The Best Blade Irons

Blade irons or also known as the muscle-back is a type of iron that features a smooth back and a thinner top-line, hence the moniker. Skilled golfers usually prefer to use the best blade irons due to its ability to deliver better control and spin.

Here are some tips on what to look for and expect when it comes to picking the best blade irons for golf.

The Head Design – Blade irons are specifically designed for highly skilled golfers. Their small “sweet spot” is not very forgiving but this in turn helps sharpen your swinging skills. Get a feel of the weight of the club head. It maybe in design but golfers will need to be at a certain skill level to use this iron effectively.

Material and Construction – Blade irons are mostly made using forged iron construction. This type of technique once again affects the iron’s overall “sweet spot”. This is why skilled golfers are mostly the only ones who prefer to use forged iron clubs and blade irons are exclusively made using this technique.

Shaft – When it comes to golf club shafts, there are basically two types that are most common in the market: steel and graphite. Steel shafts are more durable and will offer consistency when it comes to performance while graphite shafts are lighter which will give you a faster swing. A new type of shaft is steadily growing in popularity called a composite shaft. Composite shaft combines steel and graphite materials to deliver a perfect balance between durability and weight.

The Best Blade Irons — Top 5

Nike Golf Victory Red Pro Blade Irons, Set of 8

Nike Golf Victory Red Pro Blades Iron, Set of 8

The Nike Golf Victory Red Pro Blades Iron is developed with a focus on delivering consistency and accuracy for every swing. It features X3X high frequency grooves and meets the standards of the regulations for the updated USGA and R & A Group rules.

While somewhat expensive, this set is a great addition to any golfer who is looking to step up to the next level in terms of their skill. Made with top quality material and construction, this blade iron set is designed for maximum precision, consistency and control. You can also get a variation of this iron set designed for right handed individuals.

TaylorMade RocketBladez HP Iron Set

TaylorMade RocketBladez HP Iron Set

The TaylorMade RocketBladez HP Iron Set features top-notch material and construction while keeping the price tag at a reasonable and affordable rate. It has amazing consistency when it comes to ball flight, speed and distance specifically with the 3- to 7-irons. You will also notice that each club is balanced to perfection with the 17.5 gram weight spread evenly throughout the iron. The SW and LW irons use a unique cavity that utilizes TaylorMade’s signature ATV sole for optimum flexibility.

The TaylorMade RocketBladez HP Iron Set will come with 8 well-made irons that will cover your game on all fronts.

TaylorMade SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set

TaylorMade SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set

TaylorMade once again makes an appearance in our list with this high grade blade iron set designed for the highly skilled golfer or those who wants to up their overall game. Construction of each blade iron uses up to date technology and material. The head structure, for instance, uses polymer and multi-material badges, a signature of TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket design.

It also includes some interesting shifts in design. This currently holds the lowest CG of any distance iron made by TaylorMade to date. Each club heads are also individually engineered with a focus on giving better balance in terms of distance gaps for each iron.

This blade iron set offers a more balanced and forgiving approach which makes it a good choice for those looking to try out using blade irons for the first time.

TaylorMade RocketBladez HL Irons 5-PW

TaylorMade RocketBladez HL Irons 4-AW

TaylorMade comes in again with the TaylorMade RocketBladez HL Irons 4-AW.These blade irons uses an accented upper head that helps increase chances for an easier launch. It also comes in with deeper undercuts and a thinner club face that can elevate the maximum distance of the ball.

An interesting feature that these blade irons have is a vibration and sound dampening system that helps deliver that perfect swing and hit feel. This blade iron set is a top choice for those who want to improve their ball distance.

Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set

Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set

The Cleveland Golf 588 MT Iron Set features a complex design that helps enhance your golf skills to new heights. This iron set is not recommended for beginners but is a perfect iron set for intermediate to advanced players.

It features a blade height that is balanced with higher lofted clubs. The full hollow construction makes it lightweight yet durable. This utilizes face forged technology and you are guaranteed that every club face is forged perfectly to help enhance ball speed and feel.

The multi material inserts that uses polymer and aluminum helps dampen vibration from impact to give you the best and most consistent feel with every swing. This set is also reasonably priced.

Final Thoughts

These are the best blade irons that are available in the market today. Keep in mind that this set is not for beginners and are usually preferred by pros and highly skilled golfers only. If you wish to level up your golf skills then the next logical step is for you to purchase the best blade irons.

Best Driver for Beginners

Drivers will most likely be the most expensive club in your bag. Modern drivers incorporate advanced technology that is leagues beyond what golfers used decades back. If you are interested in playing golf but lack the necessary knowledge about key elements then being introduced to the driver is a good place to start. Before we list the best driver for beginners let us first discuss what exactly this key golf club is and what to look for when purchasing one.

Choose one that Maximizes Distance

You will always want to hit the ball as far into the course as possible. Back in the day though it was believed that to achieve this you need drivers that start low and shoots high up into the air. The only problem with this philosophy is that it produces too much backspin. If you generate too much backspin you will definitely get airtime but distance is another matter as the golf ball will basically just shoot straight up and then land back down. No, what you want is a shot that will generate a controlled backspin while it travels the course to increase distance.

Take the Loft into Account

This is actually a tricky one since there are many elements to consider when choosing the right loft and not everyone has the same level of backspin with their shots. Let us try simplifying this and say that if you have a swing speed of 75 mph you should be looking at a driver that has a 12 degree loft. The faster your swing speed the lower the loft but you need to experiment first before moving lower.

Do not overlook the Importance of the Flexpoint

Simply put, the flexpoint is the area in the shaft that bends during the swing and the point of impact. Think of it as your leg kicking a ball. If you have a slower swing speed then a club with lower flex point will be your ideal club as it can generate a higher ball flight. For those who swing their golf club fast, a high flexpoint is the way to go as it will produce lower ball flight.

The Best Driver for Beginners — Top 5

TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver

TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver

The TEC Plus 460 cc Driver pushes the distance you can achieve to the max as it helps push the balls farther with its controlled backspin that prolongs airtime significantly. This club is also lightweight thanks to its sturdy graphite shaft. The 460 cc sized head helps produce maximum C.O.R. as well. This is a fine driver for beginners as it helps increase their accuracy as well as distance. Also, the use of titanium matrix construction is designed to deliver the perfect tee shots.

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Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Custom Driver

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Custom Driver

The Cleveland Golf 588 Custom Driver built its design on a thorough testing and tour validation. The use of a 460 cc titanium head helps you deliver that pitch perfect tee that you dream of. It features an adjustable hose that lets you choose between 12 different settings to help you fine tune your loft for the height and distance you need. The loft and lie has a total range of 3 degrees while the face angle comes with a 4.5 degree range. It also utilizes an adjustable weight screw to fully customize the swing weight that suits your strength. The advanced wall construction allows you more weight to be delivered towards the lower part of the club to enable greater distance of the ball.

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Nextt Solstice-C Power Cell Driver

Nextt Solstice-C Power Cell Driver

This driver uses some impressive technology to help deliver that tee off that the pros can pull off. The inclusion of the Power Cell Technology gives that extra distance you need with every swing and the enhanced aerodynamic design helps deliver a smooth and quick swing that you never knew you can deliver. The lightweight exile graphite shaft helps keep weight to a minimum but still keeps that heft you need to truly have a feel for each swing. The all weather micro traction grip also ensures that rain or shine, this driver will stay in your hands at all times.

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Callaway Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Big Bertha Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha uses a brand new technology called the Hyper Speed Face which helps your accuracy with the ball. The impact of your swing will be distributed across the face and allow for a blisteringly fast drive. The adjustable perimeter weighting helps you deliver a straighter and longer shot while the durable and lightweight crown weighs 20g less for this feature to be successfully integrated. You can also adjust the loft with the hosel for around 2 degree up or down.

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TaylorMade Jetspeed Golf Driver

TaylorMade Jetspeed Golf Driver

First thing you will notice about this driver is how ridiculously lightweight it is. At 299 grams, this driver is definitely one of the lightest in the market. It uses some smart design choices to help players deliver the best long range drive. The low and forward CG promotes increased ball speed with a lower spin rate so watch it soar out straight down the course. As stated earlier, this driver is extremely light but it is also quite long at 46 inches which allows golfers to deliver faster swing speed. The head utilizes a Matrix Velox T 49 aerodynamic shaft that also helps deliver faster and smoother swing speed.

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Ping i25

Ping i25

This driver is specially design so that it will generate least spin, high accuracy and perfect shaft fitting for the best distance and precision. It uses tungsten weights to raise the MOI. This driver uses the industry first features like the patented racing stripes on the crown, a unique and revolutionary PWR shaft that maintains the perfect swing weight constantly.

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Drivers are key clubs in golf that delivers the first and most important swing. The list of the best driver for beginners above is designed and configured to help beginners as well as long time golf players deliver the perfect tee off. Each one has a specific strength and it is up to you to choose which one will suit your play style.