Best Golf Travel Bag Recommendations

Love to travel? Taking a business trip and want to get a few rounds in?  Or maybe you’ve dreamed of playing on the best courses around the world.  Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Jamaica, or Japan?  Then, you’ll definitely need a way to bring your clubs with you. The best golf travel bag is durable, easy to carry/handle, and will keep your clubs safe and secure.  You will never have to worry about damaged clubs as the airport handlers mercilessly toss your bag around like a rag doll.  Here are our five best golf travel bag recommendations.


Five Best Golf Travel Bags

CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover

caddydaddy constrictor 2 golf travel bag



Strong, durable, secure, heavily padded.  You won’t be able to find a better deal than the CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 golf travel bag.  It is made with heavy duty nylon material, and even has wheels on the base to make it easy to pull around the airport.   It also had two large pockets to store your golf shoes and other accessories.  If you want a solid travel bag, a bargain price, and don’t care so much about the style, then this is the bag for you.



Club Glove Burst Proof with Wheels Golf Travel Bag 

club glove burst proof with wheels best golf travel bag


Club Glove has long been the unrivaled leader in golf travel bags.  There is good reason why this is the #1 bag in collegiate golf.  The Club Glove boasts features like a split-top zipper, 2-inch webbing, riveted lifting handle, layer of ballistic nylon on the base, and single-piece, burst-proof construction.  It comes in a variety of colorways (including pink for the ladies),  and is made of high-end Cordura fabric for maximum durability.  It is completely manufactured in the USA, but the best part is its limited lifetime warranty (unlimited 5 year warranty).   This Club Glove model can be tight fitting for some of the bigger golf bags, but will comfortably fit any average sized bags. If you don’t mind spending a lot now for the investment, then this may be the last golf travel bag you’ll ever need.



SKB ATA Deluxe Golf Travel Case

skb 2skb-4814w deluxe ata golf travel case


Not a fan of those fabric cases?  If you prefer a hard shell case that can survive the brutallist beatings, then the SKB ATA Deluxe is the best golf travel bag on the market.  Its dirt/dust/moisture restistance housing is made from a military grade, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.  No matter how rough the baggage handlers are, your clubs will be safe.  The SKB ATA is big enough to fit most popular sized bags (not cart bags though), as well as those extra long drivers (48-inch).  SKB is so confident with their product, that they include a million-mile guarantee (basically a lifetime warranty) and up to $1,500 in coverage for broken/damaged clubs.  If you want the strongest, securest travel case available, then the SKB ATA Deluxe is for you.


Samsonite Hardside Golf Travel Case

samsonite hardside golf travel bag case



Worried about size?  If you need something to fit your enormous cart bag, 48-inch long driver, and long putter, then this is the best golf travel bag for you.   The Samsonite Hardside Travel Case is absolutely massive, and can fit even those 10.5-inch top sized cart bags.  The Samsonite is made of a super solid ABS shell.  Internal compression straps secure your golf bag, and multi-direction wheels make it easy to push around the airport.  The one drawback of this case is that it is so massive that it won’t fit in a normal or small-sized car.  You will need an SUV, van, or truck to bring this thing to your hotel.



Club Glove Last Bag

club glove last bag best golf travel bag blue


Want exactly what the pros use? Then, this is it.  Club Glove’s signature travel bag…the appropriately named “Last Bag”. If PGA tour professionals can rely on this bag to bring their clubs to tournaments around the world, then so can you.  It is made of Cordura brand, water resistant nylon which is three times stronger and lasts five timeslonger than standard polyester.  The over the top zipper design makes loading your clubs easy.  Additional side pockets allow space to store your shoes and other accessories.  100% made in the USA and a variety of colors are two more advantages.  If you want, you can upgrade the limited lifetime warranty to unlimited.   If you don’t use a cart bag, and can handle the price tag, then this is simply the best golf travel bag available.



Bonus: Club Glove Stiff Arm

club glove stiff arm


Your clubs can be broken during travel if the bag is dropped directly on the club heads from a considerable height.  Vertical strength is added to the bag to prevent accidental club breakages. If you are using a soft travel bag, then the stiff arm will give you further piece of mind. No one wants to arrive at a magnificent destination with broken clubs.

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