression rating of just 29 (!!!), they are officially the world’s softest golf ball.   Of course, this also happens to make them one of the best cold weather golf balls.  The two piece construction helps provides minimal spin on drives for more distance and accuracy, while the 302 dimple pattern helps improve trajectory and consistent ball flight.

The Wilson Staff Duo will almost certainly be longer and softer than any other ball you have ever played.  The only potential downside is that they are a bit more expensive (approx. $2/ball) than the other balls on our list.  But, if you are serious about golfing in cold weather, then these golf balls are the perfect choice.

Buy the Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls here!

If you want just a little bit more spin and control, check out the Wilson Staff Duo Spin Golf Balls here!


When it comes to playing golf during winter, using the best cold weather golf ball can give you the edge you need. They will help you maintain your shot distance which would otherwise be lost with normal/high compression golf balls.  Take your pick from our list above, and let us know which is your favorite!

What are the Best Golf Balls for Women?

Golf balls that are specifically designed for women players are currently experiencing a huge boost in popularity from both genders. The reason for this is quite simple; the best golf balls for women are designed to be easier to hit, and thus some male players are using these so that they will be able to hit a little further than normal.

There are a couple of well-known sports brands that are now expanding their women’s golf ball production due to the current uptick in sales such as Bridgestone, Nike and Wilson just to name a few.

Below is a list of the highest ranking and best golf balls for women in the market today.

4 Best Golf Balls for Women

Callaway HEX Solaire Golf Ball (12 pack)

callaway hex solaire best golf balls for womenFirst on the list is from the popular brand Callaway. Their HEX Solaire is an affordable golf ball. It uses Callaway’s patented S-Tech Core which gives it an extremely low compression for maximum distance. It also uses the brand new HEX Aerodynamics technology which allows the golf ball to produce better lift even at low speeds. For extra style, the HEX Solaire has a pearlescent finish to help the golf ball stand out in the field. This also helps players better identify the golf ball’s trajectory while in the air.

Pros: Stylish and maximizes the distance thanks to its super low compression core.

Cons: Do not expect to be extremely soft, if you are a slow swinger you might still feel that it is quite heavy.

Buy the Callaway HEX Solair Golf Balls here!

Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls (Pink/Hot Pink)

wilson hope ladies golf ballsAnother well-known sports brand to be included on this list is Wilson. The Wilson Hope Golf Balls comes in beautiful shades of pink for extra style, and also to help you easily spot the ball on the course. The balls use high quality technology and materials to ensure that every swing you make will deliver a soft feel while still maximizing the life and distance.  Also, for each purchase of the Wilson Hope Golf Balls. there will be a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You will not only be able to get your hands on one of the best golf balls for women, you will also be doing some good charity work.

Pros: Affordable and extremely light. The one year warranty does not hurt either and you will be able to help in the research against breast cancer.

Cons: None!

Buy the Wilson Hope Golf Balls here (pink/hot pink)!

Buy the Pink / Clear versions here!

Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept Golf Balls (Pack of 12)

bridgestone golf lady precept golf balls best golf balls for womenOne of the pioneer developers of high grade women’s golf balls, Bridgestone started getting traction when one of their products assisted an amateur golf player to win a tournament a couple years back. The Lady Precept Golf Balls come at an affordable price. They are the softest golf balls on the market, and the the design ensures that you will get great distance even at slow to moderate swing speeds.  The larger core also enhances the distance traveled by the golf ball and the soft cover allows the player to have better control of the ball. The thinner cover of the ball means that it will generate higher lift which equates for longer shots. It uses 330 seamless dimple designs with a gradational core which gives it a lighter and softer feel.  The Precept comes in three different colors:  yellow, pink, and white.

Pros: Specifically designed to make the most out of moderate and moderate swing speeds.

Cons: Not much!

Buy the Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept Golf Balls here!

Nike Golf Women’s Power Distance Ball

nike golf womens power distance golf ballsFinally, we have the world renowned sports brand, Nike, and their swing at the lady’s golf ball market. The Nike Golf Women’s Power Distance Ball is currently very reasonably priced. The Power Distance lives up to its name thanks to its 320 dimple aerodynamics which maximizes the lift as well as the distance of the golf ball even at slow swings. It also offers a very stable feel because of the Ionomer cover that is extra softened for the best results. The ball has been tested on all types of clubs and the soft and stable feel was maintained on each onel. This is quite possibly the most recommended golf balls for women players out there. Simply put, this is designed from the ground up to suit women golfers.

Pros: Reaches the longest distance possible even at slow swing speeds.  Very affordable!

Cons: None.

Buy the Nike Golf Women’s Power Distance Ball here!


These are the best golf balls for women today based on customer review and recommendation. Keep in mind that these golf balls aren’t exclusively for women only; male golfers are also using them today as it is an easy way to get some extra distance off the tee. For women golfers out there, take one of the above products when you play to ensure that you will be able to show off your skills (and style) on the course.

What are the Best Cheap Golf Balls?

When you first take up golf it is easy to get suckered into buying the expensive, high-performance golf balls that the pros are using. Unless you are able to become a single digit handicapper in your first six months, don’t do it. There are many cheaper alternatives that won’t see you sulking every time you duff a $5.00 ball  into the water hazard or so far out of bounds you’d need an ATV just to get near your ball. We have put together a list of the five best cheap golf balls for your money (brand new for around $1/ball or less). You can thank us later.

The Best Cheap Golf Balls – 5 Recommendations

Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack) – $26.95

Cost per ball: ~ $1.49/ball

wilson titanium ball best cheap golf ballsAt the price, these Wilson golf balls are great value for an 18 pack. The 2-piece construction with titanium core is designed maximizes energy transfer from club face to ball so you can get distance. The durable Surlyn cover will ensure they last round after round.

Despite its purpose, you may actually notice a slight drop in your shot distance, but if you can compensate by going up a club or two, this should not matter. You will also not be able to generate a lot of spin like professional balls.  But, if you are a beginner player that loses eight or so balls per round, these are a great budget buy.

Buy the Wilson Titanium Ball (18-pack) here!

Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls (Pack of 12) – $16.99

Cost per ball:  $1.42/ball (depends on color)

nitro tour distance golf balls best cheap golf ballsThis 90-compression ball with 432-dimple design delivers good distance, superb control, and a stable trajectory. The 2-piece ball has a Tungsten/Titanium core with a Surlyn cover for extra durability. The large core allows for good distance with your driver and woods and excellent control with your irons.

If you are looking for some added control, these are the best cheap golf balls for you. You will get good distance, accuracy and the neon colors mean they are super easy to find if you hit a wayward shot.

 Buy the Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls here!

TaylorMade Noodle+ Golf Balls (15 Pack) – $19.99

Cost per ball:  $1.33/ball

taylormade noodle golf ballsThe famous Noodle brand form TaylorMade offers a soft feel cover made from long-lasting Ionomer and the soft core generates superb ball speed. The patented dimple design ensures better trajectory. These balls give good feedback and it is easy to generate extra spin around the greens.

These balls are about $1.00/ball, but feel great at impact and will let you control your game far better than harder “built for distance” balls.  If you above absolute beginner level, consider splurging a little to get some Noodle balls.

Buy the TaylorMade Noodle+ Golf Balls here!

Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls, Pack of 24 (White) – $19.97

Cost per ball:  $0.83/ball

wilson zip golf ballsThe Wilson ZIP has a patented zero compression core, a speed generating cover and feature the unique “302 PhD aerodynamics” dimple pattern.  The flat-bottomed and shallow dimples help the ball cut through the air better for a stable and powerful flight.

If you are looking for a superb golf ball that won’t make you cringe every time you lose one, the Wilson ZIP are the best cheap golf balls for you. The ball launches off the club face with incredible power and stays true to its flight path. The Ionomer cover is durable and gives the ball a fantastic soft and responsive feel. Controlling the ball spin with your irons has never been easier and they are a true pleasure to play around the greens. At just over $0.60/ball, it is exceptional value for money.

Buy the Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls here!

Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls (36 Pack) $49.99

Cost per ball: $1.39/ball

intech beta ti cheap golf ballsAt $25.00 for a pack of 36, these promise value for money if you lose more than a few balls per round every time you play. They have a Surlyn cover with 432 dimples, nothing extraordinary, but they are durable and have great trajectory due to good aerodynamics. The large fluid metal core gives it extra power off the club face and you won’t be disappointed with the distance you get form these on your drive.

Buy the Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls here!


If you are playing for money or perhaps a club tournament or two, you may want to consider the Wilson ZIPs from our list of best cheap golf balls. However, for just an average weekend round you can choose any on our list and keep pulling them out of your bag round after round with a smile on your face.

Work on your swing, grip, stance, short game, putting without worrying about losing $5 balls all the time. Honestly, when you are starting out or have a high handicap the type of ball you use will not make a huge difference. Pick a ball off our list of the best cheap golf balls and go play or try them all until you find one that you really like.

The Best Distance Golf Ball for Average Golfers

BOOM!  Dreaming of that monster 300-yard drive off the tee?  The right golf ball could help.  You might need to sacrifice some spin/control for extra yards, but if distance is what you’re aiming for, then that is nothing to worry about.   Here is our look at the best distance golf ball for the average Joe (slower swing speeds).

First, what are the factors that make up the best golf ball for distance?

  • Spin – Too much backspin will create more resistamce, and less distance on your drives.  Too much sidespin will create unnecessary side-to-side movement at the cost of pure distance.  Therefore, the best distance golf ball is one with low spin.
  • Compression/Density – For average golfers with a slower swing speed (less than 90mph), you are better off with a low compression ball, as it will feel better on contact and will go farther for you.  If you have a high swing speed (> 90mph), then high compression, or tour-level golf balls tend to work better.
  • Layers – For the average golfer, a 2-piece (or 3-piece) ball will fly farthest.  They are harder, and provide less spin than multi-layered balls.  With some newer 3-piece balls, you will be able to get the same distance as a 2 piece ball, while maintaining more control.

Best Distance Golf Ball for the Average Golfer – Top 7

For the “average golfer”, we assume you have a slower swing speed (< 90mph). The best distance golf ball for you will have a soft core, and only 2 or 3 layers.  Here are the best distance golf balls from various top golf ball brands:

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball  (12 pack)

titleist velocity 12 pack best distance golf ballTitleist is the #1 golf ball brand in the world, and the Titleist Velocity is their longest ball.  It features proprietary LSX core technology for the “fastest solid core” of any Titleist golf ball.  The result is greater distance from every club in your bag.

As with all Titleist balls, these will cost more than average.



Bridgestone Golf e6 Golf Ball (12-pack)

bridgestone e6 golf ballYou might think of Bridgestone as some tire company, but they also happen to make some awesome golf balls.  The e6 is Bridgestone’s lowest spinning,  and longest hitting golf ball.  The reduced spin helps golfers that slice or hook the ball a lot to hit straighter, and therefore longer drives.  It is a very low compression, 3-layer golf ball completed with a urethane cover that creates extra softness.  In fact, it is the softest multi-layer golf ball on the market, making it comfortable to hit for slow speed swingers. The e6 also comes in multiple colors (white, yellow, orange

For a ball with a lot of spin and control, check out the Bridgestone e5 Golf Ball



Callaway HEX Warbird Golf Ball (12-pack)

callaway hex warbirdThe Callaway HEX Warbird provides one thing: maximum distance.  It is a 2-piece ball with a large soft core that uses Callaway’s signature HEX dimple design.  The HEX dimples cover 100% of the ball (no flat spots), which leads to reduced drag, and more consistent flight paths compared to standard dimpled balls.  The HEX Warbird is also very value-priced at only $17 per dozen.



TaylorMade SuperDeep Golf Balls (12-pack)

taylor made super deep



The appropriate named SuperDeep Golf Ball is a 2-piece, super low compression,  super low-spinning, and super-super soft ball offering from TaylorMade.  It is perfect for golfers with slower swing speeds, and will instantly add extra yardage to your drives.  It is also of phenomenal value at only $15 for a dozen.  The SuperDeep was awarded a gold medal from Golf Digest in its annual Hot List testing in 2013.



Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball (12 pack)

srixon solf feel golf ball



The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball was specifically designed for golfers with slower swing speeds (70+ mph).  The 2-piece, low compression, super soft core will allow you to hit higher, and farther while maintaing a soft feel.  The ball also has “alignment arrows” painted on to help you line up your putts.  The Srixon Soft Feel comes in yellow, or white.



Nike One RZN-X (12 pack)

nike rzn x golf ballThe Nike One RZN-X is the swoosh brand’s offering for guys that just want to bomb it off the tee.  It is firmer than the other balls on this list, and is designed for golfers with slightly above average swing speed (90-99 mph).  This 3-layer ball won’t be as pleasant to hit as the Srixon Soft Feel, but will definitely give you extra yardage off the tee.   If you are one of those guys that like to rip it every chance you get, then this may be the ball for you.  (For a slightly softer version, check out the Nike One RZN)





Fuzz Ball Low Compression Golf Balls (6 pack)

fuzz ball low compression distance golf ballAt just under $1 a ball, these are easily the cheapest golf balls on the list.  Mainly because they are from an unkown brand.  But, just because they are cheap, doesn’t mean they aren’t good!  The Fuzz Balls are meant for slow swingers — they very soft, low compression, 2-core ball, that offer great distance off the tee.  If you want to try something against the norm, then pick up a pack of Fuzz Balls. They’re cheap, and they work!