Under Armour Golf Accessories Review: Stylish Belts and Enhanced Sunglasses for Golfers

Calling all golf enthusiasts and fashion-forward fairway fanatics! Get ready to tee off with style as we dive into the world of Under Armour Golf. From trendy belts that will have you looking like a PGA pro to sunglasses that enhance your golf game and keep you looking cool, Under Armour has got you covered. We’re here to give you the lowdown on their stylish belts and vision-boosting sunglasses, so grab your clubs and join us on this exciting golfing adventure. It’s time to swing in style and see the course like never before with Under Armour Golf!

Under Armour Men’s UA Braided Golf Belt

The Under Armour Men’s UA Braided Golf Belt is a stylish and functional accessory for any golfer. Made with a braided design, this belt adds a touch of sophistication to your golf attire. It features a stretch-fit webbing construction that provides flexibility and a comfortable fit. The metal buckle with an embossed UA logo adds a subtle yet classy detail.


  1. Stylish Design: The braided pattern of the belt gives it a fashionable look, making it suitable for both on and off the golf course.
  2. Comfortable Fit: The stretch-fit webbing construction allows for a flexible and comfortable fit, accommodating various waist sizes.
  3. Durable Construction: The high-quality materials used in the belt’s construction ensure its longevity, withstanding the rigors of golfing.


  1. Limited Adjustability: While the stretch-fit webbing provides flexibility, the belt may have limited adjustability for those who prefer a more precise fit.
  2. Limited Color Options: The belt is currently available in only one color option, which may limit personalization choices for some golfers.

Under Armour Unisex UA Hustle Tuned Golf Sunglasses

The Under Armour Unisex UA Hustle Tuned Golf Sunglasses are designed to enhance your vision on the golf course. With their lightweight and durable construction, these sunglasses offer both style and functionality. The lenses feature UA Tuned Golf lenses that provide enhanced contrast, allowing you to see the course with better clarity.


  1. Enhanced Vision: The UA Tuned Golf lenses improve contrast and help you see the subtleties of the course, aiding in reading greens and tracking the ball.
  2. Lightweight and Comfortable: The sunglasses are lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit during long hours on the course without causing any discomfort or distractions.
  3. Impact Resistance: The durable construction of the sunglasses makes them resistant to impacts, protecting your eyes from potential hazards.


  1. Limited Frame Color Options: The sunglasses are currently available in only one frame color, which may not suit everyone’s personal style preferences.
  2. Price: These sunglasses fall into a higher price range compared to some other golf sunglasses on the market, which may not fit every budget.


Under Armour Golf delivers style, functionality, and durability through its products. The Men’s UA Braided Golf Belt offers a stylish and comfortable option for golfers looking to accessorize their outfits. Its braided design and stretch-fit webbing provide a fashionable and flexible fit, while the durability ensures its long-lasting use on the golf course.

Similarly, the Unisex UA Hustle Tuned Golf Sunglasses enhance vision and protect your eyes from the elements. With their lightweight construction and UA Tuned Golf lenses, these sunglasses offer improved contrast and clarity on the course. The durability ensures they can withstand the demands of golfing.

Overall, Under Armour Golf provides reliable and high-quality products that cater to the needs of golfers. From apparel to accessories, their offerings combine style and functionality. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your golf belt or enhance your vision with sunglasses, Under Armour Golf has you covered. With their commitment to durability and performance, Under Armour Golf is a brand that can withstand the test of time on the fairways.

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7 Pieces of Golf Attire Perfect for the Summer Season

The time you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here.

It’s summer, and this means lots of daylight hours and perfect temperatures for you to get out on the golf course. The sun and heat have led to even the biggest names in the sport calling for a change in acceptable golf outfits. Even if you’re not at Tiger’s level just yet, you still want to look good, stay cool, and not break any club rules.

So how do you put together that perfect summer golf wardrobe? Keep reading.

This article will show you the seven key pieces of golf attire you need for the summer season.

1. The Perfect Shirt

Summer is the perfect time to slip away from the office early for a few rounds. If you’re going straight onto the course after work, you don’t have to make it obvious. A polo shirt in a solid color works well both at a desk and on the links.

Most clubs will expect that your shirt has a collar at the very least. Other than that you have the liberty to play with color. Just don’t go too crazy with the patterns, especially if you are mixing them.

Fit is also important. Although you want to keep cool, don’t show up in a baggy top. Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t make you look slimmer.

Look for shirts made of new age materials to keep you cool. The coolest fabric for summer is often a synthetic blend that will wick away sweat from your skin. If there’s a chance of rain, a light cashmere pullover can be folded around your neck.

Last but not least, don’t forget to tuck your shirt in. A vigorous swing can leave your golfing companions with a view of your midriff or the top of your underwear.

2. A Durable Glove

There are a few things you should look for in the perfect summer golf glove.

Make sure it’s flexible. A soft leather or synthetic leather is ideal.

The glove should also be breathable. Often a good one will have mesh material which serves to keep your hands sweat-free even in intense heat. If not, look for models that have ventilation holes in the leather.

A good grip is also essential. This can make a world of difference in your confidence with your club.

3. A Good Hat

To keep your face protected, you’ll need more than a great sunscreen. A cap functions to both keep the sun out of your eyes and stop you from burning. Baseball caps are the standard for most courses.

A visor also works well. However, it could expose the top of your head to a bit too much of the sun’s rays.

Try styles like the Urban Canairie hat, for example. It has a mesh design that keeps your head cool.

For something slightly different, you can also wear a straw hat. A few hat styles are not appropriate, though. These include beanie caps, fedoras, and cowboy hats.

4. Functional Footwear

In the modern game, cleats are no longer required for footwear. Today, most courses require spikes made of a soft material like plastic. Call your favorite club to see if they accept sneakers on the course, and you may not have to purchase a new pair.

Most golf shoes look similar to a sneaker, but some are a bit more ambiguous. Shoe brands are making versatile footwear like the Mens Tour Hybrid Wingtip. They look like a traditional leather shoe but have a breathable lining to keep you cool.

Super traditional colors for golf attire include brogues in white and brown. However, black shoes are generally seen as too formal.

5. The Right Socks

As with any other sport, socks are necessary to compliment your footwear. Rules will usually state either that long socks are required, or that short ankle socks are allowed. The latter are usually barely visible.

They should be made of the right fabric to keep your feet both dry and comfortable. The usual thick sport sock will not feel warm, but also hold on to sweat. Keep the material light and breathable.

Match the color to the rest of your outfit to look well put together.

6. Appropriate Shorts

Tailored shorts that reach the knee are the standard summer golf attire.

Both for etiquette and style reasons, don’t go too long. Too short is also a faux pas. You may have been working those legs hard in the gym, but no one needs to see your thighs.

The best summer golf pants are made of a cotton blend, and a khaki pair of shorts is the most popular choice. Light colors reflect the sun while keeping you cool. Think whites, tan, or even pastel colors.

We probably don’t have to remind you, but no cargo shorts. Ever. Many clubs actually ban this item of clothing.

7. The Right Accessories

Even if you’re golfing with clients, you want to show a bit of style and personality. Why not add a belt with a pop of color to your outfit?

On the other hand, if your waistline is a bit wide, you don’t want to draw attention to it. In this case, a belt that matches your shorts creates a cleaner and less noticeable waist area. Alternatively, you can match your belt and shirt.

Finish off your outfit with a sporty pair of sunglasses. The perfect pair protects you from glare and allows you to see beyond the green.

Golf Attire for the Stylish Golfer

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to buy, it’s time to get out there and play.

More accessories like your golf bag and choice of a watch can up your style game a further notch. We have lots of tips on our blog about the products that will make you the most savvy player on the course. Read more about the golf accessories that will take your game to the next level.

7 Golfing Apparel Trends That Shaped the Industry

golfing apparel







Keen golfers spent nearly $2000 on their equipment. And altogether, as a nation, we spend a combined total of $500 million on golf balls each year!

Besides the golf balls, a fair proportion of that $2000 will go towards the cost of new golfing apparel.

When you’re talking about that kind of money, it’s important you’re on-trend and up to date with the latest technology. But where do the trends you see today come from?

Here are 7 golfing apparel trends – some which have shaped the industry’s appearance in the past, and some which are still influencing golf today.

All kinds of caps

Caps are a common sight on the golf course – from the more traditional flat cap style to the modern peaked variety favored by professional golfers.

These days, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a sponsor to get their logo onto a pro golfers’ gear.

But the trend for sponsoring caps was actually kick-started by appliance manufacturer Amana, who offered just $50 each to PGA Tour participants willing to wear their logo.

These days, you can find all kinds of innovative hats which promise to keep the sun out of your eyes while still keeping your head cool, often by using mesh panels for ventilation.

‘Knickers’ and flannel trousers

Golf gained massive popularity in the 1920s, as more people began to see it as a sport for the middle classes – it had previously been viewed as something reserved for upper-class aristocrats.

While the famous ‘plus fours’ trouser style emerged around this time, these were actually a development of the ‘knickers’ which were commonly worn on the course before the 1920s.

Knickers were derived from the knee breeches of English court dress – short trousers which extended to or just below the knee. You can still find them on sale in places, but the world has definitely moved on.

Clubhouses might keep some formal rules, but clothing definitely feels more relaxed out on the green. Golfing trousers available now tend to be stretchy and lightweight, helping players to turn easily and follow through on their drives.

That said, tweed plus fours haven’t gone completely out of fashion, and luxurious all-wool designs can actually be extremely comfortable, and perhaps preferable in cold weather to their lightweight cousins.

Footwear: formal to informal

During the 1920s, most footwear found on golf courses was rather formal. The style of shoe wouldn’t have been out of place in an upmarket office but was equipped with cleats for the outdoors.

These days, most players will have moved on to more informal shoes – a hybrid of sneakers and studded athletic shoes. However, you can still find some more formal styles on the market if you look hard enough.

Modern shoes are quite indistinguishable from other types of sneakers most of the time. Waterproof shoes are easy to find on the market, and we know anyone who has been caught in the rain during a round will enjoy not having a soggy pair of feet afterward.

Golf bags

Back in the 1500s, players would simply carry their clubs – and might have tied them together with twine or cord to help carry many at once.

Thankfully, we don’t have to do that now – these days a serious golfer needs a serious golf bag.

Golf bags grew in size over time as more specialized clubs were developed, but this was eventually limited by the USGA.

Its rules state that a maximum number of fourteen clubs can be carried and used by a player during a round, and there are restrictions in place to prevent players borrowing clubs from someone else inappropriately.

Because of this rule, golf bags are now of a fairly standard size – though many have extra features. Waterproof zippers are commonplace these days, whereas, in the early days of the sport, a pull string top may have been all that was available.

Valuable pockets are one basic feature we particularly like. Anyone who has accidentally dropped their driver on something precious will too!

High-tech polo shirts

Polo shirts sit somewhere in the middle of the formal-informal spectrum.

They are extremely popular among golfers as the short sleeves and flexible material allows for less restriction in a player’s swing.

Manufacturers go to all kinds of lengths to make their shirts better than the competition. We’re talking micro-fiber cooling, low-friction, sweat-wicking shirts that promise to enhance your time on the course.

Who knew that a shirt could be so important to your game?

Innovative golfing apparel

It’s not just polo shirts that get special treatment from clothing manufacturers.

Dunning (owned by Ralph Dunning) is one company that invests heavily in research and development to improve golf clothes.

The company doesn’t bulk buy fabrics from other producers. Instead, it engineers its own fabrics in-house, using natural fibers that it believes can offer a real advantage to players.

It aims to strike a balance between comfort and high performance.

It’s far from the only company undertaking such activity. Puma is so confident of how far ahead of the competition its new series of pants are, it has even put ‘tech’ in the name.

Golfing Gadgets

We love a good gadget, and they’re fast becoming a valuable asset to add on to your golfing apparel.

GPS watches are more popular than ever. A quick glance at your wrist can give you valuable information on how far you are from the green, while also allowing you to skim through your emails between shots.

Some watches can even capture data about the speed and tempo of your swings, which helps you to improve your swinging style.

Alternatively, there are now clubs on the market which do the same job of tracking speed and can also report back to you on how far your shot has made it from the tee.

We’ve got all the latest information in our gadget reviews – and we also review all other types of golfing gear. See how you could improve your golf game with an equipment upgrade!

Is this The Best New Golf Hat Ever?

I know what you are thinking.  “How can the design of a hat be improved..I mean hasn’t it been designed to the point where it can’t be improved”?  I mean sometimes you get to the point where it is at its optimal design and it works perfectly.

We had a chance to test out a new hat design from Urban Canairie and we must say..the hat design has been given an upgrade!  The Urban Canairie design has solved two problems with hats..they get hot and they mess your hair up, hence the term ‘hat hair’.

Lets take a look at these two problems and how the new hat from Urban Canairie fixes them!


best new golf hat


Problem 1: Hats Get Hot/Sweaty


Let me set the scene:  Its a nice summer day and you are heading outdoors to enjoy it.  Its sunny..so you need a hat, duh.  But after a few minutes you start to feel the brim of your hat get a little damp.  Yeh, you are sweating and it is only going to get worse.  Take off your hat and cool off your head, and the sun beats down on it.  Leave your hat on and the top of your head bakes like bread at 350 degrees.

The new Urban Canairie design solves this problem by having mesh sides to ventilate air and allow the top of your head to get fresh air and cool down.  So the heat from your head actually has a place to escape.  Even though it is a myth that most of your body heat escapes from the top of your head, heat loss is still about 7-10% on your head.

It has a solid flat top so it still keeps the beating sun off your head all the while allowing air to get in there.


Problem 2: Hats Mess Up Your Awesome Hair

These hats have a flat top on them.  They are designed to sit a little bit higher than most hats.  This way the top of the hat is not touching and messing up your hair.  They are also not rounded on the top so the sides go straight down allowing more room for your hair, in contrast normal hats crush the top and sides of your hair and that is why it always gets messed up.


Other Notes

They are manufactured in Canada and really well made.  65% of recycled plastic bottles and 35% certified organic cotton.  Another cool feature is that the bottom of the visor is made of a darker color to absorb light and minimizes glare.  At $35 USD, they are a great replacement for wide brim hats and are cheaper!


Sizing is one sizes fits most.  Here are notes from the manufacturer:

Our hat fits: Size 6-7/8 (head circumference of 21~1/2 inches or 55cm) to Size 7-3/8 (head circumference of 23~1/8 inches or 59cm)



The Urban Canairie hat is made for people who love to get outdoors and get active.  This is why it makes it perfect for golfers.  It can be the best new golf hat on the market today!  We feel the ventilating design would be perfect for those long 18 hole rounds in the dead of summer.

Buy now on Amazon for $35

Buy directly from Urban Canairie Here






Best Golf Socks

When it comes to golf socks not just any type will do. As we all know, golf is a game where walking and standing will be required to be done for long durations. With that in mind, it is essential that golfers have a comfortable and reliable sock to make sure that playing golf will not have any unwanted problems regarding their footwear. The best golf socks also ensure that players will not be distracted and can focus on their swings for the best results.

When looking for golf socks there are a couple of factors that you should consider, these are:

Material – Always check to see if the sock is made from 100% cotton. Cotton is a breathable fabric which means your feet will not feel stifled. This is extra important for male golfers as men’s feet sweat more. For added benefit, pick extra absorbent socks.

Size – Know the size of your golf shoes before purchasing a golf sock. Golf socks are sized by the shoe size. To ensure that your sock will fit comfortably then first check to see what is the size of your golf shoes.

Design – Of course, wearing golf socks that compliment your golf gear is also important. For example, if your golf shoes are black then your golf socks must also be black or has a darker color.

Now that you know the important factors to look for when buying golf socks, we have listed down the top 5 best golf socks you can find today to further help you choose the best one.

The Best Golf Socks — Top 5

Swiftwick SUSTAIN ZERO Socks

Swiftwick SUSTAIN ZERO Socks

The Swiftwick socks use high grade material that helps assist comfort and movement. It is made of Nylon (50%), Repreve (30%), Olefin (16%) and Spandex (4%). What makes this sock great is that it is an all around sport socks. It enhances comfort when standing and moving thanks to its medium foot bed cushion, medium compression and a 3 point arch support. It assists the way you stand to make sure that specific parts of your feet will have the appropriate support to avoid strain. The Swiftwick socks also helps prevent blisters and has an effective moisture wicking quality as well as antimicrobial properties. As the socks are chemical free with no dyes used, you are guaranteed that you won’t have any negative skin reactions when using the Swiftwick SUSTAIN ZERO socks.

Buy the Swiftwick SUSTAIN ZERO Socks here!

Kentwool Men’s Tour Standard Socks

Kentwool Men’s Tour Standard Socks

This sock certainly earned all the praises that was given to it. The Kentwool socks offer one of the most comfortable experiences of any golf/sports socks that we have reviewed. The thick wool material used with the Kentwool makes it perfect for use in cold weather but it is also quite breathable in sunnier climates that it does not degrade the comfort level at all. The soft wool material also helps prevent blisters from developing on the feet.

Buy the Kentwool Men’s Tour Standard Socks here!

CEP Men’s Progressive Golf Socks

CEP Men’s Progressive Golf Socks

CEP Men’s Progressive socks are made of two high grade materials: polyamide (85%) and spandex (15%). It is designed to be right and left specific which means that it offers equal comfort to both feet, whichever your best foot is. It has gender specific sizing as well so both men and women golfers can find the best size for them. As this is made in Germany you are guaranteed of its superb durability and if that is not enough, the socks also offer a 30 day guarantee. This is extremely comfortable and tough and is one of the most reliable best golf socks available today.

Buy the CEP Men’s Progressive Golf Socks here!

Point 6 Men’s Active Light Micro Socks

Point 6 Men’s Active Light Micro Socks

Another highly rated sports/golf socks today is from the Point 6 brand. The Point 6 Active Light Micro Socks is one of the finest one around with its exemplary underfoot cushion that helps prevent straining the heels. It uses merino wool which prevents it from slipping and offers top quality traction. It prides itself with developing a unique design that will feel snug and comfortable to all types of feet. It offers an exquisite and comfortable experience that will surely leave you in approval. Point 6 is one of the fastest rising golf and sports sock manufacturer and it is easy to see why as this are without a doubt one of the best golf socks available in the market at this moment.

Buy the Point 6 Men’s Active Light Micro Socks here!

Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Merino Wool Boot Full Cushion Socks

Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Merino Wool Boot Full Cushion Socks

As the name suggests the Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Socks are, well, tough. It uses Merino Wool (69%), Nylon (27%) and Lycra (4%) for the perfect blend of durability, flexibility and breathability. It uses a high density cushion on the soles that helps absorb shocks and impacts. Walking will feel like gliding with the Merino Wool Boot Full Cushion socks. The socks are also custom shrink treated so that you will not have to worry of shrinkage and with the reinforced heel and toe ensures that the sock will last a long time even with prolonged use. It also utilizes an elastic arch support that helps provide support for your feet. The ring toe is a great addition to further enhance comfort without giving an awkward feel with the added seam.

Buy the Darn Tough Vermont Men’s Merino Wool Boot Full Cushion Socks here!

Golf socks are essential when playing golf. It may not be able to positively affect your game significantly but in the long run you will appreciate well-made and comfortable socks after hours of standing up and walking. The best golf socks must have superb comfort, extreme durability and elements that specifically target issues that are relevant with the activities that the socks are made for. Having a great golf sock can only enhance the enjoyment you will experience while playing this game.

What are the Best Golf Shorts?

Sunshine! Finally! When the hot summer heat finally rolls around, it means two things for golfers — time for lots of ice cold beer after (or during) your round, and time to break out the golf shorts!    The best golf shorts will not only look great and show off your sexy calves, but also be comfortable and not restrict your swing.  They will also be suitable for wearing on the course, since most places will not allow you to wear just any type of shorts while while you play.  For example, most courses restrict you from wearing basketball or gym shorts.

Let’s take a look at some of the best golf shorts on the market.  Time to get a healthy tan on those pasty legs of yours!

The Best Golf Shorts – 5 Recommendations 

Under Armour Men’s UA Bent Grass Shorts

under armour bent grass golf shorts best golf shortsUnder Armour has been making some significant noise in the golf world lately thanks to its sponsorship of boy wonder Jordan Spieth.   They also happen to make great, high quality golf gear!  The Under Armour Bent Grass Golf Shorts are one of the most popular shorts on the market, and for good reason.

They are super comfortable and durable thanks to the stretchy material made from a combination 56% Nylon, 40% Polyester and 4% Elastane. The waistband is also stretchable for extra mobility, and unrestricted motion as you swing.  The patented UA Moisture Transport System ensures that your legs stay cool and dry even as you sweat buckets under the hot sun.

The Bent Grass Shorts has 4-pockets with the back right pocket designed specifically to carry your mobile phone.

There is nothing negative to say about these shorts, except that they are quite expensive.  If you don’t mind paying around $60 for some high quality, great looking golf shorts, then you should definitely give these a shot!  They are available in four different colors.

Buy the Under Armour Men’s UA Bent Grass Shorts here!

Adidas Golf Men’s Flat Front Shorts

adidas golf mens flat front shorts

Adidas is a mainstay in the golf apparel industry, thanks to its constant release of awesome golf gear.   The Clima-Lite Flat-Front Shorts are currently the #1 selling pair of golf shorts on Amazon.

These shorts are made of 100% polyester that is lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The fabric is also moisture-wicking to keep your crotch cool and sweat free.  One cool feature of these shorts is the silicone lined waistband which helps keep your shirt from moving around when tucked in.  The pockets of these shorts are also extra deep — perfect for holding golf balls and other accessories.

Similar to the Under Armour shorts, the Adidas Golf Flat Front Shorts can be a bit expensive depending on your size/color choice.  There are a ridiculous number of colors to choose from though, so you are sure to find one that suits your taste.

Buy the Adidas Golf men’s Clima-Lite Flat-Front Shorts here!

Also, check out the similar Adidas Golf Climalite 3-Stripes Tech Shorts here!

IZOD Men’s Flat Front Basic Golf Cargo Short

izod mens best golf shorts

IZOD might not be the coolest brand name in golf, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make great apparel!

The IZOD Flat-Front Basic Golf Cargo Short is a high quality, and affordable golf short.   They are made of 100% polyester material that is soft, lightweight, cool and very comfortable to wear in the heat.  They are also wrinkle-free!

Unlike most traditional cargo shorts, which have big bulky pockets on the side, these shorts keep the cargo pockets hidden and flat.  This keeps you looking slim and sexy on the course.  The pockets are also zippered, so you won’t accidentally drop anything.

Overall, these are some of the best golf shorts on the market.  For just $29.99 (on Amazon), they are also one of the value buys available!  If you like having lots of pockets, and are on a budget, you definitely pick up a pair of these IZOD golf shorts.

Buy the IZOD Men’s Flat Front Golf Cargo Short here!

Nike Flat Front Dri-Fit Tech Golf Short

nike flat front golf short best golf shortsNike has always had a solid reputation when it comes to delivering high quality sports apparel, and these flat front golf shorts continue the tradition.

These high performance golf shorts are made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex (Dri-Fit), which offers maximum durability, comfort and a perfect fit for the wearer.  The Dri-Fit material technology also helps you stay cool in hot weather.

These golf shorts come in a variety of stylish colors, and look absolutely great, as expected from Nike.  The only real negative thing we can say about these shorts is the price.  They are expensive!

If you don’t mind the price, then definitely try out a pair.

Buy the Nike Golf Flat Front Dri-Fit Tech Golf Short here!

Haggar Men’s Cool18 Gabardine Golf Short

haggar cool 18 gabardine golf shortsHaggar is another less ‘hip’ clothing brand that happens to make great quality, affordable golf apparel.  The Cool18 Gabardine Shorts are some of the best selling, and highly rated golf shorts available.

The highlight of these shorts is its patented fabric which is wrinkle resistant, static resistant, fade-resistant, and machine washable.  They are also moisture wicking to help keep you cool and comfortable under the sun.  You can’t ask for much more in a fabric!

The Gabardine Golf Shorts also feature a hidden expandable waist for extra mobility and comfort.  This is especially great for the buffet dinner after your round of 18. 😉

The shorts are available in a ridiculous number of colors, so you are bound to find a pair (or two) that suits your style.  Best of all, they are budget friendly.

For an extremely economic price of less than $30, these shorts are almost a no-brainer purchase.   The low cost combined with high quality construction makes the Haggar Cool18 Gabardine Golf Shorts one of the best golf shorts on the market.

Buy the Haggar Men’s Cool 18 Gabardine Golf Short here!


Those were are five choices for the best golf shorts on the market today.  Let us know which is your favorite!

What are the Best Golf Pants?

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.”

Deion “Prime Time” Sanders, 2x Super Bowl Champion

Although you may not be playing for million dollar contracts in the NFL, Mr. Deion Sanders does have a point.  When you feel confident and comfortable about the way you look, you tend to perform better.  Just think about how you feel after a fresh haircut, or when you put on your best suit.    The game of golf is no different. And, a nice pair of golf pants can do more than just show off your assets.  The best golf pants will not only look good, but also be comfortable, breathable, flexible, and allow you to focus on your game.  In fact, the extra boost of confidence could even help you shave a few strokes off your game!

Though you may not buy into all of this “look good, play good” mantra, the fact is that even if you had a terrible round, at least you looked great doing it!

Here are a few of the best golf pants on the market based on a combination style, price, comfort and customer feedback.

The Best Golf Pants – 5 Picks

Adidas Men’s Clima-Lite 3-Stripes Pants

adidas golf climalite 3 stripes pants best golf pantsAdidas’ Clima-Lite pants are some of the finest golf pants around.  They are flat-front style (not pleated) and made of 100% polyester.  The material is comfortable, lightweight and very breathable.  You can use them in middle of summer and not feel hot.

The pants also stretch with your movement, so it will not restrict your swing in any way.

One downside for some people is that these are “slim-fit” style pants, so they may tend to feel a bit tighter especially around the upper thighs. This is especially true for people with thicker legs.  You can always try to order a size or two higher than normal to mitigate this problem.

Overall, the Adidas Clima-Lite pants look great and can be worn on or off the course with no problem.   They are available in a huge variety of colors, and all standard sizes.  Pick your own today!

Buy the Adidas Clima-Lite 3-Stripes Pants here!

Nike Golf Men’s Flat Front Tech Pant

nike golf flat front pant best golf pantsWant that classic look, but with all the modern tech? Then these awesome golf pants from Nike Golf could be for you.

The Nike Golf Men’s Flat Front Tech pants are constructed with Nike’s patented Dri-FIT fabric that will help you stay dry, cool, and comfortable throught your round.

The fabric also flexes with you as you move around and sit making them much more comfortable then normal khakis or dress pants.

The classic look of these pants means that they can also easily be worn to the office, restaurant or even church without people noticing that they are golf pants!  Check out color options and sizes at the link below.

Buy the Nike Golf Men’s Flat Front Pants here!

Under Armour Men’s Match Play Pants

under armour match play pants best golf pantsUnder Armour has recently been venturing more into golf, and is the official sponsor of current world #1 ranked golfer Jordan Spieth.

They make great golf apparel, and the Match Play Pants are a great example.   They fit true to size and are some of the most comfortable pants you will ever wear.  They use a super lightweight material that stretches as you move for optimal mobility.  The waistband also stretches for extra comfort — especially great when you eat a big meal after a round.  Similar to the Nike pants above, the material also helps wick sweat away and dries fast to keep you cool and comfortable on hot summer days.

The UA Match Play pants are a straight-leg, flat front design, and available in multiple colors.  They look great whether you wear them on or off the course.  They are a tad bit more expensive than others, but are easily some of the best golf pants available.  If you want quality, then definitely check these pants out!

Buy the UA Men’s Match Play Pants here!

Puma Golf NA Men’s Tech 6 Pocket Pant

puma golf men's tech 6 pocket pantsWant something with some more style and flash?  Then the Tech 6 Pocket Pants from Puma Golf are for you.

These pants are available in a variety of bright colors and will definitely set you apart from regular boring pants (think Ricky Fowler style). They are slim fit style, but are comfortable and stretch as you move thanks to the slightly spandex type material.  The material is also extremely lightweight and moisture-wicking to keep you cool.  One unique feature about the material is that it is UPF 50+, giving you protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Another unique featue about these pants is the number of pockets.  There are six pockets, as opposed to the normal four.  This is perfect if you like to carry around everything on you like scorecards, tees, divot tool, etc.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then then Puma Tech 6 Pocket Pants are definitely the best golf pants for you!

Buy the Puma Golf Tech 6 Pocket Pant here!

IZOD Men’s Flat Front Classic Fit Microsanded Golf Pant

izod classic fit microsanded golf pant mensJust want a solid pair of golf pants at a good price? Then the IZOD Microsanded Golf Pant is a great choice.

You won’t be turning heads or walking down the runway with these, but they have everything you need in a pair of golf pants.  They are durable and lightweight. The polyester fabric stretches as move, so it will not obstruct your swing.  The fabric also helps disperse sweat to keep you cool and comfortable.

They fit normally, but the legs are bit wider and baggier than normal.  It might look a bit strange if you have skinnier legs.

Overall though, these are great golf pants.

Buy the IZOD Men’s Classic Fit Microsanded Golf Pant here!


A good pair of golf pants will not only help you look great but also give your confidence a boost which will (hopefully) improve your golf game. Choose from our list of the best golf pants to get started!

The Best Golf Rain Gear – Stay Dry!

Rain.  The natural archenemy of golfers around the world.  If you live in a city cursed by rainy seasons, then you know how it feels to look outside and see those dark clouds forming.

But a little bit of rain is no excuse to stop playing! In fact, if you are equipped with the best golf rain gear, then you can even look at it as a new challenge.

Before we look at some rain gear recommendations, let us see how the rain affects your golf experience.

It Reduces Your Grip

The main effect that rain has on your game is that it reduces your grip.  Moisture on your hands and club grip will make it more difficult to hold the club firmly.  The wet ground will also cause your feet to slip more when swinging.  This means you will take less confident swings, resulting in poorer shots and a terrible score.  That is why it is important for you to have good golf shoes, as well golf gloves designed to combat moisture and maintain a strong grip.

It Decreases Your Focus

Golf is a game of concentration and the rain definitely does not help.  There is also nothing worse than walking around with soaking wet clothes and feet.  It will also be quite difficult to gauge the proper distance and angles if droplets of rain keep splashing your face.    Therefore, having proper rain gear will help you keep dry and maintain at least some of your focus.

Different Course Conditions

The softer, muddier grounds means your ball will not roll like it normally would.  It also means that you will probably chunk your shots more often.  You won’t have to worry though about getting enough backspin on your approach shot, as the ball will just plug into the green (check out the best divot repair tools here).  Your clubs will also get dirty after every shot, so make sure you bring a towel to clean your clubs!

Now that you know the biggest factors that can affect your golfing experience during the rainy season, let’s take a look at the best golf rain gear available.

Best Golf Rain Gear – 6 Picks

Mizuno Rainfit Golf Gloves

mizuno rainfit golf gloves best golf rain gearIn terms of retaining your grip under rainy conditions, the these gloves from Japanese brand Mizuno are some of the best.  They come in a pair (one glove for each hand), and features microfiber suede palms that help retain traction even when soaked in moisture.  In fact, they get even grippier when wet.  You need not worry of losing your club and can just focus on delivering that perfect swing.  These gloves fit the hand perfectly and prevents bulkiness thanks to its “3-D pre-curve patterning”.

A rain specific golf glove is a must have when playing in the rain, and the Rainfit Golf Gloves from Mizuno is about the best you will find.

Buy the Mizuno Rainfit Golf Gloves here!

Also check out the Nike Men’s All Weather Golf Gloves

Rain Wedge Easy Access Golf Bag Rain Hood 

rain wedge golf bag rain cover best golf rain gearThis is a perfect way to keep your golf clubs dry when playing in the rain. This rain hood is made of waterproof, lightweight nylon and can be adjusted to fit on any sized golf bag . It is also designed with enough height clearance (14 inches), so that it will still fit over those long, oversized drivers.

The Rain Wedge is super easy to install on your golf bag and offers quick access to your clubs.  Just flip the cover back, pull your club out, and then retract the hood back to keep your clubs dry.  It’s almost like a baby carriage cover.  You can also fold it up, and store it in your bag when it’s not raining.

Some people feel that the material used could be a bit higher quality, but for just 20 bucks, we don’t have any complaints.  This is easily the best value golf bag rain cover on the market.  You won’t have to worry about keeping your clubs dry, and can just focus on hitting the ball!

Buy the Rain Wedge Golf Bag Rain Hood here!

For full bag protection, check out the Rain Tek Golf Bag Cover

Nike Golf Men’s Storm-Fit Rain Suit

nike stormfit rain suit best golf rain gear

Keeping dry and warm will help you stay focused on hitting that little white ball.  This golf rain suit from Nike will help you do just that.

This full-zip jacket and pants combo is made from 100%  “Storm-FIT” polyester. This waterproof fabric will protect you from the wind, rain, and even snow.  The fabric also breathes well, so it won’t feel like you’re in a sauna when you put this suit on.

The Storm-Fit Rain Suit is incredible light and comfortable, so it will not hinder your swing or mobility in any way. One small downside is that there is no zipper/fly in the pants, so using the urinal can be a bit troublesome.  This suit simply doesn’t allow leaks, from inside or out!

For $100+, this jacket/pants suit may seem a bit expensive for some, but it is easily one of the best golf rain gear options available today, and is well worth the price.

Buy the Nike Storm Fit Golf Rain Suit here!

FootJoy DryJoys Waterproof Bucket Hat

footjoy waterproof bucket hat best golf rain gear

This golf bucket hat from FootJoy is perfect for golfing on rainy days.  It is 100% waterproof, and will keep your head dry and warm even in the most torrential downpours.  The full brim will also help protect your face from getting hit by raindrops.

The DryJoys hat is extremely lightweight, and also scrunches up easily, so you can stuff it in your bag without problem.

This hat tends to fit a bit large for most people, so you may want to try purchasing a size smaller than usual.

Buy the FootJoy Waterproof Bucket Hat here!

If you want to match the Nike rain suit featured above, check out the Nike Golf Storm-Fit Cap!

Under Armour fans check out the UA Golf Bucket Cap here!

GustBuster Classic 48″ Automatic Golf Umbrella

gustbuster classic 48 inch automatic umbrellaThe GustBuster Classic Umbrella is a tough as nails umbrella that features one of the best wind proof technology around. It has been tested to withstand winds of up to 55mph and up with no problem. It is also lighter than your standard large umbrella and is even lightning proof (!!) thanks to its fiberglass shaft that is as durable as they come. If you are looking for the ultimate umbrella designed to be used in the toughest conditions then this one fits the bill perfectly.

Buy the Gustbuster Classic Golf Umbrella here!

See our list of the best golf umbrellas

Adidas Men’s Adizero Tour Golf Shoe

adidas adizero tour golf shoe best golf rain gearIf you have ever walked in wet shoes or socks for a long time, you know it’s one of the most annoying and uncomfortable things ever.  Having wet feet will definitely affect your concentration, and cause you to mishit some shots.

That’s why it’s important to have a pair of awesome waterproof golf shoes like the Adizero Tour Golf Shoe from Adidas.  This slick looking pair of golf shoes are made a special microfiber leather, while the sole is made of ultra lightweight synthetic material.  They are 100% waterproof and even come with a 2-year waterproof warranty.

Weighing just 3.4 oz (approx 96 grams), this shoe is one of the lightest shoes on the market.  They are also extremely comfortable, which makes walking the course a delight.  No more sore feet after your round!  The 10-spike sole also offers great traction, which is especially important when playing in wet conditions.

These are not just one of the best waterproof golf shoes, but one of the best golf shoes on the market, period.  Better yet, right they are over 50% off (on Amazon)!! You won’t find a better deal than this.  Make sure you pick up your own pair while you can!

Buy the Adidas Adizero Tour Golf Shoe here!

Check out our list of the best waterproof golf shoes here


The rainy season is a huge obstacle for golfers to enjoy their favorite game but with the proper best golf rain gear by their side, neither sleet nor rain will be able to stop you!

The Best Cold Weather Golf Gear

Winter is coming.  No more warm blue skies, no more lush green grass. No more wearing shorts and polo tshirts.  For most people, this is when golf season stops.  They just pack it up, and hibernate until the temperature rises again.  Maybe practice some putting inside the warmth and comfort of their home.

But, that’s not you, is it?  You golf all seasons — rain, shine, or blizzard.   As long as the course is open, you’ll be there!  For those of you brave enough to venture onto the course in the middle of winter, we have compiled a list of best cold weather golf gear to wear while you play.

Before that though, here are some other simple tips for playing on cold winter days:

Keep those muscles warm

If you are playing golf during winter then you should skip on riding the golf cart and walk the course.  Unless your golf cart is heated, of course.   Walking is a simple way to help get your blood pumping, and keep yours muscles warm and loose during the round.

You should also take plenty of the time to stretch well before your round starts.  When your body is cold, it is much more likely you will pull a muscle.

Keep your hands warm

Walking will help keep your body warm, but your hands will not be so beneficial as extremities are the first to take the brunt of the cold.  You can prevent your hands from freezing by keeping some hand warmers (like these) on you.   Also, make sure you use golf gloves specifically designed for winter use. These gloves are light and insulated and will not affect your club grip at all. (See our picks for The Best Winter Golf Gloves here)

Don’t forget about the golf balls

It is simple physics at work here. A golf ball will travel less distance under colder climates. Research conducted showed that for every 10 degrees (Farenheit) drop in temperature, a golf ball travelled 3 to 5 yards less when also taking into account the higher air density.  It may be difficult to keep your balls warm the whole round (both types), so consider using a lower compression golf ball for more distance.  Also, consider clubbing up to compensate for the loss in distance (i.e. use a 7 iron instead of an 8).  Check out our picks for the best cold weather golf ball here!

Cold weather golf clothing

You need clothes that will keep you warm, but not hinder your movement or swing.   Traditional bulky, heavy winter clothes are out of the question.  Luckily for you, there are some winter-specific golf apparel on the market today that will help keep your body warm without limiting mobility.

Below are five of our picks for the best cold weather golf gear in the market today.

Best Cold Weather Golf Gear – 5 picks

Top: Adidas Golf A74 Men’s Performance Training Top

adidas performance training top best cold weather golf gearThis 100% polyester training top from Adidas is lightweight, comfortable and is one of the best when it comes to maintaining body temperature from dropping too low. It is extremely comfortable to wear and does not hinder your movement at all. Playing golf means that you need to have absolute freedom in terms of upper body movement and the Adidas A74 allows you complete maneuverability while also protecting you from colder temperatures.  It is perfect for those cool autumn days, and brisk mornings.  Note that it is not waterproof, so if it rains, you will need to wear another layer on top.

Available for just $30 (on Amazon), this Adidas top is also of excellent value when compared to other top brands.

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable and affordable.

Cons: May fit a bit large for some people.

Buy the Adidas Golf A74 Performance Training Top here!

For a slightly different style, check out these other tops from AdidasNike and Under Armour

Gloves: HJ Glove Men’s Winter Xtreme Golf Glove

HJ Glove’s Winter Xtreme Pair golf gloves are designed for extremely cold conditions. The triple layer design features a weatherproof membrane between two layers warm fleece.  Your hands will be warm even in temperatures close to freezing.   The extra long cuffs provide added warmth and comfort around your wrists where wind and cold air usually slips in.  These gloves are very warm, but not too bulky.  You will have full dexterity in your hands and a strong grip well thanks to the honeycomb silicone grip design.

These gloves have a velcro closure and comes in six sizes from small to XXL, so you will be sure to have a pair that fits snugly.

Pros:  Warm, great grip, great dexterity

Cons: Not waterproof; if you often play in wet conditions check out the Nike All Weather II Gloves.

Buy the HJ Winter Xtreme Golf Gloves here!

Check out our other choices best cold weather golf gloves

Outer: Nike Storm Fit Hyperadapt Full Zip Golf Jacket

nike Hyperadapt JacketIf you ever play in the rain — or even the snow for you extra crazy ones —  then you will need a waterproof outer layer like the Hyperadapt from Nike.  This is easily one of the best golf jackets on the market today.  The ‘Storm-FIT’ fabric is made of a combination of microfiber polyester and breathable laminate material to ensure you stay warm in cold, wet, and windy conditions.  For golfers, the best part of this jacket design though, is that it does not hinder your movements.  The four-way stretch material around the shoulders ensures that you have full range of motion when you swing.

If you can get over the $100+ price tag, then this is a must have for any all-weather golfer.
Pros: All weather proof.  Flexibility. It gives you your full range of motion so as to not affect your swing.

Cons: A bit expensive.

Buy the Nike Storm Fit Hyperadapt Golf Jacket here!

Check out the half-zip version here

Hat: Titleist Pom Pom Winter Beanie

titleist winter golf hat pom pomKeep your head and ears warm with this comfy winter hat from Titleist.  Honestly, any good winter hat would do, but this is from a golf brand so we put it on this list.  It is made from 100% acrylic fiber, is one size-fits-all, and has a funny pom pom on the top.  This hat is offered in three colors — black/grey; black/red; grey/black — so you can pick whichever one suits your style.

Overall, this is just a solid, high quality winter hat.  If you like the Titleist brand, you should definitely pick this up.

Buy the Titleist Winter Golf Hat here!

Not a fan of the pom pom?  Check out these slicker options from Titleist and Nike

Bottom: Under Armour Men’s UA Infrared ColdGear Golf Pants

under armour storm coldgear golf pants best cold weather golf gearOne of the worst things about playing in cold weather is cold balls.  And, we’re not just talking about golf balls. Yes, you know what we mean.

Since we have already given our picks of the best cold weather golf gear for your upper body, hands and head….let us finish up with the best golf pants for cold weather.  The ColdGear Infrared Golf Pants from Under Armour are specifically design to help keep your lower body’s temperature nice and warm while you play.  These pants are water repellent, windproof, but still breathable, so you can stay dry on the inside and out.  The inside of the pants are soft and comfortable to wear.  It also makes use of Under Armour’s signature sweat wicking technology to keep you cool.  The pants are made with flexible/stretchable material to allow for maximum mobility and comfort.

If you don’t want to freeze your balls off on a cold winter day, then these are the trousers you want to be wearing.

Buy the UA ColdGear Infrared Golf Pants here!

Bonus:  Tesla Compression Base Layer Set

tesla base layerFor extra warmth, consider wearing a compression base layer, like this top/bottom set from Tesla (Korean company).  You will see many PGA pros wearing a base layer in colder weather, so why shouldn’t  you?  Often, people just wear the top, but there is nothing wrong with some extra warmth for your lower regions as well.  The fabric for these compression clothing stretch and move with your body, so they will not restrict your swing in any way.

This base layer set from Tesla is a great budget option, but there are many big brands which offer similar compression base layers, most notably Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas.  They are all more or less the same, so the choice really depends on your personal style/brand preference.

Buy the Tesla Compression Base Layer Set here!

For another budget option, check out this set from DRSKIN


Winter may be arriving but that doesn’t mean you need to put your clubs into storage for the season. By following some simple guidelines as well as being equipped with the best cold weather golf gear, you will be able to enjoy playing golf outdoors even with the lower temperatures!

What are the Best Golf Hats?

Hats aren’t just for looking cool.  As you battle your way through a grueling 18 holes on a hot summer day, wearing a golf hat is a simple and effective way to keep cool, and protect your head, face and eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.   When you tee off, or line up a putt, wearing a hat can help give you some extra shade to focus on the ball.  If you’ve noticed, almost all every PGA golfer wears a hat when playing.  Of course, they’re getting paid big bucks to weir their sponsor’s hat, but if you want to look and feel like a pro, then you should consider wearing a hat.  All that’s left, is for you to start playing like a pro 🙂

To further protect your eyes, match your hat with a pair of the best golf sunglasses!

Five of the Best Golf Hats

Taylormade Tour Split Hat

taylormade tour split hatTaylormade is long standing brand in the golf world, and is trusted by tour players like Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson, and Dustin Rose. The Tour Split Hat is one of TaylorMade’s most popular hat models available.  It is made from 100% Polyester for strong durability while also providing excellent ventilation. It has a superb adjustable back strap to ensure that it will not only fit you, but also your friend with the big head.  The multi textured performance moisture wicking fabric will keep you cool and prevent your head getting soaked in sweat. An added feature that actually enhances its benefits is the dark underbill that can help reduce the glare of ambient light outside for you to better get a view of the golf course.  This is one of the best golf hats for UV protection — the fabric is rated 50 UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), meaning it will block over 97.5% of UV radiation.

The Tour Split Hat is available in a few different colorways, so you can pick one (or two) that suit your style.   The black style is currently available for over 60% off (on Amazon).  Get yours quick!

Buy the TaylorMade Tour Split Hat here!

Also check out the similar TaylorMade Tour Cage Hat (more colorways, but lower UPF)

Titleist StaDry Waterproof Golf Hat

titleist stadry waterproof cap best golf hats

Are you one of those crazies who play rain or shine?  Then the StaDry from Titleist is the best golf hat for you.  Although Titleist is more known as a golf ball brand, they also make other great products…like hats!  This particular model is part of their new StaDry Collection for 2015 (hats, bags, and umbrellas).  As you may have guessed, this cap is made from waterproof material to help keep you head warm and dry when you play on rainy days.  It uses a clean, simple black design that looks great and matches almost any outfit.  If you are not a fan of the basic baseball cap style, then you can also check out the bucket hat version.titleist stadry waterproof cap best golf hats bucket hat

This is a brand new golf hat from Titleist and it is already garnering great reviews from golfers around the world.  Since it is brand new model though, it is also a tad bit expensive at around $30.

Buy the Titleist StaDry Waterproof Golf Hat here!

Check out the Bucket Hat version here!

Guiness Jeff Cap

Ah, here we go. The Guinness Ivy Cap just exudes the classic golfer look. The old fashion “Jeff” or ivy cap gets a breath of fresh air thanks to the Guinness brand (yes, the beer). This expertly made golf cap is made of high quality materials and fits perfectly and comfortably on your head. The Ivy Cap is perfect when playing in cooler climates and will surely draw compliments from your friends and other golfers.  The downside is it doesn’t offer much sun protection, waterproof, or other high tech features of modern style caps.  But, if you’re into the classic, retro look, then this is definitely one of the best golf hats available for you.

Buy the Guiness Ivy Cap here!

Into plaid?  Check out this Ivy Cap

P.S. – If you’re a fan of the late, great Payne Stewart (R.I.P), then you’ll definitely recognize this style of hat.  Here’s a great photo of Payne rocking an Ivy cap while celebrating a putt:

payne stewart in ivy cap celebrating

Nike Golf Tech Swoosh Cap

nike golf tech swoosh blue best golf hatsSwoosh!  Nike has been on top of the sports technology and apparel world for the past couple of decades so it’s no surprise that one of their golf caps made our list.  In fact, we could’ve filled this list with just Nike hats, but we thought we’d limit it to one spot per brand.  The Nike Golf Swoosh Front Cap is definitely one of the best golf hats that we have today based solely quality and customer satisfaction. The hat is made of Nike’s signature Dri-Fit microfiber/polyester material which helps keep the hat lightweight, cool, and comfortable, even on the hottest summer days.  It is so light, you will sometimes forget that you’re even wearing it!   The cap is one-size-fits-all, and has a hidden adjustable strap at the back so you can customize fit to your head.  As an added bonus, the cap is machine washable, and won’t fade color even after multiple washes.

This is easily one of the best golf hats on the market, and our favorite out of Nike’s selections.  It comes in a multitude of colors (red, blue, white, black, etc), so you can pick one to match your style.  You definitely will not be disappointed with your purchase of the Nike Golf Tech Swoosh Cap.

Buy the Nike Golf Tech Swoosh Cap here!

Also check out the Nike Tour Flex Fit Cap, and Nike Golf Flat Bill Tour Cap

Tiger Woods rocking his Nike Golf Cap
Tiger Woods rocking his Nike Golf Cap

Greg Norman’s Signature Straw Hat

greg norman straw hat best golf hatsFan of the Shark (a.k.a Greg Norman)?  Young bloods may not remember, but this was Norman’s signature style hat back when he was #1 in the world.  It uses lightweight Toyo Straw material with a ventilated top to keep your head cool and comfortable under the blistering sun. Its wide 360 degree brim/visor will help protect your face and eyes, as well as the back of your neck.   The hat is “one size fits all”– the underside has an elastic band that will stretch to your head — but it may not fit well for people with extremely small heads.  It is a bit more expensive than your standard golf cap, but this hat is definitely an attention grabber, so if you want to stand out from the crown, then give it a try.  You may start to love it!

It is available in two colors (straw, or black).  Don’t wear it in the rain!

Buy the Greg Norman Signature Straw Hat here!

greg norman schooling young tiger woods
Greg Norman in his signature hat schooling a young Tiger Woods.


The best golf hats not only look good, but will keep your head cool and dry so you can focus on the course.  As any golfer knows, keeping a cool head can be the key to cut a few strokes off your score!