Golf GPS Apps Review: Top 5 Best Golf GPS Apps of 2020

Are you looking to improve both your golfing experience and performance? Combining the two can be tricky.

Luckily, the growth of modern technology has come to the forefront of golf. It’s helped golfers of all levels to improve their experience from hole to hole.

One of the best uses of technology for golf has been the introduction of golf GPS apps which allow a player to size up each hole, as well as many other features. Each app has different benefits.

See below for an in-depth golf GPS apps review of the best applications that you can get on your smartphone right now!

1. Golfshot

Perhaps you’re wanting to add a golf GPS app to improve your game gradually over time. If so, then Golfshot is a tremendous app for you to use.

It uses a GPS and allows you to track each shot that you hit off the fairway with your own input. You can even jot down the golf club that you were using when you hit it, thus allowing you to make notes on whether to repeat that or try differently next time.

The Golfshot app also allows you to keep track of your score and get the latest breakdown on professional golfers, golfing equipment, and much more. Let this app become the one-stop-shop for all your tracking needs while you’re on the course.

If you’re looking to take things up a notch, you can pay a membership and enter Golfshot Pro. This feature helps give you recommendations on each golf outing to help you get the best results.

They say that most golf lessons can be attributed to business lessons. If so, teach yourself to “outsource” your caddy needs to the handy dandy Golfshot app for your next outing.

2. SwingxSwing

Perhaps you’re just getting into the “swing” (pun intended) of golf and aren’t looking to spend money on a golf app just yet. If that’s the case, then you’ve got your eyes on a golf GPS app that offers you several benefits without paying for them.

Unfortunately, those aren’t easy to come by. However, the SwingxSwing app gives you the chance to create a free account and gain access to many features.

Better yet, the app will work almost anywhere that you play since it has over 30,000 golf courses in its memory. You can see the layout of each hole and strategize how you’ll approach each one.

It’s also useful for keeping track of your scores, letting you see past scores from the same course if you’d like. 

If you find yourself relying heavily on this app down the line, then you can upgrade to their Looper subscription. This tracks the finer details of your golf outing such as wind speed, which clubs you’ve used, and ways to add betting to your golf outings.

3. Hole19

Used to be that you could only find hole 19 on a miniature golf course. These days, however, golf fanatics know Hole19 as a helpful golf GPS app that’s used by millions for golf outings.

This app is especially helpful because it gives you a realistic overview of each hole on the course that you’re playing. This allows you to see all the hazards, ditches, and other elements that you’ll want to avoid. 

For example, say you’re teeing off on hole 1 which has a huge tree blocking your view from the hole. You think to yourself “I’m going to drive this ball over the tree”, but then you view your Hole19 app and notice there’s water right behind the tree.

Thanks to the Hole19 app, you now know to take a bit off your swing and aim just to the right of the tree to avoid the water. It also hosts a user-friendly scorecard that even beginners will find easy to use.

This app truly does it all. You can book your tee times at the golf courses that it collaborates with so that you can ensure the app works when you get out on the course.

4. GolfNow

As the name of this golf GPS app would imply, it’s mainly used to ensure that you book a solid tee time for each of your outings. This can be a huge help in making sure you get the time that you’d like, rather than succumbing to the times a course has left.

However, don’t let its name deter you from the GPS capabilities. It has tracking features that are suitable for over 30,000 courses across the world.

You can find a tee time to meet each budget by downloading the GolfNow app, even with the COVID-19 pandemic in full-flight.

5. GolfLogix 

If you’re looking for the golf GPS app with the best display, then the GolfLogix app might just take the cake on this list. 

Each course is displayed in 3D-imaging with full color and details of each hole. It also allows you to track the scores of up to four players, handicap included.

This app can help you detail your swing by knowing everything that’s waiting for you past the tee. Having an overview of the hole before you swing can hopefully help you cut down a stroke or two.

Use This Golf GPS Apps Review as Your Guide

Now that you’ve seen an in-depth golf GPS apps review, it’s time to select the best app or two for your needs.

Be sure to read this article on the 10 most exciting pieces of golf technology for you to get your hands on.

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The Latest Golf Trends Golfers Need to Keep a Close Eye on in 2020

Golfing is both a sport and a refined art. As such, it’s imperative to be on top of all the latest trends not only for the sake of your game but also for respect in your social circles. This year has seen some pretty exciting trends; some picked off from last year and some new.

From a sportsman’s perspective, there’s always something better every year in terms of equipment. 2020 is no exception with new technology golf clubs and a general adaptation of golfing to the current technological wave. Some of this year’s golf trends are more social and revolve around the golf course stuff like fashion and even music.

Over 107 million Americans in 2018 played, read, or watched golf. It shows how invested people are in golf trends.

If you’re unfamiliar with golf trends, here are some more recent trends that you should be aware of.  

Music on the Golf Course

Who’d have thought that we’d be bumping to our favorite tunes while swinging our golf clubs? Playing music while golfing will become prominent this year, especially now that many youngsters are embracing the sport. 

It’s a tactic some golf resorts have embraced to attract the attention of young golfers. Of course, you shouldn’t expect loud booming music on the fairway; that will completely throw you off your game. That’s why this trend could have some difficulty going forward to accommodate different music tastes.

Classical or calmer music, however, can be something the veteran golfers appreciate. Also, it’s far less outlandish than the upbeat, blaring music the younger generation often prefers.

So get ready for some tunes the next time you tee off.

New Golf Apparel

Of course, a list of golf trends won’t be complete without mentioning fashion. The fashion trend this year is clothing that’s sharp, modern, and functional.

For instance, shirts that help with elbow swing and pants that help maintain the correct posture.

Breathable wear has been the norm for a couple of years and is likely to stay for a while.

Since most people love golfing in summer, it’s the ideal time to whip out your snazzy summer threads. Remember not to get carried away on the fashion aspect and forget about the game.

Plus, don’t forget golf wear etiquette, or you’ll be the laughing stock of the entire course.

Healthier Lifestyle for Golfers

Golf isn’t a sport that’s very much associated with healthy diets. That’s because unlike other intensive sports, golf doesn’t involve a lot of physical exertion. However, many golfers are embracing a healthier diet to give them an edge over their rivals.

This healthy diet choice isn’t restricted to your home. Expect an array of healthy drinks in your local golf resort. Think along the lines of healthy vegan smoothies, artisanal coffee, and the likes.

In other words, you might want to forget the usual golf club hotdog this year.

Three Hole Tournaments

In 2020, three-hole to nine-hole tournaments are steadily gaining traction in the golfing community. It’s an alternative to the usual 20/20 gaming format, which is lengthy and even tiring for some.

These short tournaments can take no longer than three hours.

This is great for busy people who are rushing to work or some other place after the game.

Beginners can also try their hand at golf without fear of embarrassing themselves in the long game.

Increased Social and Corporation Adaptability

For most people, golf is more than just a sport, it’s also a way to socialize or advance business agendas. Golf resorts and clubs are aware of this and are making their establishments more conducive for businesses and social groups.

Golf clubs are tailoring tournaments for business teams to compete against each other. These clubs are also incorporating other fun activities for college clubs and families.

Popular golf clubs have a knack for switching up their style to fit their clients’ wishes.

In 2020, adapting the golf resort to business and social groups has worked in favor of golf clubs. It has also made golf less intimidating for people willing to take up the sport but is scared to do so.

More Technology in Golf

Technology has also crept its way into golf with the latest tech innovations.

For instance, streaming live events, music, and golf information on golf carts is now the norm, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Nowadays, there’s a hands-free push cart that will carry your golfing stuff all across the court.  On the software side, there are tons of golfing apps to help you up your game.

Not to mention, there are tons of golf mobile games to keep you occupied while you wait for your turn.

The notion that golf is rigid to technology has been overturned over the past decade. Now more than ever, golf is embracing technology for a better overall golfing experience and making learning golf easier.

These Golf Trends Have You Set for 2020

These are some of the hottest golf trends you should expect this year. Tell your golfing buddies all about them, so they aren’t left out. Also, keep your eyes peeled for next year’s golfing trends, so you’re always on top of your game. 

For more informative and insightful golf reads on everything golf, check out our golf talk blog and be in the know.