The 3 Most Luxurious Golf Resorts in North America

Did you know that golf as we know it today originated in Scotland? A few hundred years ago it was mainly played in places like Edinburgh but is now played all around the world. It’s common to see celebrities and politicians enjoying a round, and, it has become a social gathering for many. It’s a great way to meet up with friends whilst playing a game and getting some exercise. But as the game has grown and developed, so have the courses.

In fact, property developers now build golf resorts to offer an incredible experience. These resorts offer luxury hotels, restaurants, spas, and other activities. It’s a place where people can vacation or even spend their honeymoon. In fact, they’re some of the best places to stay and relax.

In this article, we’re going to share the top 3 golf resorts in North America to visit. These resorts offer the ultimate golfing experience as well as 5-star luxury.

Read on for more information.

1. Pebble Beach

One of the most famous and exciting golf resorts in the US, Pebble Beach is the go-to place for golfing enthusiasts.

Located in California, this stunning resort offers an incredible four courses to play on. But these aren’t just any courses, these are some of the best in the whole of the United States. In fact, Pebble Beach has hosted an amazing six U.S. Opens with the last being in 2019. It will host the U.S. Women’s Open in 2023 before hosting its seventh Men’s Open in 2027.

But of course like all great resorts, golf is only a small part of what it has to offer.

Pebble Beach hosts some luxurious accommodation including the famous lodge. Not only does it offer the most amazing coastal views, but it’s situated over one of the most famous finishing holes in golf.

This stunning resort also offers guests the chance to eat at award-winning restaurants. They boast some of the best chefs who can cook food to satisfy any palette.

If you fancy a day off from golf, there’s so much else you can do. You could have a day at the luxury spa and get pampered. Alternatively, you can sightsee along the 17-mile drive, visit vineyards, or even go horseback riding.

Pebble Beach truly offers something for everyone and you’ll have the most amazing time.

2. Pinehurst Resort

Second on our list is a resort located in North Carolina. This place is steeped in history and can rival any resort in the world.

Pinehurst Resort offers golfing enthusiasts the choice of nine 18-hole courses and one short course. Course no. 2 also holds the record for hosting the most single golf championships in America. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to test your game at this resort.

Pinehurst offers the chance to stay in luxury accommodation and experience fine dining.

But one of the greatest things about the resort is the village of Pinehurst, which precedes the first golf course. It was designed as a place in which people with respiratory illnesses could come and recuperate. Yet now it’s one of the main resort attractions where you can shop and enjoy a carriage ride.

Pinehurst also offers a spa, fitness center, lawn activities, and a lake to fish and swim in.

3. The American Club

Next on our list is the much-loved American Club Resort which is located in the village of Kohler, Wisconsin. This amazing resort has hosted some of golf’s most prestigious tournaments. In fact, in 2021 it will be the host to the popular Ryder Cup tournament.

The resort consists of four fantastic courses that are loved by pros and amateurs. The most famous of its courses is the Whistling Straits which is situated on the coastline. So not only will you be able to play on a tough course, but you’ll enjoy coastal views along the way.

If you’re also looking to improve your game whilst staying at the resort, then you can. The Kohler Golf Academy offers all standards of golfers the chance to work on their game. You have the choice of the golf school or a private 1 on 1 session. All lessons are taught with expert professional instructors who have coached pros and amateurs.

The American Club hotel is five-star, five-diamond accommodation. This is where you can relax and unwind in elegant surroundings whilst being looked after by the friendly staff. You can then wine and dine in a choice of several top-class restaurants.

The Resort also has a fantastic spa that offers well-being treatments. This is where you can get rid of that stress and enjoy some much needed TLC.

However, if you prefer to work up a sweat, you can visit the indoor cycling studio or fitness center. There’s also the opportunity to go on kayaking and fishing. Plus, if you stay during winter, you can go cross-country skiing. How amazing is that?

The American Club Resort is an amazing place to stay and everyone will love it.

Best Luxury Golf Resorts In The US

We hope you have enjoyed our article and have discovered some awesome new golf resorts.

As you can see, America boasts some of the best luxury golf resorts in the world. They truly are adventure playgrounds and you don’t have to be a golf lover to enjoy them.

Finally, if you want to improve your game, check out the best golf GPS apps of 2020. No doubt these apps will help take your game to the next level.

Improve Your Game! 7 of the Best Golf Club Brands

You know the old golf coach saying “let the clubs do all the work”. For some of you out there, you don’t have the confidence in your current bag of clubs to do that.

Having the best golf clubs makes all the difference. Like any other sport, you must purchase from the best brands out there, the ones that genuinely care about growing the game, not just generating revenue.

If you’re new to golf or unfamiliar with the brands, then learning more about the best golf club brands can help your game excel. See below for the top golf club brands out there!

1. TaylorMade

Known for their precision and dedication to the craft, TaylorMade will make almost any golfer’s top 3 list of golf club brands.

They host some of the finest drivers in the game, such as the TaylorMade M5 Driver, which has twist face technology and an inverse T-Track for reassigning the weight as you so please.

They also host a selection of amazing fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. In short, they’re the jack of all trades. They focus on growing your game with innovative technology that you won’t find in any other brand.

Many golfers hoot and holler about TaylorMade because of how much it can instantly improve your game. If you’re wanting to impress your buddies at the next golf outing, purchasing TaylorMade clubs will certainly do the trick.

2. Callaway

Even those who’ve never swung a golf club in their life are aware of the impact that Callaway has had on the game of golf in the last 40 years. 

While you might not be able to get yourself out of trouble like Phil Mickelson, you have access to the same clubs that he uses.

Known for their incredible wedges and precision putters, Callaway constantly excels at allowing an escape for their club users. They focus on using the finest materials and forgiving the swing of golf players to produce an improved short game.

Get your hands on Callaway clubs such as the Big Bertha irons, Epic Flash fairway woods, or their infamous Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver. Reliable, cost-efficient, and a timeless aesthetic… three keys for success on the green.

3. Cobra

Originally founded in Australia way back in 1973, Cobra has found its groove as one of the best golf club brands ever since. 

They’re highly touted as one of the best brands for hybrids, fairway woods, wedges, and drivers. You can’t go wrong with buying the F-Max Offset driver, King F6 hybrid, or Baffler XL fairway wood.

If you’re looking to model your game after a player such as Rickie Fowler, then you’d better start by using his brand. They can help you further the distance on your drive and help you dodge a lot of slices along the way.

4. Titleist

Founded back in 1932, Titleist is made to turn average golfers into winners. The very name of the brand “Titleist” means “titleholder”.

They offer a timeless look that will get a few whistles out of your friends. They are a tremendous option for beginners so that you can purchase a set and gradually add to it from there. 

Start with a set of Titleist AP1 or AP2 irons, find your preference, then grow your game with the same irons that players such as Justin Thomas, Adam Scott, and Tommy Fleetwood use.

5. Ping

In recent years, Ping has become a favorite among frequent golfers. Experts give them praise for their blad putters, mallet putters, wedges, and drivers.

They’re also well-known for their hybrids and fairway woods as well. They host amazing clubs with technology intertwined such as the Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedge. As the name “glide” might imply, it makes your short game look effortless.

Ping sells clubs for both men and women, as well as junior golfers. Also, if you’re looking for a helpful golf app to grow your game, then be sure to download the iPing app which can collaborate with your Apple Watch.

6. Cleveland

Perhaps you’re just looking for the finest quality of golf clubs at as reasonable a price as possible. You want something that the professional golfers swear by. Enter Cleveland Golf, one of the highest-quality golf club makers in the sport.

They’re known for their club’s creative designs and innovative performance. Cleveland excels at making top-of-the-line drivers, putters, and wedges to get you through each hole on or under par.

You might consider researching more on the Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid, CBX 2 wedges, or Frontline putter. Adding any of them to your set will guarantee measurable results.

7. Mizuno

If you’ve ever played volleyball or baseball, you might already be familiar with the high-quality and performance of Mizuno products. Mizuno kicks that reputation up a notch with their golf clubs, creating some of the best in the game.

Be sure to check out the Mizuno JPX-850 irons which can give you more precision at your game while you slowly improve your set of clubs. 

They’ve received praise for their irons, wedges, and drivers. All in all, they push out high-quality clubs with consistency. If Mizuno is coming out with a new club, it’s definitely worth the look!

Find the Best Golf Club Brands for Your Set

Now that you’ve seen seven of the best golf club brands, it’s time to add new clubs to your set.

Be sure to read this article for a list of the most unique golf clubs that you’ll find on the market today.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

7 Most Unique Golf Clubs Available Today

golf clubs

With 23.82 million players in the United States alone, golf is a wonderful pastime; full of intrigue, drama, and class, this ageless sport is great for teaching patience and humility.

Looking to upgrade your golf game? In search of unique and captivating golf clubs?

What you swing with says a lot about how you approach the course, so it’s important to have clubs that exemplify your personality and attitude.

Here are 7 golf clubs you may have never heard of and can instantly bring some flair to your next round.

1. The DIVNICK “Whole-In-One” Adjustable Loft Telescopic Shaft Golf Club

unique golf clubs

Crazy long name aside, this is the only golf club you’ll ever need…ever.

It is a putter, a driver, a full set of irons, and 8 wedges, all rolled into one adjustable club. The club locks in at different lofts, even half lofts. The DIVNICK “Whole-In-One” also alters at the shaft to get the perfect fit for any golfer.

This is ideal for the weekend warrior who doesn’t want to lug around a full bag of clubs everywhere. Whether you take your golf gear on vacation, business trips, or any type of travel, placing this in your checked bag (or even carry on) saves you the extra fee it takes to bring your entire golf bag.

For a super quality, super unique golf club, look no further than this insane piece of equipment.

2. Lil David Slingers

lil david slingers

These are widely considered one of the rarest golf clubs in the world. Lil David Slingers were created by Jim Flood but were considered extremely controversial considering their design. So not many were made and distributed.

These irons are incredibly hard to find due to the general disuse of the clubs. However, there are collectors of the bizarre out there – and perhaps an oblivious golf club enthusiast or two – who have their hands on this golf game oddity. At one point, American comedian Jackie Gleason had a set of these bad boys.

While it is unbelievably difficult to get even a glimpse of the Lil David Slingers, it might be worth a shot to ask around. You never know when you could stumble upon such a rare golf club.

3. Cleveland VAS Irons 792

While the design of this iron golf club is widely known as ugly, the Cleveland VAS Irons 792 is decent for being a shank-less club. However, you do have to get past the fact that it is in fact really, really tough to look at.

This “thing” has a most unsightly shape, not to be outdone by the logo on the back that shows a unicorn’s vitals having a heart attack. If you want to be the butt of everyone’s jokes out on the course, having these irons in your set will do just the trick.

Hey, at least they won’t focus on your golf game anymore!

4. Bullet Hollow Point Driver

bullet hollow point driver
bullet hollow point driver

Continuing the ugly theme of unique golf clubs, the Bullet Hollow Point Driver takes a slice of the gross cake. The terrible design of this driver basically chunks out entire essential pieces of a customary driver. Instead of following the rules, Bullet decided to get a little too inventive with this particular model.

This will fit great into your collection of other odd golf clubs: Your trusty shaftless wedge (it’s a trowel), your ingenious set of irons (hair, clothes, you name it), and your lucky putter (which is actually your kid’s hockey stick). Nothing beats this set of golf clubs any beginner would be head over heels to have.

Speaking of horrific yet one-of-a-kind putters…

5. Bull Putters

From the guys that give you buffalo and bull canes comes the last thing you’d ever want for your golf collection. That perfect gift for the person that literally has everything else, Ross Taylor Original’s bull cane-putter hybrid gives “home on the range” multiple meanings.

They can take the dimensions of your previous putter and customize your new bull putter to ensure an ideal putting experience. You know, in between using it as a cane.

Ditch the golf cart for this handy-dandy walking stick; walk around the entire course and putt with precision, all in one unique golf club! (On second thought, get a golf cart.)

6. Odyssey 3 Ball Putter

Moving a shallow step up from the Bull Putter, the Odessey 3 Ball Putter is an illusion on the green. With three distinct white circles lined up behind that white circle you want to hit – the ball – the point of contact becomes a distorting mess of confusion. Eventually, one of those white circles will move forward…

…at blazing speeds, catapulting past the hole and onto the other edge of the green. Or the rough. This gaudy monstrosity not only disorients the golfer, it launches balls into the stratosphere.

This interesting, unusable putter is much better for a conversation starter than improving your handicap. (The club itself looks handicapped.)

7. Slotline Inertial Emax Irons

To round out our list of unique golf clubs, we have the sickly-looking Inertial Emax Irons by Slotline.

The yellow-colored backs of these irons give the impression that someone took a leak on them before being brought to Hole 1. Designed by a former flight engineer, Duke Duclos, this golf club is so whacky it deserves to be on the next rocket out of Earth.

Ironically, the Inertial Emax Irons brother, the Inertial putter, has been a popular option. The Iron wasn’t as accepted. Perhaps it’s the look…or feel…or they straight up aren’t good for anybody.

While this is another golf club that would be more unique than useful, sometimes you want a fun, funny piece in your repertoire. If so, Slotline has got your back!

Get Unique with Your Golf Clubs!

Consider adding one or more of these outstanding clubs to your arsenal. You’ll definitely draw more attention when on the fairway. (Whether that’s a good thing or not will depend on your skill level.)

If you want to learn more about golf clubs, including the best brands and which ones are perfect for beginners, check out Golf Gear Geeks’ archive of clubs!

What are the Best Golf Club Brands?


When it comes to picking our golf clubs we look to not only the best golf club brands, but also to our favorite pro golfers. If these guys are doing well or winning with a particular brand of golf clubs we naturally think the same would apply to us. And we’re not wrong, because the innovations and technology advances that are made on the pro circuit filter down into the clubs that come to the market.

The following selection of the best golf club brands should be no surprise to you as they have all been around for a very long time, are steeped in heritage, have contributed much to the sport and continue to improve the game.

Let’s take a look shall we?

Best Golf Club Brands

Best Golf Club Brands Callaway logo

Callaway, as it became officially known in 1988, is best known for its Big Bertha Driver. “Big Bertha” has been so successful that Callaway now produces a whole range of clubs carrying the designation.  Every year this great tradition is carried on.  The CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA FUSION has incorporated a lot more carbon fiber composites. Technologically that sets it apart from the competition.

With pros like Phil Mickelson, Henrik Stensen, and Jim Furyk using Callaway, you’ll be in esteemed company.


Ping logo

Starting from humble beginnings out of a garage PING has grown into a household name (in golfing homes that is). The company’s original “PING 1A” putter made waves in the golfing world back in the late ‘50s.  You will inevitably see many old, trusty Ping putters still in the hands of low to mid handicap players.

With their latest sets of irons they have redesigned each club individually leading to unmatched precision for every distance.  Their colored dot fitting system helps all golfers to have the perfectly fitted club to their height and arm length.

Pros using PING includes Bubba Watson, Lee Westwood, and Aaron Baddeley.


taylormade logoThe largest golf equipment company in the world certainly needs no introductions.  They changed the game with their metal driver in 1979 and have not looked back.  They claim the spot for the #1 Driver brand on Tour, with so many players using the M1 or M2. The M1/M2 designation is also carried by their game improvement irons.

The likes of Jason Day, Justin Rose, and Dustin Johnson are contracted to TaylorMade.


Titleist logoFounded in 1932, Titleist is perhaps best known for its golf balls. However, the company also produces and outstanding range of golf clubs with players such as Adam Scott, Steve Stricker, and Bill Haas under contract. Before moving to Nike, Tiger Woods was also contracted to Titleist; in fact Woods used a Titleist putter until the British Open in 2010.

The latest edition to their stable is the TITLEIST 917 D2/D3 driver. Golf Digest gave it the gold in their recent 2017 Hot List.

In the golf club department what really stands out is their range of Vokey Design Wedges by Master Craftsman, Bob Vokey. Their latest addition, the TITLEIST VOKEY DESIGN SM7 is a full update and does not disappoint.

Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Adam Scott all use Titleist.


Nike logo

Sadly Nike decided to stop producing hard equipment and only focus on soft goods or apparel. Nike has produced equipment for just about every sport imaginable, and it’s not just footwear. Their range of golf related products was of the same high standards and excellent levels of performance as everything else they do. Players like Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy used Nike on tour.

Their recent lines of hybrids, the VR_S Covert 2.0, Vapor Fly/Speed/Flex and their recent fairway woods, the Covert Tour 2.0, Vapor Fly/Speed catered to both golfers needing a low loft or a high loft. According to Nike’s website the, “New design shifts the body closer to the ground, reducing CG and spin for flatter, farther shots.” and it certainly delivered on this in spades.  If you are in the market for used golf clubs, do not overlook Nike as an option.

Who can forget the iconic Nike swoosh and Tiger teaming up for this:

You can’t go wrong with any of these as they certainly all fit the bill of the world’s best golf club brands. It’s simply a matter of personal choice and finding the right fit for your playing style and level. You may even end up with a mix of brands, a driver from one, a set of irons form another and then you find your perfect putter made by yet another brand.

All these brands have demonstrated that their clubs, new and old, will stand the test of time.  Throughout the years they have developed cutting edge technology, and pushed each other for top spot year after year.

New prices can carry some sticker shock, so if you are new to the game of golf and want to shop the used golf clubs market, there are many choices of clubs produced by the brands listed above that are a great value for the price.

The Best Blade Irons

Blade irons or also known as the muscle-back is a type of iron that features a smooth back and a thinner top-line, hence the moniker. Skilled golfers usually prefer to use the best blade irons due to its ability to deliver better control and spin.

Here are some tips on what to look for and expect when it comes to picking the best blade irons for golf.

The Head Design – Blade irons are specifically designed for highly skilled golfers. Their small “sweet spot” is not very forgiving but this in turn helps sharpen your swinging skills. Get a feel of the weight of the club head. It maybe in design but golfers will need to be at a certain skill level to use this iron effectively.

Material and Construction – Blade irons are mostly made using forged iron construction. This type of technique once again affects the iron’s overall “sweet spot”. This is why skilled golfers are mostly the only ones who prefer to use forged iron clubs and blade irons are exclusively made using this technique.

Shaft – When it comes to golf club shafts, there are basically two types that are most common in the market: steel and graphite. Steel shafts are more durable and will offer consistency when it comes to performance while graphite shafts are lighter which will give you a faster swing. A new type of shaft is steadily growing in popularity called a composite shaft. Composite shaft combines steel and graphite materials to deliver a perfect balance between durability and weight.

The Best Blade Irons — Top 5

Nike Golf Victory Red Pro Blade Irons, Set of 8

Nike Golf Victory Red Pro Blades Iron, Set of 8

The Nike Golf Victory Red Pro Blades Iron is developed with a focus on delivering consistency and accuracy for every swing. It features X3X high frequency grooves and meets the standards of the regulations for the updated USGA and R & A Group rules.

While somewhat expensive, this set is a great addition to any golfer who is looking to step up to the next level in terms of their skill. Made with top quality material and construction, this blade iron set is designed for maximum precision, consistency and control. You can also get a variation of this iron set designed for right handed individuals.

TaylorMade RocketBladez HP Iron Set

TaylorMade RocketBladez HP Iron Set

The TaylorMade RocketBladez HP Iron Set features top-notch material and construction while keeping the price tag at a reasonable and affordable rate. It has amazing consistency when it comes to ball flight, speed and distance specifically with the 3- to 7-irons. You will also notice that each club is balanced to perfection with the 17.5 gram weight spread evenly throughout the iron. The SW and LW irons use a unique cavity that utilizes TaylorMade’s signature ATV sole for optimum flexibility.

The TaylorMade RocketBladez HP Iron Set will come with 8 well-made irons that will cover your game on all fronts.

TaylorMade SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set

TaylorMade SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set

TaylorMade once again makes an appearance in our list with this high grade blade iron set designed for the highly skilled golfer or those who wants to up their overall game. Construction of each blade iron uses up to date technology and material. The head structure, for instance, uses polymer and multi-material badges, a signature of TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket design.

It also includes some interesting shifts in design. This currently holds the lowest CG of any distance iron made by TaylorMade to date. Each club heads are also individually engineered with a focus on giving better balance in terms of distance gaps for each iron.

This blade iron set offers a more balanced and forgiving approach which makes it a good choice for those looking to try out using blade irons for the first time.

TaylorMade RocketBladez HL Irons 5-PW

TaylorMade RocketBladez HL Irons 4-AW

TaylorMade comes in again with the TaylorMade RocketBladez HL Irons 4-AW.These blade irons uses an accented upper head that helps increase chances for an easier launch. It also comes in with deeper undercuts and a thinner club face that can elevate the maximum distance of the ball.

An interesting feature that these blade irons have is a vibration and sound dampening system that helps deliver that perfect swing and hit feel. This blade iron set is a top choice for those who want to improve their ball distance.

Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set

Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set

The Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set features a complex design that helps enhance your golf skills to new heights. This iron set is not recommended for beginners but is a perfect iron set for intermediate to advanced players.

It features a blade height that is balanced with higher lofted clubs. The full hollow construction makes it lightweight yet durable. This utilizes face forged technology and you are guaranteed that every club face is forged perfectly to help enhance ball speed and feel.

The multi material inserts that uses polymer and aluminum helps dampen vibration from impact to give you the best and most consistent feel with every swing. This set is also reasonably priced.

Final Thoughts

These are the best blade irons that are available in the market today. Keep in mind that this set is not for beginners and are usually preferred by pros and highly skilled golfers only. If you wish to level up your golf skills then the next logical step is for you to purchase the best blade irons.

Best Driver for Beginners

Drivers will most likely be the most expensive club in your bag. Modern drivers incorporate advanced technology that is leagues beyond what golfers used decades back. If you are interested in playing golf but lack the necessary knowledge about key elements then being introduced to the driver is a good place to start. Before we list the best driver for beginners let us first discuss what exactly this key golf club is and what to look for when purchasing one.

Choose one that Maximizes Distance

You will always want to hit the ball as far into the course as possible. Back in the day though it was believed that to achieve this you need drivers that start low and shoots high up into the air. The only problem with this philosophy is that it produces too much backspin. If you generate too much backspin you will definitely get airtime but distance is another matter as the golf ball will basically just shoot straight up and then land back down. No, what you want is a shot that will generate a controlled backspin while it travels the course to increase distance.

Take the Loft into Account

This is actually a tricky one since there are many elements to consider when choosing the right loft and not everyone has the same level of backspin with their shots. Let us try simplifying this and say that if you have a swing speed of 75 mph you should be looking at a driver that has a 12 degree loft. The faster your swing speed the lower the loft but you need to experiment first before moving lower.

Do not overlook the Importance of the Flexpoint

Simply put, the flexpoint is the area in the shaft that bends during the swing and the point of impact. Think of it as your leg kicking a ball. If you have a slower swing speed then a club with lower flex point will be your ideal club as it can generate a higher ball flight. For those who swing their golf club fast, a high flexpoint is the way to go as it will produce lower ball flight.

The Best Driver for Beginners — Top 5

TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver

TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver

The TEC Plus 460 cc Driver pushes the distance you can achieve to the max as it helps push the balls farther with its controlled backspin that prolongs airtime significantly. This club is also lightweight thanks to its sturdy graphite shaft. The 460 cc sized head helps produce maximum C.O.R. as well. This is a fine driver for beginners as it helps increase their accuracy as well as distance. Also, the use of titanium matrix construction is designed to deliver the perfect tee shots.

Buy the TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver here!

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Custom Driver

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Custom Driver

The Cleveland Golf 588 Custom Driver built its design on a thorough testing and tour validation. The use of a 460 cc titanium head helps you deliver that pitch perfect tee that you dream of. It features an adjustable hose that lets you choose between 12 different settings to help you fine tune your loft for the height and distance you need. The loft and lie has a total range of 3 degrees while the face angle comes with a 4.5 degree range. It also utilizes an adjustable weight screw to fully customize the swing weight that suits your strength. The advanced wall construction allows you more weight to be delivered towards the lower part of the club to enable greater distance of the ball.

Buy the Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Custom Driver here!

Nextt Solstice-C Power Cell Driver

Nextt Solstice-C Power Cell Driver

This driver uses some impressive technology to help deliver that tee off that the pros can pull off. The inclusion of the Power Cell Technology gives that extra distance you need with every swing and the enhanced aerodynamic design helps deliver a smooth and quick swing that you never knew you can deliver. The lightweight exile graphite shaft helps keep weight to a minimum but still keeps that heft you need to truly have a feel for each swing. The all weather micro traction grip also ensures that rain or shine, this driver will stay in your hands at all times.

Buy the Nextt Solstice-C Power Cell Driver here!

Callaway Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Big Bertha Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha uses a brand new technology called the Hyper Speed Face which helps your accuracy with the ball. The impact of your swing will be distributed across the face and allow for a blisteringly fast drive. The adjustable perimeter weighting helps you deliver a straighter and longer shot while the durable and lightweight crown weighs 20g less for this feature to be successfully integrated. You can also adjust the loft with the hosel for around 2 degree up or down.

Buy the Callaway Big Bertha Driver here!

TaylorMade Jetspeed Golf Driver

TaylorMade Jetspeed Golf Driver

First thing you will notice about this driver is how ridiculously lightweight it is. At 299 grams, this driver is definitely one of the lightest in the market. It uses some smart design choices to help players deliver the best long range drive. The low and forward CG promotes increased ball speed with a lower spin rate so watch it soar out straight down the course. As stated earlier, this driver is extremely light but it is also quite long at 46 inches which allows golfers to deliver faster swing speed. The head utilizes a Matrix Velox T 49 aerodynamic shaft that also helps deliver faster and smoother swing speed.

Buy the TaylorMade Jetspeed Golf Driver

Ping i25

Ping i25

This driver is specially design so that it will generate least spin, high accuracy and perfect shaft fitting for the best distance and precision. It uses tungsten weights to raise the MOI. This driver uses the industry first features like the patented racing stripes on the crown, a unique and revolutionary PWR shaft that maintains the perfect swing weight constantly.

Buy the Ping i25 here!

Drivers are key clubs in golf that delivers the first and most important swing. The list of the best driver for beginners above is designed and configured to help beginners as well as long time golf players deliver the perfect tee off. Each one has a specific strength and it is up to you to choose which one will suit your play style.

The Best Junior Golf Clubs / The Best Golf Clubs for Kids

Get them started while they’re young!  Golf is a game that can take a lifetime to master.  And, for many of us golf lovers, we regret not starting to learn to play when we were much younger.    If you have children that are interested in the game, then giving them a set of the best junior golf clubs will help them learn and enjoy the game much faster.

For children learning to play, the most important thing is to build their confidence, and make sure that they have fun while playing.  Having a suitable set of junior golf clubs made for their height, weight, and strength will help them build confidence, and enjoy the game more.  Before you know it, you may have a young PGA pro on your hands!

To help you shorten down the list of possible choices here are five of the best junior golf clubs on the market today. Check out the list below.

Best Junior Golf Clubs — Top 5

Nike Golf Kids VRS 5-Piece Junior Golf Club Set

The Nike Golf Kids VRS Junior Golf Club Set is definitely one of the best golf clubs for kids on the market. It’s lightweight and aerodynamic, with a high loft design that will help your child launch the ball into the air with ease.  Your child will love seeing his/her ball fly high into the air on each swing.

The set includes a driver, 7 iron, sand wedge, and putter.  The clubs are professionally constructed with lightweight graphite shafts and stainless steel heads.  The set also comes with a lightweight carry bag, so your child and easily carry his own clubs around and feel like a pro.

One downside is that these clubs are only currently available for right handed players.  It may also feel a tad bit expensive for just four junior clubs.

Overall though, the Nike VRS Junior Golf Club Set is easily one of the highest quality junior golf clubs available and will have your child itching to get to the driving range or golf course.

It is ideal for children who are between 33 inches to 52 inches tall.

Buy the Nike Golf Kids VRS 5-Piece Junior Golf Club Set here!

Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set

Now for players who are at a beginner’s level, the Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set is designed specifically with you in mind. The set contains a complete set of putter, irons and drivers. It features a large 15 degree driver that helps generate maximum distance. The set also includes an exceptionally larger #5 and #9 irons if you need to really ratchet up the distance and trajectory. Also included in the set is a heel to toe weighted ceramic faced putter.

Each club has a head cover, a mirror finish, cavity back and a wide sole which helps beginners learn the rope while being forgiving when it comes to errors. Each club shaft is made of lightweight graphite material. The Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set is designed to help beginners develop their skill faster and is ideal for those who are looking to further develop their golf skills in the future.

Buy the Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set here!

Wilson Profile Junior Golf Set Complete

wilson profile best junior golf clubsAnother top-notch beginner’s junior golf club set, this one comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. The set will include the standard clubs that is ideal for beginners such as a driver, irons (2 cavity back design), wedges (blade style), putter and a hybrid. The shaft is made from lightweight graphite to make it easier for young ones to swing at full speed and strength with causing them to lose balance.

Here are more details about the sizes and for what age bracket they are ideal for. Small is ideal for children ages 4 to 7 years of age, Medium size is best for 7 to 10 years of age and the Large set is best suited for child golfers ages 10 to 13 years old.

Buy Wilson Profile Junior Golf Set Complete here!

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set

Another beginner golf set, the Intech Lancer Junior features a 10 piece set to help introduce the child to the game. Each club, putter, iron features the best in modern golf technology. It comes with a 17.5 degree 4 point weight system driver. For those who need maximum distance covered, they can use the 4/5 hybrid iron (#7 and #9 irons) with wide soles for better accuracy. The junior putter utilizes a modern design and uses a milled polymer insert for a better feel with each swing.

This is a lightweight set that is designed for beginners but uses top of the line technology to give them the edge they need.

Buy Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set here!

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set

The Confidence Junior Golf Club Set is a fine choice for beginners as well. Prices vary depending on the sizes but this is one of the more affordable junior golf club combos available today. Made from lightweight material and is designed to help increase handicap, it is a great choice for an introductory golf set for kids ages 4 to 11.

Buy Confidence Junior Golf Club Set here!


When it comes to learning golf it is best to start young. These are the best junior golf clubs designed to be a welcoming introduction to this sport and are designed to make their experience every bit as enjoyable.

The Best Womens Golf Clubs (Beginners)

Over the last few years, golf has skyrocketed in popularity among girls and women.  The game is no longer just for the stereotypical, rich country club ladies anymore.   As more and more women pick up the game of golf, big brands are starting to take notice.  There is now plenty of golf equipment being made just for women, including golf clubs.

In general, the best women’s golf clubs are shorter, and lighter with more shaft flexibility.  This is to accommodate for a lower average height and swing speed.  There is actually no rule that forces golfers to use specific types of clubs based on their gender. So, if you prefer using men’s golf clubs, then you are free to do so!  In fact, some men may even opt to use women’s golf clubs, as they find them easier to hit.

We have compiled a list of five of the best womens golf clubs in the market for beginners.  As a beginner, you want to consider a couple things:

Price – You do not want to buy the most expensive, top-of-the-line clubs on the market.  First, you will not be able to hit them properly, as they are designed for advanced players.  A beginners set will be easier to hit, and give you the confidence to keep progressing.  Secondly, it will be a waste of money for you!  It would be better to invest in lessons and practice.

Complete set vs. individual clubs — As a beginner, we think its best if you just buy a complete set which includes irons/woods, and maybe a putter.  As you progress, you can start to buy individual clubs customized to your feel.

The Best Womens Golf Clubs — Top 4

Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set

Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set

The Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set is a great starter set for female golfers but is also a nice choice for veteran golfers as well. It uses graphite shafted 12.5 driver and a perimeter weighted putter that is equipped with a precision face to help increase your accuracy. Each club (driver, fairway wood and hybrid irons) has their own head covers. The product also comes with a purple and black cart bag that offers extra storage space as well.

For a incredibly cheap price of $150, this is one of the best value beginner’s golf set for women!

Buy the Knight Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set here!

Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set with Bag

Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set with Bag

Another amazingly designed women’s golf club set, the Callaway Women’s Strata has everything you will need and then some.

The drivers and fairway woods utilize lightweight graphite shafts that help you reach your maximum distance. The wedges and irons use perimeter weighing and an advanced sole width technology that gives you higher stability with every swing. The set also includes an easy to hit hybrid (5H) to replace difficult to hit long irons.   The T-style alignment of the putter will also add to your overall accuracy.

Finally, the included stand bag looks great, is extremely lightweight, easy to carry and has additional pockets, backpack straps, a rain cover and cooler pocket.

Overall, the Callaway Strata is one of the best women’s golf clubs sets out there.  You will be able to use this set as your progress past the beginner level into intermediate.

Buy the Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set with Bag here!

Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

This women’s golf set from Wilson includes a driver, 3 fairway wood, 4 hybrid irons, a 5-PW and a putter. Each club is designed so that it will be easy to use which makes this another great starter golf set. Clubs are specifically designed for women’s standard height between 5’3” to 5’9”.

This is a great set of beginner’s golf clubs that are priced reasonably well and offers a good amount of performance to boot.

Unfortunately, the included bag is not really meant for carrying, so it does not have kickstand or great shoulder straps. If you plan on using a pull cart or golf cart, then this should be no problem.  But, if you want to carry, then you may want to invest in a different golf bag.

Other than that, this is a great set of clubs from Wilson, and is also very reasonably priced at $149!

Buy the Wilson Women’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set here!

Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid Club Set and Stand Bag

Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid Club Set and Stand Bag

Cheap, cheap, cheap!  This women’s golf set from Confidence is one of the cheapest on the market.  Perfect for beginner golfer’s that want to save a bit of cash.

Each club in this set uses regular flex steel shafts on all clubs which gives it that exceptional lightweight feel.  It includes an oversized driver and a 24 degree hybrid instead of the traditional fairway woods.  The 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-irons are all cavity backed as well, which is perfect for beginners.  The putter is mallet style with a steel shaft.

The stand bag that comes with this set features an all weather grip and auto pop-up legs for stability. The overall design and size of each club makes it great for beginners as well as those with a small body frame.

If you are looking for some cheap womens golf clubs to get started with, then this set may be for you!

Buy the Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid Club Set and Stand Bag here!

These are the current best womens golf clubs available in the market for beginners. Each is developed to be compatible with female golfers and their body structure.   Let us know which is your favorite!

What are the Best Irons for Beginners?

For beginners, learning to hit your irons can be a daunting task.  There are fat shots.  Thin shots. Long irons.  Short irons.  Pitching wedge.  Sand Wedge.  Gap Wedge.  Lob wedge!!!

The sheer number of clubs can be overwhelming.   Each type of iron also has its own situation to be used in.  This comes with experience and practice.  But, what type of irons should you start off with?  Which irons will make the learning curve easier, and help you improve the fastest?

In general, the best irons for beginners should feel good on contact, be forgiving, and easy to hit, so that you can gain confidence as you learn.  Here are a couple of other important aspects for beginners to consider when choosing a new set of irons.

Clubhead Design (Cavity back vs Blade irons)
The ideal iron for a beginner usually has a larger club face and more weight around the sole of the club instead of at the center. Irons with this type of clubhead are called cavity-back irons.  This helps in increasing swing speed and the larger club face means you do not need to be as precise as expert golfers (who more often tend to use blade irons).  Cavity back irons also have larger and more rounded soles which helps lower the chance of chunking the ball.  In general, cavity-back irons are much more forgiving than blade irons, and therefore are the better choice for beginners.

cavity back iron vs blade iron mizuno

The Shaft
Choosing the right shaft is essential for both beginners and veterans. Shafts are generally avaialable in two types of material (steel or graphite), and manufactured with varying degrees of bend or “flex”. Using an iron with the correct shaft flex based on your swing speed will give optimum results in both distance and precision. A stiff shaft is designed for players who have exceptional club head swing speed while more flexible shafts are for those with slower swing speed. To learn your swing speed you can ask golf shops to help you measure your swing speed with their equipment, and recommend a shaft type.

The Best Irons for Beginners – 5 Picks

Here are our picks of best beginner iron sets available today based on our own research and customer reviews.  For a complete set of good irons (usually eight clubs), you should expect to spend anywhere from $400 – $700+.  Anything over $1000 is generally overkill for beginners, or even intermediate players.

Adams New Idea Hybrid Iron Set

adams new idea hybrid irons set best irons for beginnersThis unique iron set from Adams Golf actually uses hybrids to replace your long irons (3-5).   Long irons are generally the most difficult to hit, especially for beginners.  They are one of the biggest cause of frustration when learning to play, so replacing them with easier to hit hybrids is a simple way to mitigate this problem.

The Adams New Idea irons are exceptionally easy to hit.  It features a new slot design that increases the face club’s “sweet spot” diameter giving you more forgiveness, and room to experiment with your swings.  It also helps increase your swing speed, which means more distance!

Overall, this is an ideal set for beginners as they willl help you hit more consistently. The are also available in a variety of shaft types to best match your swing.  This set is usually priced at over $800, but it is now available for just $218.  This is an absolutely RIDICULOUS deal, so make sure you get yours while you can!

Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Irons

nike vrs covert 2 steel irons best irons for beginnersThe Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Steel Irons Set is a higher end set that features top of the line design and technology.  It is an 8-piece set that includes 4-9 irons, along with a PW and AW (Attack wedge / Gap Wedge).

These cavity-back irons hit ridiculously long, and are incredibly forgiving — basically everything a beginner would want in a golf club.  You will definitely see an increase in distance when switching from your old clubs to the Nike VRS irons.

The shafts are available in steel or graphite, as well as 4 different flex options – regular, senior, stiff, and ladies.

These irons are not just meant for beginners, but also novice players, so they are perfect if you are looking for a longer term set that can be used as your game progresses.   The only downside is that they are a bit pricey (over $800 regular price), but they are easily some of best irons for beginners.

Buy the Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Irons here!

Cobra Baffler XL Golf Iron Set

cobra baffler xl golf iron setThis iron set from Cobra comes with the classic combination of eight clubs — 3-iron to pitching wedge (PW).  These clubs feature an extra wide club face with larger sweet spot so that you can get more consistent distance and forgiveness on all of your shots.  The club head is also designed to improve interaction with the turf.  This is especially good for beginners who have problems chunking their shots (a.k.a hitting it fat).

This is a great mid-ranged priced iron set, and excellent value for the quality of clubs.  Unfortunately they are only available in steel shafts with regular or stiff flex.  If you need more flexible, graphite shafts then these are not for you.

Buy the Cobra Baffler XL Iron Set here!

Mizuno Golf JPX-EZ Forged Iron Set

mizuno jpx ez forged irons best beginner irons

Mizuno has always been known for making some of the best irons on the market.  These forged, cavity-back irons are no exception.

The JPX-EZ has one of largest “sweet spots” in any golf club available today, making it perfect for beginners.  This means that these are some of the easiest clubs to hit on the market, and you will maintain distance and accuracy even on mishits.  The deep pocket cavity of the higher irons (8-PW) help you launch the ball into the air with ease, and with better precision.

The only downside is that these irons are very pricey, especially if you are just starting out.  But, by the simple fact that they are incredibly easy to hit, makes them one of the best irons for beginners.  You can think of them as a long term investment.  They are of extremely high quality craftsmanship, and may be the last set of irons you need to buy!

Currently, on sale for just under $600 (regularly price $900)!

Buy the Mizuno Golf JPX-EZ Forged Irons here!

TaylorMade RocketBladez HL Irons

taylormade rocketbladez hl irons best beginner irons

The aptly named RocketBladez HL from TaylorMade are some of the longest hitting cavity-back irons on the planet.

The distance is thanks to TaylorMade’s patented “Speed Pocket” design which helps the clubface flex and rebound on impact, creating increased distance and stronger ball flight.  It also gives the club a bigger sweet spot, and mitigates mishits lower on the face, which is where most mishits happen.

The HL stands for High Launch, meaning these irons hit higher than the average iron, giving you more carry and softer landings.

Overall, the RocketBladez feel incredible to hit, will improve your consistency, and give you better distance.  This set comes with 4-iron to 9-iron, PW, and AW (Action / Gap Wedge).  It is available in graphite or steel shafts with senior, regular, or stiff flex options.

These are simply some of the best irons for beginner or intermediate level players on the market.  If you want to hit higher, longer, straighter iron shots, then pick up a set of RocketBladez today!

Buy the TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons here!   

Also checkout TaylorMade RocketBallz RBZ Irons and SpeedBlade Irons


It is essential for beginners to have access to the best golf clubs if they wish to elevate their game quicker. Our list of the best irons for beginners can help put you on the right track and while most of the items on the list are a bit expensive, they are well worth the investment if you are serious about developing your game.

A Few of the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs …

Hybrid golf clubs have steadily gained in popularity since coming out on the market over 10 years ago.   They are simply much easier to hit than traditional long irons, or fairway woods.  It is not just the average hacker using hybrids now…in fact, over 65% of PGA Tour golfers have at least one hybrid club in their bag.

Why use a Hybrid Golf Club?

A hybrid golf club design is basically a combination of an iron and fairway wood.  It gives you the best of both worlds — allowing you to swing the club like an iron, while giving you extra power and distance like a wood.  If you are struggling with long irons (1-4) or your fairway woods, then you should definitely consider buying a hybrid. You’ll be amazed how much easier they are to hit!  Check out this loft conversion chart to see which clubs each hybrid can replace.

Below is a list of a few of the best hybrid golf clubs on the market today.

Five of the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Taylor Made Burner Super Fast 2.0 Rescue Golf Hybrid Club

taylormade burner super fast best hybrid golf clubsFirst off on the list is an exceptional hybrid golf club from Taylor Made.   It is one of the most popular hybrid golf clubs on the market, and for good reason.  It is extremely easy to hit, and uses a longer, super lightweight shaft so you can generate higher swing speeds (a.k.a more distance).  The grip it uses B11 Winn Lite Grip 25 gram grip is also extra light, so you can generate even more swing speeds.   An extra design point on this club is  its matte-white (non-glare) crown clubhead, which combined with black club face makes aligning your ball even easier.  All in all, this hybrid golf club easily ranks as one of the best hybrid golf clubs today.

Last but not least, since the Burner 2.0 Hybrid is last year’s model, you can now pick it up for a discount.  You won’t find a better deal than this!

Note:  The 18 degree is about equivalent to a 4 wood.  Check out this useful loft conversion chart.

Buy the Taylor Made Burner Super Fast 2.0 Rescue Golf Hybrid Club here!

Check out the newer TaylorMade SLDR3 Hybrid Golf Club here

Palm Springs Golf Visa Hybrid Set

palm springs golf visa hybrid golf club setWant to replace all your long irons or fairway woods? Then check out this starter hybrid set from Palm Springs Golf.  This hybrid golf club set costs only $150 for FOUR hybrid clubs (15°, 18°, 21° and 24°) — that works out to less than $38 per club!  It utilizes graphite shafts with stiff flex technology making them light and easy to swing.  The set also includes head covers . These clubs are one of the best starter hybrid golf clubs set and are highly recommended for beginner-level players who are struggling with their long irons / fairway woods.

 Buy the Palm Springs Golf Visa Hybrid Set here!

Callaway X Hot Hybrids

callaway x hot hybrid best hybrid golf clubsCallaway is always a mainstay on lists of top golf clubs.  A list of the best hybrid golf clubs is no exception!  The X Hot Hybrids are some of the most well known hybrids on the market, and are available in 19, 22, 25, and 28 degrees loft.  These clubs use Callaway’s patented Speed Frame Face and Modern Warbird sole design.  You will be able to generate faster swing speeds (a.ka. greater distance), hit from any type of lie, and also shape your shots better.

If you truly wish to increase the level of your game then take a look at the X Hot Hybrid golf club, inch by inch these is truly one of the best hybrid golf clubs in the market today.

The X Hot Hybrids are the 2013 model, so you can now pick up your own for less than you would expect (on Amazon)!

If you want the newer model,  check out Callaway X2 Hot Hybrids here

Cleveland Golf Classic Hybrid Club

cleveland golf class hybrid clubAnother hotly praised hybrid golf club is the “Classic”.  It is the best hybrid golf clubs developed by Cleveland Golf.  The Classic is designed so that it can generate the maximum lift and distance from any lie — sand, rough, tee or fairway surfaces. It also utilizes a “glide rail sole” which greatly reduces the drag of your swing giving you the fastest swing possible.  The club head’s center of gravity is positioned so that the ball with launch higher into the air immediately off impact.  Another additional advantage of this hybrid is the fact that it comes available in a variety of shaft weights (regular, stiff, x-stiff,, senior, ladies), so you can pick the one most suitable for you. We could barely find any flaws with the Cleveland Classic Hybrid club both in design and performance. If you are looking to push your golf skills to the peak then by all means check out the brilliant Cleveland Golf Classic Hybrid Club.

The Cleveland Golf Classic Hybrid Club is now available starting from just $69.99 which is an awesome price for such a high grade hybrid club.

Cobra Men’s Baffler T-Rail+ Hybrid Club

cobra t-rail+ hybrid golf clubThe Cobra brand may be less popular on tour — their only well known sponsored player is Rickie Fowler — but stilll have a good reputation in the market for developing high quality golf clubs. Their Baffler T-Rail+ Hybrid Club may be strangely named, but it is easily one of the better hybrid clubs available.  The sole of the club is weighted so you will get higher / longer ball flight off impact. The club face’s center of gravity is also lower to help you get even higher trajectory.

If you want a super solid all around hybrid, then look no further than the Cobra T-Rail+ Hybrid Club. It looks great, and is suitable for pros or amateurs looking to add one of the best hybrid golf clubs to their bag.

Currently priced at only $81.99 (on Amazon)!


More and more golfers are adding hybrids to their list of essential clubs. The fact that the popularity fo hybrid golf clubs have grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years should be reason enough for you to check them out — even more so if you are still struggling with those damn long irons!  The best hybrid golf clubs can easily help you shave a few strokes off your score, so stop wasting time, and get a hybrid in your bag today!