The Best Junior Golf Clubs / The Best Golf Clubs for Kids

Get them started while they’re young!  Golf is a game that can take a lifetime to master.  And, for many of us golf lovers, we regret not starting to learn to play when we were much younger.    If you have children that are interested in the game, then giving them a set of the best junior golf clubs will help them learn and enjoy the game much faster.

For children learning to play, the most important thing is to build their confidence, and make sure that they have fun while playing.  Having a suitable set of junior golf clubs made for their height, weight, and strength will help them build confidence, and enjoy the game more.  Before you know it, you may have a young PGA pro on your hands!

To help you shorten down the list of possible choices here are five of the best junior golf clubs on the market today. Check out the list below.

Best Junior Golf Clubs — Top 5

Nike Golf Kids VRS 5-Piece Junior Golf Club Set

The Nike Golf Kids VRS Junior Golf Club Set is definitely one of the best golf clubs for kids on the market. It’s lightweight and aerodynamic, with a high loft design that will help your child launch the ball into the air with ease.  Your child will love seeing his/her ball fly high into the air on each swing.

The set includes a driver, 7 iron, sand wedge, and putter.  The clubs are professionally constructed with lightweight graphite shafts and stainless steel heads.  The set also comes with a lightweight carry bag, so your child and easily carry his own clubs around and feel like a pro.

One downside is that these clubs are only currently available for right handed players.  It may also feel a tad bit expensive for just four junior clubs.

Overall though, the Nike VRS Junior Golf Club Set is easily one of the highest quality junior golf clubs available and will have your child itching to get to the driving range or golf course.

It is ideal for children who are between 33 inches to 52 inches tall.

Buy the Nike Golf Kids VRS 5-Piece Junior Golf Club Set here!

Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set

Now for players who are at a beginner’s level, the Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set is designed specifically with you in mind. The set contains a complete set of putter, irons and drivers. It features a large 15 degree driver that helps generate maximum distance. The set also includes an exceptionally larger #5 and #9 irons if you need to really ratchet up the distance and trajectory. Also included in the set is a heel to toe weighted ceramic faced putter.

Each club has a head cover, a mirror finish, cavity back and a wide sole which helps beginners learn the rope while being forgiving when it comes to errors. Each club shaft is made of lightweight graphite material. The Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set is designed to help beginners develop their skill faster and is ideal for those who are looking to further develop their golf skills in the future.

Buy the Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set here!

Wilson Profile Junior Golf Set Complete

wilson profile best junior golf clubsAnother top-notch beginner’s junior golf club set, this one comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. The set will include the standard clubs that is ideal for beginners such as a driver, irons (2 cavity back design), wedges (blade style), putter and a hybrid. The shaft is made from lightweight graphite to make it easier for young ones to swing at full speed and strength with causing them to lose balance.

Here are more details about the sizes and for what age bracket they are ideal for. Small is ideal for children ages 4 to 7 years of age, Medium size is best for 7 to 10 years of age and the Large set is best suited for child golfers ages 10 to 13 years old.

Buy Wilson Profile Junior Golf Set Complete here!

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set

Another beginner golf set, the Intech Lancer Junior features a 10 piece set to help introduce the child to the game. Each club, putter, iron features the best in modern golf technology. It comes with a 17.5 degree 4 point weight system driver. For those who need maximum distance covered, they can use the 4/5 hybrid iron (#7 and #9 irons) with wide soles for better accuracy. The junior putter utilizes a modern design and uses a milled polymer insert for a better feel with each swing.

This is a lightweight set that is designed for beginners but uses top of the line technology to give them the edge they need.

Buy Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set here!

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set

The Confidence Junior Golf Club Set is a fine choice for beginners as well. Prices vary depending on the sizes but this is one of the more affordable junior golf club combos available today. Made from lightweight material and is designed to help increase handicap, it is a great choice for an introductory golf set for kids ages 4 to 11.

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When it comes to learning golf it is best to start young. These are the best junior golf clubs designed to be a welcoming introduction to this sport and are designed to make their experience every bit as enjoyable.

What are the Best Cheap Golf Balls?

When you first take up golf it is easy to get suckered into buying the expensive, high-performance golf balls that the pros are using. Unless you are able to become a single digit handicapper in your first six months, don’t do it. There are many cheaper alternatives that won’t see you sulking every time you duff a $5.00 ball  into the water hazard or so far out of bounds you’d need an ATV just to get near your ball. We have put together a list of the five best cheap golf balls for your money (brand new for around $1/ball or less). You can thank us later.

The Best Cheap Golf Balls – 5 Recommendations

Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack) – $26.95

Cost per ball: ~ $1.49/ball

wilson titanium ball best cheap golf ballsAt the price, these Wilson golf balls are great value for an 18 pack. The 2-piece construction with titanium core is designed maximizes energy transfer from club face to ball so you can get distance. The durable Surlyn cover will ensure they last round after round.

Despite its purpose, you may actually notice a slight drop in your shot distance, but if you can compensate by going up a club or two, this should not matter. You will also not be able to generate a lot of spin like professional balls.  But, if you are a beginner player that loses eight or so balls per round, these are a great budget buy.

Buy the Wilson Titanium Ball (18-pack) here!

Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls (Pack of 12) – $16.99

Cost per ball:  $1.42/ball (depends on color)

nitro tour distance golf balls best cheap golf ballsThis 90-compression ball with 432-dimple design delivers good distance, superb control, and a stable trajectory. The 2-piece ball has a Tungsten/Titanium core with a Surlyn cover for extra durability. The large core allows for good distance with your driver and woods and excellent control with your irons.

If you are looking for some added control, these are the best cheap golf balls for you. You will get good distance, accuracy and the neon colors mean they are super easy to find if you hit a wayward shot.

 Buy the Nitro Tour Distance Golf Balls here!

TaylorMade Noodle+ Golf Balls (15 Pack) – $19.99

Cost per ball:  $1.33/ball

taylormade noodle golf ballsThe famous Noodle brand form TaylorMade offers a soft feel cover made from long-lasting Ionomer and the soft core generates superb ball speed. The patented dimple design ensures better trajectory. These balls give good feedback and it is easy to generate extra spin around the greens.

These balls are about $1.00/ball, but feel great at impact and will let you control your game far better than harder “built for distance” balls.  If you above absolute beginner level, consider splurging a little to get some Noodle balls.

Buy the TaylorMade Noodle+ Golf Balls here!

Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls, Pack of 24 (White) – $19.97

Cost per ball:  $0.83/ball

wilson zip golf ballsThe Wilson ZIP has a patented zero compression core, a speed generating cover and feature the unique “302 PhD aerodynamics” dimple pattern.  The flat-bottomed and shallow dimples help the ball cut through the air better for a stable and powerful flight.

If you are looking for a superb golf ball that won’t make you cringe every time you lose one, the Wilson ZIP are the best cheap golf balls for you. The ball launches off the club face with incredible power and stays true to its flight path. The Ionomer cover is durable and gives the ball a fantastic soft and responsive feel. Controlling the ball spin with your irons has never been easier and they are a true pleasure to play around the greens. At just over $0.60/ball, it is exceptional value for money.

Buy the Wilson ZIP Double Dozen Golf Balls here!

Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls (36 Pack) $49.99

Cost per ball: $1.39/ball

intech beta ti cheap golf ballsAt $25.00 for a pack of 36, these promise value for money if you lose more than a few balls per round every time you play. They have a Surlyn cover with 432 dimples, nothing extraordinary, but they are durable and have great trajectory due to good aerodynamics. The large fluid metal core gives it extra power off the club face and you won’t be disappointed with the distance you get form these on your drive.

Buy the Intech Beta Ti Golf Balls here!


If you are playing for money or perhaps a club tournament or two, you may want to consider the Wilson ZIPs from our list of best cheap golf balls. However, for just an average weekend round you can choose any on our list and keep pulling them out of your bag round after round with a smile on your face.

Work on your swing, grip, stance, short game, putting without worrying about losing $5 balls all the time. Honestly, when you are starting out or have a high handicap the type of ball you use will not make a huge difference. Pick a ball off our list of the best cheap golf balls and go play or try them all until you find one that you really like.