7 Most Unique Golf Clubs Available Today

golf clubs

golf clubs

With 23.82 million players in the United States alone, golf is a wonderful pastime; full of intrigue, drama, and class, this ageless sport is great for teaching patience and humility.

Looking to upgrade your golf game? In search of unique and captivating golf clubs?

What you swing with says a lot about how you approach the course, so it’s important to have clubs that exemplify your personality and attitude.

Here are 7 golf clubs you may have never heard of and can instantly bring some flair to your next round.

1. The DIVNICK “Whole-In-One” Adjustable Loft Telescopic Shaft Golf Club

unique golf clubs

Crazy long name aside, this is the only golf club you’ll ever need…ever.

It is a putter, a driver, a full set of irons, and 8 wedges, all rolled into one adjustable club. The club locks in at different lofts, even half lofts. The DIVNICK “Whole-In-One” also alters at the shaft to get the perfect fit for any golfer.

This is ideal for the weekend warrior who doesn’t want to lug around a full bag of clubs everywhere. Whether you take your golf gear on vacation, business trips, or any type of travel, placing this in your checked bag (or even carry on) saves you the extra fee it takes to bring your entire golf bag.

For a super quality, super unique golf club, look no further than this insane piece of equipment.

2. Lil David Slingers

lil david slingers

These are widely considered one of the rarest golf clubs in the world. Lil David Slingers were created by Jim Flood but were considered extremely controversial considering their design. So not many were made and distributed.

These irons are incredibly hard to find due to the general disuse of the clubs. However, there are collectors of the bizarre out there – and perhaps an oblivious golf club enthusiast or two – who have their hands on this golf game oddity. At one point, American comedian Jackie Gleason had a set of these bad boys.

While it is unbelievably difficult to get even a glimpse of the Lil David Slingers, it might be worth a shot to ask around. You never know when you could stumble upon such a rare golf club.

3. Cleveland VAS Irons 792

While the design of this iron golf club is widely known as ugly, the Cleveland VAS Irons 792 is decent for being a shank-less club. However, you do have to get past the fact that it is in fact really, really tough to look at.

This “thing” has a most unsightly shape, not to be outdone by the logo on the back that shows a unicorn’s vitals having a heart attack. If you want to be the butt of everyone’s jokes out on the course, having these irons in your set will do just the trick.

Hey, at least they won’t focus on your golf game anymore!

4. Bullet Hollow Point Driver

bullet hollow point driver
bullet hollow point driver

Continuing the ugly theme of unique golf clubs, the Bullet Hollow Point Driver takes a slice of the gross cake. The terrible design of this driver basically chunks out entire essential pieces of a customary driver. Instead of following the rules, Bullet decided to get a little too inventive with this particular model.

This will fit great into your collection of other odd golf clubs: Your trusty shaftless wedge (it’s a trowel), your ingenious set of irons (hair, clothes, you name it), and your lucky putter (which is actually your kid’s hockey stick). Nothing beats this set of golf clubs any beginner would be head over heels to have.

Speaking of horrific yet one-of-a-kind putters…

5. Bull Putters

From the guys that give you buffalo and bull canes comes the last thing you’d ever want for your golf collection. That perfect gift for the person that literally has everything else, Ross Taylor Original’s bull cane-putter hybrid gives “home on the range” multiple meanings.

They can take the dimensions of your previous putter and customize your new bull putter to ensure an ideal putting experience. You know, in between using it as a cane.

Ditch the golf cart for this handy-dandy walking stick; walk around the entire course and putt with precision, all in one unique golf club! (On second thought, get a golf cart.)

6. Odyssey 3 Ball Putter

Moving a shallow step up from the Bull Putter, the Odessey 3 Ball Putter is an illusion on the green. With three distinct white circles lined up behind that white circle you want to hit – the ball – the point of contact becomes a distorting mess of confusion. Eventually, one of those white circles will move forward…

…at blazing speeds, catapulting past the hole and onto the other edge of the green. Or the rough. This gaudy monstrosity not only disorients the golfer, it launches balls into the stratosphere.

This interesting, unusable putter is much better for a conversation starter than improving your handicap. (The club itself looks handicapped.)

7. Slotline Inertial Emax Irons

To round out our list of unique golf clubs, we have the sickly-looking Inertial Emax Irons by Slotline.

The yellow-colored backs of these irons give the impression that someone took a leak on them before being brought to Hole 1. Designed by a former flight engineer, Duke Duclos, this golf club is so whacky it deserves to be on the next rocket out of Earth.

Ironically, the Inertial Emax Irons brother, the Inertial putter, has been a popular option. The Iron wasn’t as accepted. Perhaps it’s the look…or feel…or they straight up aren’t good for anybody.

While this is another golf club that would be more unique than useful, sometimes you want a fun, funny piece in your repertoire. If so, Slotline has got your back!

Get Unique with Your Golf Clubs!

Consider adding one or more of these outstanding clubs to your arsenal. You’ll definitely draw more attention when on the fairway. (Whether that’s a good thing or not will depend on your skill level.)

If you want to learn more about golf clubs, including the best brands and which ones are perfect for beginners, check out Golf Gear Geeks’ archive of clubs!

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