10 Things You Should Have in Your Golf Bag

golf bag

What’s in your bag?

Your golf bag, more specifically. If you’re a serious golfer, there are many important things you need to have in there, no matter what.

A lot of golfers get by with their current bags, assuming they don’t need anything else. They’re not always right.

There are millions of golfers out there. It’s time you got ahead of the curve.

You should think of your bag as your helper, where you keep some of the most important gadgets for your golf game.

Here are ten fundamental things to keep in your bag.

1. Sunscreen

Experienced golfers know that playing a round can be physically demanding.

You walk, you stand, you swing, you walk again. That can go on for hours on end.

Most of the time, it happens under the hot sun. That sun is great when you compare it to the winter.

But, it can also take a toll on a golfer throughout their playing career. With rising risk of cancer over time exposed to UV rays, it’s more important to stay protected.

Using sunscreen won’t take away the warmth of the sun–but it will take away the health risk.

Choosing the right sunscreen is important. Once you have the right pick, always keep some handy in your bag so you can re-apply throughout the day.

Then you can worry about other weather concerns.

2. Umbrella

Just like an experienced golfer knows the familiar feeling of the sun beating down on them, they know the rain.

Who hasn’t experienced it? You’re out for a round with some friends and it’s bright and sunny. Halfway through the afternoon, you’re half an hour from indoors and woosh–in comes the summer rain.

You’re left trapped in what feels like a monsoon. The obvious solution is an umbrella.

You might be rolling your eyes, thinking “Duh!” But don’t be so confident. Even the pros can’t always predict bad weather.

That’s why it’s best to always keep an umbrella in your golf bag.

3. Fresh Balls

This is a no-brainer for any golf bag. Golf balls are the center piece of the sport.

Still, you’d be surprised at how many people forget to replenish their supply of balls.

That’s why it’s important to check your stash before every time you hit the range or course.

And you should leave some room for balls that are less fresh.

4. Used Balls

The timing of a golf game can be somewhat unpredictable. You might be the most efficient player out there, but the length of your game can still be in flux.

With many players and many yards, of course, you might end up with a several-hour expedition.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but you will have some free time on your hands.

That’s a perfect time to practice your swing or put. That’s why it’s important to have a sizable handful of practice balls in your golf bag.

When your turn has passed, you can pull them out and work on your form. It’ll help you improve when there isn’t the pressure of competition.

And then you’ll perform better when that pressure is there.

5. Pencils or Markers

Keeping a writing utensil in your golf bag is important for a simple reason: keeping score.

If you don’t keep score, you’ll take the round less seriously. That will lead you to take your overall game less seriously.

You never want to stress about golfing, but you do want to get better. Having a pencil or marker to keep track of strokes will help you do just that.

Plus, it feels pretty good to win. You can earn a nice break after winning a few holes.

6. Snacks

The physical exertion of golf is subtle. In fact, it’s misunderstood people who’ve never spent hours walking around on a golf course.

You need an energy boost while you’re playing. That’s why you need to keep snacks and water in your bag.

Pick an energy bar you like. Once you know your favorite, you should always keep one or two in your golf bag.

That boost of energy will improve your game, and it’ll also keep your focus on the course, not on a grumbling stomach.

7. Backup Gloves

A golfer’s gloves are the secret oil that keeps their game running smoothly.

With a great pair of gloves, your confidence can improve, along with your stroke. It’s no coincidence that Tiger Woods’ used gloves can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

That’s why you need to have a pair of gloves you love. But hold on one second.

What if your glove tears?

You should be able to reach into your golf bag and grab another. That’s why keeping an extra pair in your golf bag is essential.

8. First Aid Kit

If you get any kind of injury on the course, it’s important to be ready.

You or anyone in your group could sprain an ankle or fall and pull something serious. If you’re properly equipped, you’ll be ready for anything that comes your way.

9. Pocket Change

Are you ready to raise the stakes a bit? If you are, you might already be betting small amount with your group.

We’re not talking making thousands of dollars on one day. The culture of everyday players often includes betting a few dollars on the day’s match.

That’s why you should keep some cash in your golf bag.

Hopefully, you’ll only add to it.

10. GPS

As golf technology evolves, it’s important for you to stay up to date.

Keeping up with current technology in golf is essential. Using a GPS on the course is one of the perks of golfing in 2017.

Find the right GPS for you and keep it in your bag. It’ll help you navigate the terrain that you can’t see with your own eyes.

Max out Your Golf Bag

With the right things in your golf bag, you’ll be more ready than ever before to head out to the range and have a great day golfing.

Interested in more info on improving your game? Feel free to reach out to our team with questions.

And then get out on the course. Good luck!

Top 10 Kids Golf Shoes of 2017

kids golf shoesYour little golfer deserves the very best; from clubs to gloves, you want to make sure that when they walk onto the green, they are as prepared as they can be.

When you are outfitting them head to toe, make sure they are stepping onto the course in the very best golf shoes to improve their game and confidence.

Kids golf shoe needs are a bit different than adults, just as their golf game is different.

When you are shopping around for a new pair of kids golf shoes for your future Arnold Palmer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices available.

So we’ll simplify the process. Here are the top ten kids golf shoes available today.

How to Choose Kids Golf Shoes

Before you start adding things to your Amazon cart, let’s make sure you know how to choose the right shoe.

Golf shoes are slightly different from your typical sneaker. They are meant to fit snugly and provide traction as you walk the course.

Your child may wear a slightly different size in golf shoes than they do in regular shoes, so keep that in mind when shopping. It may be helpful to take them into a golf store and have their feet measured to ensure the proper fit.

You’ll also want to consider style. Typically children don’t need a dressy style golf shoe. Rather, you will probably want to look at a style similar to regular sports shoes or even a golf sandal.

Once you’ve determined what type of shoe you are after, take a look at the price point.

Golf shoes range in price from as low as $25 on up the hundreds. Your budget and your child’s level of play will help determine what you are willing to spend on a shoe.

So let’s get into this.

DAWGS Spirit Lightweight Golf Shoes

DAWGS makes a lightweight, comfortable golf shoe. The design is similar to that of clog-style shoes you’ve seen all the kids wearing.

These are ideal shoes for beginning golfers, as they feature a hook-and-loop fastener and are designed to be more similar to something your child may already be used to wearing.

These shoes are also incredibly affordable as compared to other kids golf shoes. They run between $15 and $20, making them an ideal beginners shoe.

Adidas Kids’ Jr Adipower Boa Dksimt/Ft Skate Shoe

The description for this shoe boasts a “Directly welded energy sling to guide energy transfer and prevent power leaks”. With content writing like that it’s got to be good.

This choice is on the higher end in terms of price point, but you definitely get what you pay for here. Adidas knows what they are doing in terms of golf shoes.

The soles are cushioned with memory foam and the outer layers are waterproof to keep feet dry on the course.

FJ Junior Freestyle Boys Golf Shoe

These say “Boys”, but FootJoy makes a golf shoe for girls in this same style.

This shoe uses the same cleats as many professional shoes, which makes them high-performing in terms of traction. This kind of cleat is also highly durable and easy to clean, a must for kids golf shoes.

Adidas Kids’ Jr Adicross V Grey/Grey/B Skate Shoe

This is another Adidas offering, this time in a less formal option. This is branded as a skate shoe but sold as a gold shoe.

The cleat pattern is lighter weight here. The Adicross opts for a lug system on the sole rather than spiked cleats.

This system works, though, providing heavy-duty traction in a lighter weight shoe. This kind of system is ideal for kids golf shoes, making them easy to clean and comfortable, closer to something your child is already used to wearing.

FootJoy GreenJoys Junior Sandal

Th only sandal to make the list, FootJoy here has produced a more casual option.

Sandals are a good secondary option for a child who is used to being on the course, especially in warmer weather.

FootJoy knows its golf shoes, and this sandal is proof. The traction system is built into the outsole, and the hook and loop fasteners help players achieve a snug fit, even in a pair of sandals.

FootJoy Junior Hyperflex Golf Shoes

If you are in need of a more flexible choice in kids golf shoes, FootJoy has you covered.

The material here is breathable and allows for free movement. Like the Freestyle, the Hyperflex utilizes highly durable, easy to clean spikes, similar to what you would find on professional golf shoes.

The one caveat here is that these shoes do tend to run large, so it might be helpful to order a size smaller than you normally would.

Nike Control Junior Golf Shoes

Nike here has produced a golf shoe with integrated traction. It’s a bit of both in terms of spikes vs lugs and is fully integrated into the outsole of the shoe.

The outer synthetic leather is water-resistant, making it ideal for morning rounds when the green isn’t quite dry.

Nike Golf VT JR Golf Shoe

This Nike golf shoe differs from the Nike Control in one key way: traction.

The VT opts for a true lug system that helps the shoe transition nicely for both golf and regular kids playtime.

This shoe is great for a child just getting into golf, or for someone who plays more casually and needs a shoe that will go back and forth between the course and the playground.

PUMA JR Biofusion Golf Shoe

PUMA has created here one of the highest selling kids golf shoes, so it can sometimes be difficult to find in stock.

If you can get ahold of it, however, it is a great option for your little golfer.

This is another shoe with fully integrated lug traction, in a design unique to PUMA. The shoe also features foam insoles for maximum comfort.

PUMA Golf Titantour Cleated JR Shoes

The Titantour is PUMA’s cleated option, giving you a more traditional traction system if you prefer it to an integrated one.

Just like the Biofusion, the Titantour is designed with foam insoles and features a 1-year waterproofing guarantee to keep your feet dry on the course.

There are myriad options when it comes to kids golf shoes, and it’s hard to go wrong. No matter what your play level, traction preference, or price point, there is a golf shoe for your young Arnold Palmer.

What golf shoe do you put your kids in? Let us know below!

9 Best Golfers to Watch in 2017

best golfersYou’ve got your top-notch gear. You’ve got your green. You’ve got the right season.

What about inspiration?

There are many professional golfers out there to keep your eye on. It can be difficult to narrow the field at times.

That’s where we come in. Check out these nine best golfers you should definitely consider following in 2017.

You might just learn something.

1. Sergio Garcia

This 37-year-old Spaniard is rising slowly but surely as one of the best golfers to seriously watch this year.

On May 11, 2017, Garcia achieved the extremely rare hole-in-one at the 17th hole of the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass.

He has won over thirty international tournaments, including the 2017 Master’s Championship. He claimed a second victory at the 2016 AT&T Byron Nelson and has earned the title of PGA TOUR champion nine times.

Why should you watch out for Garcia? His steady accumulation of wins and ability to pull himself out of no-victory periods indicates a golfer keen on the green, with no sign of hitting a plateau any time soon.

2. Rory Mcllroy

Called “Golf’s equivalent of Chopin,” Mcllroy claimed the 2016 FedEx Cup and is presently ranked number two in the Official World Golf Ranking.

This alone is reason to rank Mcllroy as one of the top best golfers to follow in 2017.

Mcllroy has won nine international tournaments and been declared victor of nine PGA TOUR tournaments.

He has 58 top-ten finishes, 5 third-place, and 2 second-place.

Keep your eyes on Mcllroy because this star golfer from Northern Ireland is only twenty-seven years old. His ability to dominate is only likely to increase.

3. Dustin Johnson

Johnson currently holds the first title in the Official World Golf Ranking and has claimed the PGA TOUR title an amazing fifteen times.

This top dog has curiously never been able to finish in the top 25 of The Players Championship. Nonetheless, Johnson remains high up there in the eyes of the public as one of the best golfers of 2017.

This 32-year-old American golfer has claimed seventy-five top ten finishes. He is the champion of the 2017 Genesis Open, the Dell Technologies Match Play, and World Golf Championships Mexico Championship.

Johnson has additionally received the Byron Nelson Award, Arnold Palmer Award, and Jack Nicklaus Award.

4. Hideki Matsuyama

Matsuyama is coming off of a victorious 2016 fall season, having won the World Golf Championships HSBC Championship and two Japan Golf Tour events.

He is also victor of the Hero World Challenge and is a four-time PGA TOUR champion, making him one of the best golfers in 2017.

At twenty-four, Matsuyama is rising from amateur star to elite status, having won the Asian Amateur Championship twice early in his career.

Follow this Japanese golfer because he is “heading towards greatness on a higher level.

5. Bubba Watson

This left-handed American golfer has claimed nine PGA TOUR titles and multiple victories at same events, including the Masters and Travelers Championships.

At thirty-eight, Watson is currently ranked number twenty-six in the Official World Golf Ranking.

Watson is active on social media and is exciting to follow. He also is known for giving away lots of gear to fans.

6. Henrik Stenson

When he won the 2016 Open Championship at Royal Troon, Stenson became the first Swedish male to do so.

Stenson has won thirteen international tournaments and is a five-time PGA TOUR victor.

He has appeared in the FedEx Cup five times and claimed the title once. He is currently at the 18th ranking in the FedEx Cup Standings for this season, and ranks at number seven in the Official World Golf Ranking: one of the top ten best golfers in the world.

This forty-year-old Swedish professional golfer also has an Olympic Silver Medal on his resume, which sets him apart from the other best golfers out there.

He is known for his character and ball striking ability. Consider following him on Twitter.

7. Rickie Fowler

This 28 year-old American golfer started his career with a bang, ranked as the top amateur golfer for thirty-seven weeks in 2007 and 2008.

He recently scored a hole-in-one of the difficult 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass.

Fowler is number nine in the Official World Golf Ranking and number 8 in the FedEx Cup Ranking. He is a four-time PGA TOUR winner and champion of three international tournaments.

He placed first this year in the Honda Classic Championship.

Fowler is entertaining to follow on Twitter and has started off his 2016-2017 season with strength.

8. Justin Rose

This South African professional golfer claimed a gold medal in the Rio Olympics this season, reason enough for fans to follow him in the coming seasons.

The thirty-six year old has made the FedEx Cup Playoffs ten times. He is a seven-time PGA TOUR victor and winner of nine international tournaments.

Rose also has seventy-six top ten finishes on his record, out of 296 total events played. He placed second in both the recent 2017 Master’s Championship and the Sony Open in Hawaii.

Although he recently lost the Master’s Championship, Rose is not disheartened. He does have that shiny piece of gold from Rio, a number five FedEx Cup ranking, and an already victory-studded career, which distinguishes him as one of the best golfers of 2017.

He also uses lots of emojis in his social media statuses.

9. Patrick Reed

This popular American professional golfer should be on everyone’s radar in 2017.

He is known for participating in multiple tournaments per season and bringing a tough, enthusiastic presence to these events.

Reed currently boasts a number fifteen Ranking in the Official World Golf Ranking.

At the Summer Olympics, he tied for eleventh place. Reed has claimed five PGA TOUR titles. He placed first in the 2014 WGC-Cadillac Championship.

This highly competitive 26 year-old is often referred to as “Captain America.” His intensity of play will likely keep fans hooked in the coming seasons.

Best Golfers Wrap Up

The Official World Golf Ranking strives to put a number on professional talent. Get a good grasp of current scores and rankings of the best golfers at OWGR.

The same goes for the Fedex Cup Rankings.

Keep up to date on players’ news, current tournaments and championships, and victories via a reliable news source.

Follow these best golfers on Twitter or Facebook. Show your fan face and collect some swag!

Read up on your technique. Update your gear. Match your idol’s with the best of the best equipment for the green. Goodluck!

Can a Golf Simulator Take Your Game to the Next Level?

golf simulatorAre you looking to up your golfing game?

You might want to look at a golf simulator.

These devices can be used to take your golf game to the next level.

No matter your level of experience, you might benefit from trying out a golf simulator.

Golf simulators make it possible to play in venues and courses that you might never actually visit in person.

But, these devices give you opportunities to play golf like you never have before.

Can they really benefit your game, though?

How a Golf Simulator Can Change Your Game

There are many different gadgets and gimmicks available for golfers today.

But, separating what is truly helpful from what is just another fly-by-night fad may be confusing.

Where do golf simulators fall along the spectrum? Are these worth your time and money? Will they help you take your game to the next level?

Here are a few things that you might consider when deciding if a golf simulator is right for you.

1. Experience golf at top courses all over the world, without ever leaving your state

Learning how to play golf at the expert level means knowing how foreign climates, wind and weather affect your game.

Golf pros have to learn to take winning shots on a variety of landscapes.

Most of us cannot afford to visit golf courses all over the world.

Not only would these games be expensive, but who has the time to spend galavanting around the continents for an afternoon of golf here and there?

One of the things that draw golfers to try a golf simulator is that it allows them to experience golf courses that they might never actually have the opportunity to see in real life.

These experiences can make the game more interesting, but can also help players improve their skills.

If there is a course that you have always wanted to try, but it is located in the Dominican Republic, for example, a golf simulator make it possible without a major investment of time or money.

Those who have had the experience believe that this will encourage year-round practice and draw crowds that might not otherwise play as often.

2. Play golf all afternoon, regardless of the weather

A golf simulator makes it possible to enjoy a day of golfing even when the weather does not agree.

In times past, rainy or cold temperatures meant forgoing a game of golf with friends.

But, now golfing enthusiasts don’t have to depend on the forecast to play. They can golf from the comfort of indoors, no matter what the weatherman predicts.

The benefit of being able to practice indoors means that players have the opportunity to improve even if the sun refuses to shine.

For many players, winter weather excludes golfing from their regular activities.

However, a golf simulator makes it possible to golf comfortably on frigid days.

The golf simulator means that players can enjoy the sport year-round, in a controlled climate environment.

Your practice never has to be cut short due to rain clouds or cold weather.

When you can practice all year, then when it is time to compete on the green, you are more likely to be prepared.

3. Train on your own schedule

With a golf simulator, you don’t have to make an appointment with a trainer or wait for tee time on the range.

You can train like the pros anytime that it’s convenient.

You can train by yourself or play with a friend.

The benefit of using a golf simulator is the added control of training anytime.

You don’t have to worry about squeezing a practice session in when you can make your own practice schedule.

What’s more, is even if you are practicing at home, during night hours, it’s just like practicing with your favorite pro golfers on the course when the sun is shining.

4. Choose your own competition

The golf simulator makes it possible to accommodate the game to meet your level.

Whether you want an easy laid back game or choose a more difficult course, the golf simulator allows you to be in control of your game.

Not only are you able to decide when and where you brush up on your golf game, you can also choose the course that best suits your skill level.

5. Try out a new swing or smash bag without a major investment

One of the best things about a golf simulator is that it makes the game accessible at a fraction of the cost than the real thing.

If you want to try out a new type of equipment before you take it to the course, using it in a simulated experience might be your best bet.

The golf simulator allows you to try out different swings and figure out what works best for you before you make a major investment.

Indoor golf practice can be had for much less than your typical tee time costs.

If you factor in the travel expenses of playing at a golf course, you could spend hundreds or even thousands trying to nab the perfect golf game.

Before you make any major investments, try out your equipment using a simulator.

That way, when you are ready to play on the green, you will be prepared for the best game possible.

There is plenty of training equipment available that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Many of the types of training aids can serve as stand-ins for learning the game from a golf pro.


Golf is a great game but it can get expensive. A golf simulator can offer the practice, experience, and versatility to make sure you are ready for your best game anytime.

In fact, once you experience the golf simulator, it might be harder to pull you away than you thought.

Playing golf just got more accessible, more enjoyable and less expensive.

With the golf simulator, the game of golf has changed.

Now, there are opportunities that were not previously possible.

The simulator is likely to bring more people to golf than ever before.

Looking forward to acquiring a golf simulator? What feature excites you the most? Share with us in the comments section below!

What is Inside of Golf Balls and Why It Matters


As one gets further into the game of golf, it is inevitable that previously insignificant aspects of the game get more and more critique.  It is the pursuit of that extra few yards off the tee, more consistent approach shots, better feel around the greens, etc.  It has happened to me with being more selective of the clothes and shoes I wear, what glove I use, and the ball that I choose to play with.


When I first started playing golf, I used to think that all golf balls were pretty much the same.  Ones that I found in the woods or pond were the same as the sleeve of Titleist Pro Vs that I bought in the pro shop that morning (and lost after 3 holes).  Over the years I began to play more and more and a lot of variables in my game became constants. It was those constants that allowed to me to really notice the variables that occurred round after round.  This is how I started noticing how different balls behaved differently.


By not losing tons of balls per round, I was able to play with one ball for 18 holes and start testing out different brands and seeing how they reacted to my swing, my impact speed, my overall game.  Selecting the right ball for your game can be fun, and here is a link to an article that will get you in the right frame of mind. Which Ball Should You Buy


But for today I wanted to write about the thought that came into my head while pondering over all these golf balls… “I wonder what is actually inside these little guys?”


What is Inside of Golf Balls

Modern standards dictate that the ball be 1.68 inches in diameter and weigh 1.62 oz.  For the most part, golf ball manufacturers make 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece, and 5-piece.  The pieces refer to how many layers the ball has.  For example, a 2-piece has a solid core with the dimpled urethane cover.


The 1-piecers are range balls or mini golf balls; same material throughout, cheap to manufacture, and durable for the abuse they take from duffers like you and me.  They won’t travel as far so never use them for playing a round.


2-piece construction balls are the cheapest ones you’ll find for sale and are great for beginners.  Consisting of a solid rubber core wrapped in a very durable urethane cover, they are a low spin ball.  Meaning that they have minimal backspin off the club face and hence will roll further down the fairway, generating more distance.  The drawback is that they don’t offer the control that the next batch will.


3-piece balls will be perfect for the golfer that isn’t a beginner, and has started to consistently shoot rounds in the high 80s and 90s.  Added around the solid rubber core, there will be a layer of synthetic rubber, plastic, or resin material called a mantle.  The mantle is what will give these balls a softer feel and more spin.  That is great for control, but for a beginner that will sacrifice distance.  Intermediate golfers have already made up for this shorter ball flight by generating more club head speed at impact, so that’s why this ball is best for them.  Covers on 3-piece balls will be softer, increasing feel, but which will scratch a little easier.


4 piece and 5-piece balls add more mantle layers designed to optimize feel, spin, control, launch speed, and distance.  These are the balls the pros use, and as such, are priced the highest.


Final Thoughts

What is actually inside of golf balls matters!  Remember, do your research, and find the ball that is right for you and your game.  You may generate a lot of speed on your downswing so you can get away with a softer ball that you can control better.  Also, don’t forget about testing out how a ball rolls off your putter and along greens.  The confidence you’ll get from a ball that feels great off the putter will put your mind at ease as you are standing over that birdie putt.

Here is a great video on the ‘sciencey’ stuff inside of golf balls:


See our Related Post below to get the best Golf Balls for you.

The Top 10 Golf Apps To Keep In Your Pocket

Everything has gone mobile. We’ve got mobile phones, mobile cat videos, mobile beer directories, mobile home surveillance. And now even golf has gone mobile.

Golf apps have been around for a while now. And it’s really about time you get in the game with some technology.

You really don’t have to be a technophile anymore to know how to use mobile technology to better you life. Everything is user-friendly now and it’s easy to improve your game now that technology has your back.

In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to tell you about the apps that golfers are already using today. Let’s take a look.

1. Top Golf Apps: The Grint

This is probably one of the most popular apps on the market today. It launched in 2014 and it already has over 100,000 users.

There are so many awful GPS enabled golf apps out there that finding one that works can be a pain. And when you’re out on the course and planning your approach, having a GPS to accurately tell you the lay of the land is important. And when that fails, it could ruin your day.

But The Grint probably has the easiest and most accurate GPS feature in a Golf App we’ve seen to date. And the fact that it pairs with Google Maps to show you a real fly-over image of the course you’re playing on is a major plus in our book.  Get The Grint!

2. Golfshot

There are two versions of this handy golf app. Classic and Plus Scorecard and Tee Times Edition.

The biggest upside to going with the slightly more expensive “Plus” version. Is that it pairs with your AppleWatch.

It features a database of about 40,000 courses or more and never charges for updates.

You can track virtually anything in your golf game with this and then see graphs of your accomplishments.

The GPS is fairly spot on. But not as amazing as The Grint. It still features ariel view modes that are zoomable and touch targeting for distance hits.

Get the Golfshot App!

3. Hole19

This app is comparable to a lot of other apps in the $10-30 range. The main strength of this app is its GPS and flyover view.

You can strategize and track your landings with the target icon that you can drag anywhere on the screen.

You can also see distances to different obstacles and parts of the course. And you can also layover or under stats on the flyover maps. This can be handy when you don’t want to take the time to switch between menus.  Get Hotel19 here.

4. GolfLogix

This made it into our top five picks because it’s GPS app has actually improved over the past few years.

It has a sharp, bright, and easy to use interface. If you have an iPhone, this is its native playground. It was built from the ground up to function on an iPhone.

Again, like Hole 19, you’ve got some amazing aerial views. And it automatically gives you distance to the center of the green with a cool little bullseye emblem.

The scorecard actually looks like a paper scorecard, so you won’t feel like you’ve given up on an old friend by going digital. Get GolfLogix.

5. Golf Pad

This is not nearly as comprehensive as many other golf apps. But it still holds it’s own against some big competitors.

Golf Pad features over 27,000 courses and includes a range finder, a scorecard, a shot tracker, aerial maps, statistics tracking, and the ability to save rounds.

It does include ads, but that’s the cost of free in a virtual market. You can buy a paid version of the app. But really, the ads aren’t that intrusive.

If you do go with the premium app, the biggest plus will be the ability to track 8 players over 4 players and the automatic backup of your rounds in the cloud.  Golf pad!

6. Foursum

What makes Foursum stand out despite its small course database of 21,000 is its swing analyzer. It will track ball placement and link to the Apple Watch for this feature.

It will give you club suggestions based on distance, which is great for beginners. And, you can gain info on other users who are using the app during play.

You can see your friends progress as well as you play. And, if you want to be competitive, you can see the leaderboards that organize the info.  Foursome App.

7. Golf GPS & Scorecard

Another free GPS golf app is here to pair with your smartwatch. It features 33,000 golf ranges.

The best part of this app? Real time wind speed, elevation, and “plays like” distance calculations.

No other app seems to include these stats. And this information could really make or break a game for you.

If you want to have some of the features other apps offer like club tracking and club distance stats, you have to pay the premium price.

Apple watch functionality includes scorekeeping, shot tracking, and distance tracking.  Get this free app!

8. Offcourse

We’ve had users recommend Offcourse before to us, and it is one we’ve seen talked about in the forums lately.

It may not fully measure up to the other apps, but it’s still quite solid.

If you’re strict on ranges and distances, this app will help you out a lot. The GPS is surprisingly accurate in this former web app.

It has your basic stats tracking. But it’s really designed to be used on a round-by-round basis.

The one cool feature is social. You can take pictures of your team at the end of each round hole and post your stats on social media.  Get Offcourse.

9. V1 Golf

We thought we would throw in some golf swing analyzers this year. With V1 Golf you can record your swing with video and then compare it to the best of the best.

You can also submit your video to have it analyzed by a professional. And in-app purchases feature some amazing drills to help you improve.  V1 Golf App.

10. Everyday Golf Coach

If you’re looking for a personal golf coach you can carry in your pocket, look no further. This app includes 38 coaching videos from Dr. Noel Rousseau, a PGA professional.

You can record your golf swing and compare it to that of a digital model overlay. It will definitely help you analyze your swing to improve it.  Golf Coach App.


Bringing your golf game into the 21st century doesn’t mean giving up the pleasures of real golf.

Your phone is always with you anyways. Why not put it to good use?

What are some golf apps you’ve seen work wonders for your game recently? Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, don’t stop living on greens.

How to Easily Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

golf swing speedIt might be tempting to try for the “Happy Gilmore” swing when you step up to the tee. Besides, hockey players get a lot of power out of those slap shots, right?

But golf is a different game.

Getting your golf swing speed higher could use a little bit of hip. But the extra thirty yards a “Happy Gilmore” shot would get you isn’t worth the risk of shooting your ball the wrong way.

And, really, even pro-golfers only hit the fairway 60% of the time. Why lower your chances at getting closer to the hole?

Then how are you going to get more golf swing speed if you can’t hop to it? Let’s look at some tips behind driving that ball accurately and faster down the fairway.

1. Golf Swing Speed Isn’t What You Think It Is

If you’ve ever played Baseball, you know that the power and speed of your bat swing come from your hips and your ankles.

You stand with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and then pivot on your toes. This twists your hips and drives all of your body’s torque into the swing.

But golf swing speed comes from a very different part of your body: your shoulders.

This is due to the design of a golf club.

With a baseball bat, the sweet spot sits about one-half to two-thirds of the way up the bat. A golf club, on the other hand, has a sweet spot on the end of the club, on the head.

Every bit of the speed and power you drive into the ball in golf translates through the torque of the shaft and travels down into the head. The torque isn’t in your hips like in Baseball. It’s in the instrument you’re swinging.

This is why pro-golfers look like they’re swinging slow but get massive swing speed at the end of that club. They know how to use physics as opposed to brute force to improve their golf swing speed.

2. How Fast Is A Fast Golf Swing Speed?

Yeah, we do keep saying “fast” when we say golf swing. But what does that even mean?

When we say fast, we’re talking actual miles per hour. Fast isn’t necessarily the World Long Drive championships. Although, while that is “fast,” those guys sacrifice accuracy for raw power and distance.

Maintaining golf swing speed while remaining accurate is how the pros win tours.

Average PGA Tour speeds range from 115-125 mph. These players gain these speeds after millions of swings both on the course and off the course.

While you may not gain this speed right away, it is in the realm of possibility.

3. The Whoosh Drill To Find Your Golf Swing Speed

Grab one of your irons and turn that club upside down. But you’re not going to tee up this way.

Instead, we’re going to practice. Think of this like your scales when you learned piano as a kid.

Get into your golf stance. Now try your typical golf swing.

If you don’t hear a “whoosh” sound when your club handle hits halfway through your swing, you’re not getting enough speed.

Now, make sure that when you pull back on that swing, your wrists bend behind your head. Just like the beginning of a baseball swing, you’re cocking that club back.

Why would you want to do this?

The wrists add an extra fulcrum to the swing. Even the little bit of action in your wrists translates to a bit more golf swing speed. This won’t be there if you keep your wrists straight.

Why Do You Want To Hear The Whoosh At The Bottom Of Your Swing?

Because you want the maximum amount of swing speed happening when you hit the ball. It’s that simple. If you hear the whoosh too late, you won’t have maximum speed and momentum on the club head driving that ball.

4. Your Grip Is Everything When It Comes To Your Speed

This isn’t Hockey or Baseball. You’re not going around checking other players into trees or sliding into the eighteenth hole. And you’re definitely NOT using the same grip.  Think about upgrading to these golf club grips.

You should be particular about your golf grip if you’re at all worried about your golf swing speed.

Most people grip the golf club wrong. A lot of people actually place the end of the club’s handle inside their palm.

Choke up at most an inch on that club. The end of the club should stick out a very small bit above the back end of your upper hand palm.

And when you swing with this grip of your upper palm gripping the handle and not the end, you’ll be more in line with your golf swing.

What do we mean by this? If you find that your golf head is pulling forward of your hands mid-swing, forcing your wrist to bend forward, you’re holding the club wrong.

But if you feel like your wrist is in control of the head and you end up “flicking” your club with your wrist. You’ve got it right.

Remember, you had that extra fulcrum at your top swing by cocking your wrist back. You now have another fulcrum at the bottom. Each time you are in full control of your swing.

5. Get Fit

While drinking beer and making golf a lazy sport is popular, if you really want to increase your golf swing speed, you have to change how you see the sport.

Ditch the beer to mouth curls and start working on those real iron curls. Or get some workout bands and do some wing flaps.

Your power will come both from careful control, practice, and shoulder muscle.


As you’ve probably noticed, getting the most out of your golf swing is all about controlling the club in just the right. Learn to do this, and you’ll have an awesome and accurate swing.

Have you found some effective ways to increase your golf swing speed? Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, don’t stop living on greens.