Gear Review – FX-Sport VC Golf Headphones

VC-Golf Headphones

We recently had the chance to review a new golf product called the VC Golf Headphones by FX-Sport based out of the UK.

Who Are They

First lets take a look at the company behind the product.  FX-Sport is centered around coaching and training and puts together audio for wireless headphones that you wear while you work out and train.

They have several products that are geared toward workouts and weight training.  They have several conditioning coaches and personal trainers who have recorded audio and you can upload them onto their VRX model.  The selection is pretty extensive ranging from basketball, cardio, triathlon, and swimming.  We took a look at the VC-Golf product specifically and wanted to share our geek thoughts on it.

For their VC-Golf Headphones they got a A-team of golf and sport psychologist and trainers to create the content.  Check out their crack team:

Dr. Morris Pickens – Sports Psychologist with a strength in competitive performance enhancement.  Clients have a combined 27 PGA Tour victories.

David MacKenzie – Founder of ‘Golf State of Mind’ and a 10 year performance coach.  Students include PGA, LPGA, and NCAA golfers.

Karen Palacios-Jansen – Golf Digest’s Top Female Instructors, owner of Swing Blade Enterprises, and a Nike Golf Performance Specialist and created Cardiogolf.

Dr. Mark Smith – Advisory Board Member for TPI and has a doctorate in exercise physiology and owns The Spa and Sports Center in California.

Needless to say, they know what they are talking about and provide the best coaching and insights in golf available.

Why You Need Them

Mental toughness is a crucial component in any sport, but especially golf.  Being able to concentrate and focus on the shot and swing in the moment is a skill and it does NOT come naturally.  You must practice and be aware of this in able to improve.  I personally think the earlier you practice mental toughness, the better off you will be…like I mean as soon as you think you want to start playing golf.  The sooner the better.

In our multiple gadget world of blue light, the art of focusing on a single task can be lost.  This is why I personally love to play golf..the quietness and calmness of the course.

Now on a professional level, the pressure is a lot different.  Money is on the line and rankings are fluid.

For amateur golfers like myself, concentration can lead to a happy golf round..and therefor a happier overall day!  For professionals, its higher standings and more confidence going into the next tournament.


How It Works

Ok, lets get into the nitty gritty of these headphones.

Physically, the headphones are nice with no wires to get tangled.  They are water-resistant and sweat-proof.  They are pretty comfortable and do not squish your ears too much (if you have big ears like me, this happens a lot).  After swinging and walking for a long period of time, they did not move or fall off.

Most of the tracks that are pre-loaded on them are all about preparing yourself mentally for the game of golf, boosting your confidence, bettering your body language, and be able to relax in the moment.  These are great to listen to while at the range or right before a round.

There are also workout drills.  These are challenging scenarios that are intended to simulate a tricky shot in order to prepare your nerves for the real thing.

The only con I have with them is that they are a little tricky to figure out at first.  Since they don’t have a screen or display to show what is playing or to scroll through the tracks, it can get a little confusing.  After a few minutes though you get the hang of it.

The workout drills can play simultaneously  with the psychological tracks which is also a little confusing.  The drills are meant to be used in real time so the other tracks (music or audio) can fill the void if you don’t want the silence.

They do have a USB port and you are able to transfer your MP3’s onto the headphones although you must use their software to do this.  Downloading is easy for Mac or PC.

Some other key features:

  • 5 hour battery life from a lithium ion battery (included) – more than enough time for a round of golf or practice.  And don’t fires or explosions!
  • Compatible with other workouts from FX-Sports including swimming, basketball, weight training, and cardio to name a few.
  • The Cardiogolf warm up and workouts – Keep loose!  I mean how else is Phil still playing…
  • Comes with USB cord and storage case
  • Able to customize your own workouts – With the FX-Sport software, you can upload your own personal drills and commentary..if your not sick of your own voice


How To Make It Useful

Ok, so think of these headphones as the equivalent as a personal psychological and golf coach standing right behind you giving you valuable advice.  FX-Sports have done a great job of getting the best coaches and doctors in the industry to put together a training and practice routine for everyday golfers.

Personally, I would use these while at the range or putting green and maybe right before going out for a round.  Again, these are for the (beginning and intermediate level ) golfers who are more serious about getting better at the game than most.  It is a tool to better your golfing mindset and get focused on lowering that score and having for fun out there!



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