What are the Best Cheap Golf Balls?

When you first take up golf it is easy to get suckered into buying the expensive, high-performance golf balls that the pros are using. Unless you are able to become a single digit handicapper in your first six months, don’t do it. There are many cheaper alternatives that won’t see you sulking every time you duff a $5.00 ball  into the water hazard or so far out of bounds you’d need an ATV just to get near your ball. We have put together a list of the five best cheap golf balls for your money (brand new for around $1/ball or less). You can thank us later.

The Best Cheap Golf Balls – 5 Recommendations

Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack) – $26.95

Cost per ball: ~ $1.49/ball

wilson titanium ball best cheap golf ballsAt the price, these Wilson golf balls are great value for an 18 pack. The 2-piece construction with titanium core is designed maximizes energy transfer from club face to ball so you can get distance. The durable Surlyn cover will ensure they last round after round.

Despite its purpose, you may actually notice a slight drop in your shot distance, but if you can compensate by going up a club or two, this should not matter. You will also not be able to generate a lot of spin like professional balls.  But, if you are a beginner player that loses eight or so balls per round, these are a great budget buy.

Buy the Wilson Titanium Ball (18-pack) here!

Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls (Pack of 12) – $16.99

Cost per ball:  $1.42/ball (depends on color)

nitro tour distance golf balls best cheap golf ballsThis 90-compression ball with 432-dimple design delivers good distance, superb control, and a stable trajectory. The 2-piece ball has a Tungsten/Titanium core with a Surlyn cover for extra durability. The large core allows for good distance with your driver and woods and excellent control with your irons.

If you are looking for some added control, these are the best cheap golf balls for you. You will get good distance, accuracy and the neon colors mean they are super easy to find if you hit a wayward shot.

 Buy the Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls here!

TaylorMade Noodle+ Golf Balls (15 Pack) – $19.99

Cost per ball:  $1.33/ball

taylormade noodle golf ballsThe famous Noodle brand form TaylorMade offers a soft feel cover made from long-lasting Ionomer and the soft core generates superb ball speed. The patented dimple design ensures better trajectory. These balls give good feedback and it is easy to generate extra spin around the greens.

These balls are about $1.00/ball, but feel great at impact and will let you control your game far better than harder “built for distance” balls.  If you above absolute beginner level, consider splurging a little to get some Noodle balls.

Buy the TaylorMade Noodle+ Golf Balls here!

Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls, Pack of 24 (White) – $19.97

Cost per ball:  $0.83/ball

wilson zip golf ballsThe Wilson ZIP has a patented zero compression core, a speed generating cover and feature the unique “302 PhD aerodynamics” dimple pattern.  The flat-bottomed and shallow dimples help the ball cut through the air better for a stable and powerful flight.

If you are looking for a superb golf ball that won’t make you cringe every time you lose one, the Wilson ZIP are the best cheap golf balls for you. The ball launches off the club face with incredible power and stays true to its flight path. The Ionomer cover is durable and gives the ball a fantastic soft and responsive feel. Controlling the ball spin with your irons has never been easier and they are a true pleasure to play around the greens. At just over $0.60/ball, it is exceptional value for money.

Buy the Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls here!

Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls (36 Pack) $49.99

Cost per ball: $1.39/ball

intech beta ti cheap golf ballsAt $25.00 for a pack of 36, these promise value for money if you lose more than a few balls per round every time you play. They have a Surlyn cover with 432 dimples, nothing extraordinary, but they are durable and have great trajectory due to good aerodynamics. The large fluid metal core gives it extra power off the club face and you won’t be disappointed with the distance you get form these on your drive.

Buy the Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls here!


If you are playing for money or perhaps a club tournament or two, you may want to consider the Wilson ZIPs from our list of best cheap golf balls. However, for just an average weekend round you can choose any on our list and keep pulling them out of your bag round after round with a smile on your face.

Work on your swing, grip, stance, short game, putting without worrying about losing $5 balls all the time. Honestly, when you are starting out or have a high handicap the type of ball you use will not make a huge difference. Pick a ball off our list of the best cheap golf balls and go play or try them all until you find one that you really like.