How Much Do Caddies Make in Professional Golf?

how much do caddies make

When you think about your dream job, does being a golf caddy come to mind?

Traveling around the world to different tournaments and getting a front-row seat to some of the game’s most exciting moments can make for an incredible career. Yet, is it a lucrative one?

If you work in the professional golf industry, the answer might surprise you! Today, we’re answering the question, “How much do caddies make?” and sharing the details you need to know.

Breaking Down a Caddy’s Salary

A caddy’s salary usually includes two basic parts:

  • A base salary
  • A percentage of the player’s earnings

Let’s take a closer look at these calculations.

Base Salary

In terms of the base salary, golfers and their caddies usually come to an agreement between themselves before starting the season together. Sometimes, the caddy is paid per tournament. Other times, they’re paid on a weekly basis.

In both cases, the base payout amount is around $1,500 to $3,000 per week.

Percentage of Player’s Earnings

There’s a reason the highest paid caddies are also paired with some of the sport’s most prolific athletes. In most cases, the caddy’s earnings are based on the golfer’s tournament placement.

What percentage do caddies make when their golfer wins? It depends on how well they do!

If the golfer places outside of the Top 10, the caddy will normally receive 5% of any earnings they receive. However, that number jumps to 6% to 8% if the golfer has a Top-10 finish. If the golfer wins the tournament outright, their caddy could receive up to 10% of their total earnings!

While 10% might not sound like too much, it can be a hefty payout when the winnings are in the millions. Here’s a list of the top-paying PGA Tour tournaments for reference. You can expect Caddies at the Masters to walk away with a nice paycheck!

Negotiating Terms

While most golfers and caddies come to an agreement similar to the above, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, teams develop different terms depending on what works best for each party.

For instance, a caddy might decide to take a higher weekly salary in exchange for earning less during tournaments. This way, they have a more consistent income that isn’t dependent on the golfer’s performance.

When fine-tuning their terms, some golfers will also cover other costs for their caddies, in addition to their salaries and tournament earnings. These include:

  • Travel costs
  • Hotel costs
  • Food and entertainment costs


Finally, keep in mind that caddies can also earn money from brand sponsorships. While their sponsored earnings won’t be as high as the golfer’s, they could receive compensation for giving retailers or apparel brands exposure.

Usually, they’ll indicate a sponsorship by wearing the brand’s logo on their hat, shirt sleeve, or another type of golf apparel.

How Much Do Caddies Make? Learn More

How much do caddies make? As you can see, there’s no clear-cut answer to that question.

Rather, it depends on where they work and who they’re teamed with. Caddies at country clubs will earn a different type of income than those paired with PGA superstars. In both cases, the total earnings usually include a base salary, plus a percentage of the golfer’s winnings.

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