7 Pieces of Golf Attire Perfect for the Summer Season

The time you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here.

It’s summer, and this means lots of daylight hours and perfect temperatures for you to get out on the golf course. The sun and heat have led to even the biggest names in the sport calling for a change in acceptable golf outfits. Even if you’re not at Tiger’s level just yet, you still want to look good, stay cool, and not break any club rules.

So how do you put together that perfect summer golf wardrobe? Keep reading.

This article will show you the seven key pieces of golf attire you need for the summer season.

1. The Perfect Shirt

Summer is the perfect time to slip away from the office early for a few rounds. If you’re going straight onto the course after work, you don’t have to make it obvious. A polo shirt in a solid color works well both at a desk and on the links.

Most clubs will expect that your shirt has a collar at the very least. Other than that you have the liberty to play with color. Just don’t go too crazy with the patterns, especially if you are mixing them.

Fit is also important. Although you want to keep cool, don’t show up in a baggy top. Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t make you look slimmer.

Look for shirts made of new age materials to keep you cool. The coolest fabric for summer is often a synthetic blend that will wick away sweat from your skin. If there’s a chance of rain, a light cashmere pullover can be folded around your neck.

Last but not least, don’t forget to tuck your shirt in. A vigorous swing can leave your golfing companions with a view of your midriff or the top of your underwear.

2. A Durable Glove

There are a few things you should look for in the perfect summer golf glove.

Make sure it’s flexible. A soft leather or synthetic leather is ideal.

The glove should also be breathable. Often a good one will have mesh material which serves to keep your hands sweat-free even in intense heat. If not, look for models that have ventilation holes in the leather.

A good grip is also essential. This can make a world of difference in your confidence with your club.

3. A Good Hat

To keep your face protected, you’ll need more than a great sunscreen. A cap functions to both keep the sun out of your eyes and stop you from burning. Baseball caps are the standard for most courses.

A visor also works well. However, it could expose the top of your head to a bit too much of the sun’s rays.

Try styles like the Urban Canairie hat, for example. It has a mesh design that keeps your head cool.

For something slightly different, you can also wear a straw hat. A few hat styles are not appropriate, though. These include beanie caps, fedoras, and cowboy hats.

4. Functional Footwear

In the modern game, cleats are no longer required for footwear. Today, most courses require spikes made of a soft material like plastic. Call your favorite club to see if they accept sneakers on the course, and you may not have to purchase a new pair.

Most golf shoes look similar to a sneaker, but some are a bit more ambiguous. Shoe brands are making versatile footwear like the Mens Tour Hybrid Wingtip. They look like a traditional leather shoe but have a breathable lining to keep you cool.

Super traditional colors for golf attire include brogues in white and brown. However, black shoes are generally seen as too formal.

5. The Right Socks

As with any other sport, socks are necessary to compliment your footwear. Rules will usually state either that long socks are required, or that short ankle socks are allowed. The latter are usually barely visible.

They should be made of the right fabric to keep your feet both dry and comfortable. The usual thick sport sock will not feel warm, but also hold on to sweat. Keep the material light and breathable.

Match the color to the rest of your outfit to look well put together.

6. Appropriate Shorts

Tailored shorts that reach the knee are the standard summer golf attire.

Both for etiquette and style reasons, don’t go too long. Too short is also a faux pas. You may have been working those legs hard in the gym, but no one needs to see your thighs.

The best summer golf pants are made of a cotton blend, and a khaki pair of shorts is the most popular choice. Light colors reflect the sun while keeping you cool. Think whites, tan, or even pastel colors.

We probably don’t have to remind you, but no cargo shorts. Ever. Many clubs actually ban this item of clothing.

7. The Right Accessories

Even if you’re golfing with clients, you want to show a bit of style and personality. Why not add a belt with a pop of color to your outfit?

On the other hand, if your waistline is a bit wide, you don’t want to draw attention to it. In this case, a belt that matches your shorts creates a cleaner and less noticeable waist area. Alternatively, you can match your belt and shirt.

Finish off your outfit with a sporty pair of sunglasses. The perfect pair protects you from glare and allows you to see beyond the green.

Golf Attire for the Stylish Golfer

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to buy, it’s time to get out there and play.

More accessories like your golf bag and choice of a watch can up your style game a further notch. We have lots of tips on our blog about the products that will make you the most savvy player on the course. Read more about the golf accessories that will take your game to the next level.

What is the Best Golf Glove?

The golf glove is an often overlooked piece of equipment.  Most casual players just wear a glove to prevent calluses from forming on their hands.  They do not realize that a good golf glove can actually help improve their game!

The best golf glove should fit your hand so well that you barely even notice it while playing.  You should not need to adjust the strap every hole.  The palm and fingers should be grippy, so you can take confident swings, and never worry about having your club slip.  The top of the glove should be breathable, so your hand can stay cool and sweat-free for the entire round.  Lastly, a good glove should be durable, and not get worn out after a few rounds.

With these features in mind, lets take a look at the best golf gloves available on the market:

5 Best Golf Glove Recommendations:

Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove

bionic stablegrip best golf glove

Bionic has made a name for themselves over the last few years by simply creating the best golf gloves on the market.  Bionic’s gloves were designed by a leading orthopedic hand specialist, who based the design of each glove on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics.

The StableGrip Golf Glove is a perfect example of Bionic’s product.  It features specially placed anatomical relief pads on the palm to give you a lighter, relaxed grip for increased control and swing speed.  “Motion zones” placed over the knuckles and web zones between the fingers help give your hand natural movement, while also keeping your hand cool and dry.

The glove is also made of a top-grade cabretta leather, which lasts 2-3 times longer than a traditional leather golf glove.

Maybe the only downside of this glove is that it should be cleaned every so often to maintain the leather’s elasticity and durability. You can just throw it in the washing machine (gentle cycle, using mild detergent and cold water) then air dry.

Because of its premium design and material, the Bionic StableGrip is slightly higher priced than your average glove at $20 – $25.

Buy the Bionic here

Nike Men’s Dura Feel VII Golf Glove

nike dura feel vii golf gloveIf you’re a fan of the Nike brand, then the Dura Feel VII Golf Glove could be the one for you.  Like most Nike products, the Dura Feel looks a bit more stylish than your average golf glove.  It is made of a quality, synthetic material with a leather patch on the palm and thumb to provide additional grip and durability.  There is also strategically placed Lycra spandex on the fingers and back of hand for maximum flexibility and breathability.  The Nike Dura Feel VII is definitely of lower quality than the Bionic StableGrip, but it is also only half the price.  So, if you are looking for something stylish, decent quality, and value priced, then this may be the best golf glove for you.

This glove can fit a bit tight at first, so make sure you buy the right size.

Buy the Nike Dura Feel VII here

Puma Monoline Performance Golf Glove

puma monoline performance gloveRicky Fowler fan? Then you’ll love the uniquely styled Puma Monoline Performance Golf Glove.  The palm and fingers are made of genuine cabaretta leather, while lycra is used on the top of the hand and sides to increase breathability and flexibility.  It also features an ultra quiet hook and loop closure system, instead of the traditional noisy velcro.  Like all Puma golf products, it is also available in a variety of unique colors.

Overall, the Monoline fits extremely well, and looks great.   Pick yours up before its too late!

Buy the Puma Monoline here

Hirzl Trust Control Textured Palm Kangaroo Leather Golf Glove

hirzl trust control kangaroo leather golf glove

Looking for something a bit different? Then the Hirzl Trust Control Glove could be for you.  The palm is made with genuine kangaroo leather (yes, kangaroo), which provides noticeably more grip compared to regular gloves.  In fact, the grip was tested to give you 3-times more grip in dry weather conditions, and 5-times more grip in wet weather conditions.  The palm is also 100% sweat resistant, and will stay grippy no matter what!  This should give you some added confidence while you play, and will hopefully help lower your scores.  The Hirzl Trust Control costs a bit more than your average glove ($30), but can easily be considered as one of the best golf glove choices on the market.

Buy the Hirzl Trust Control here

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Glove

taylormade tp best golf glove

Want what the pros wear?  The TaylorMade TP Golf Glove was  created for Taylormade/Adidas sponsored PGA tour players like Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose, and Sergio Garcia.  It is made of an extremely comfortable, AAA quality cabretta leather.  The glove has a stretch fit closure so you can get a custom fit.  The wristband is made of moisture wicking material, so sweat doesn’t get to your fingers.

The TaylorMade TP Golf glove is very reasonably priced at around $15 .  If you want an extremely comfortable glove, that is durable, and used by many PGA tour players, then this is the best golf glove for you!

Buy the TaylorMade Tour Preferred here