What is the Best Golf Carry Bag?

When you go shopping for a new golf bag you need to decide how you will use the bag. Will you be carrying it, using a pull cart or putting it on a golf cart?  Each of these types of golf bags has slightly different characteristics. Once you’ve decided this you can look at the number and type of pockets, price range, size, and material.

Here is our look at some of the best golf carry bags (a.k.a golf stand bags) on the market today.  Golf carry bags usually have two straps that allow you to carry the bag almost like a backpack and a stand to keep them upright when it’s on the ground. If you prefer to walk the course, a golf carry bag is the best way to go as most cart bags are too heavy and bulky to carry for 18 holes.

Best Golf Carry Bag / Best Golf Stand Bag – 4 Recommendations

Wilson Carry Lite Golf Stand Bag 

wilson lite best golf carry bagOn a tighter budget?  At only $109.99 (on Amazon),  this Wilson bag has all the makings as one of the best budget golf bags.  It is available in Red, Black and Navy and the top measures 8” x 9.5” with 6 dividers. That’s enough room for all your clubs.

The bag is designed with 3-stays construction and diamond polyester fabric for extreme durability, and thanks to the padded double strap, it is also very comfortable to carry.  The pocket configuration boasts 5 closed pockets — 2 large side pockets, 1 velour pocket for valuables, 1 large bottom front pocket and 1 large side pocket.

Additional features include an insulated water bottle sleeve, rain hood, umbrella holder, towel or glove ring and an easy action kick stand.

Wilson is not known to make the sexiest golf products, but it certainly ticks off all the requirements for a great golf bag.

For only $109.99, the Wilson Carry Lite is also easily one the best deals available.  This no frills bag may lack some fancy features of top-end bags, but is perfect for people on a budget, or if you are just getting started with the game of golf.

Buy the Wilson Lite Carry Golf Bag here!

OGIO Grom Stand Bag

ogio grom best golf stand bagOGIO is known for making quality golf bags, and the Grom Stand bag is no exception.  It features a 14-slot diamond top, so you can optimally organize your clubs anyway you want.   The main feature is OGIO’s trademarked SHOXX X4 suspension system which helps optimally distribute weight, and reduces downward pull when carrying on your back.  This means you will be less tired from carrying your bag around, which will hopefully result in more great shots as you walk through 18 holes.

Other features of the Grom include 6 pockets (4 zippered), as well as a fleeced-line valuables pocket, insulated bottle pocket,  zipperless ball silo, pen sleeve, divot tool sleeve, tee holder, and more.

The only downside of the Grom Bag is that it is a bit higher priced at $229. If you don’t mind the price, then the OGIO Grom Stand Bag has everything you would ever need or want in a golf carry bag.

Buy the OGIO Grom Stand Bag / Carry Bag here!

Sun Mountain 4.5 Golf Stand / Carry Bag 

sun mountain four 5 best golf carry bag

The “Four 5” is the best golf stand bag from bag specialists Sun Mountain — and for good reason.  It has a 10.5” top with 14 full length club dividers to better organize and protect your clubs.  The top itself is flared shaped to make club retrieval easier.

The main feature of this bag is its patented Auto-Fit Dual Strap System which self-adjusts to your body, and is easy to take on and off.  It also works well as a single strap for carrying short distances.  The legs spring out quickly thanks to the bag’s Y-spring leg activator, and lock in nicely when they are not being used.

Getting the bag in or out of your trunk or on and off the cart is easy thanks to bottom and top lift handles built into the bag.  There are six pockets, including a full-length clothing pocket, beverage pocket to keep drinks cool, and velour-lined pocket to protect your valuables (cell phone, etc.).

There are numerous colorways, so you are bound to find one that suits your taste. The bag also fits nicely on a cart in case you don’t feel like walking some days.

For a sale price of just $160 (on Amazon), the Sun Mountain Four 5 is a great value buy, and can easily be recommended as one of the best golf stand bags available today.

Buy the Sun Mountain Four 5 Stand Bag here!

Callaway Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag 

callaway hyper lite 5 golf stand bag best golf carry bag

Weighing under 5 pounds (2.26 kg), the Callaway Hyper-Lite 5 is one of the lightest full sized golf bags on the market.

The lightweight design combined with the comfortable strap system makes carrying this bag for 18 holes a breeze.

It features a 9.5″ top, with five full length dividers to organize your clubs.   The the base is designed for extra traction and stability so it does not fall over or sink into the ground.

There are eight total pockets including one for valuables, one for your water bottle, balls, clothes, and four more.  You will have more pockets than you know what to do with.

One flaw of this bag is that the legs sometimes do not tuck all the way in when carrying. Other than that, this Callaway bag is great.  It is light, and easy to carry, making it perfect for walking the course.

Buy the Callaway Hyper Lite 5 Golf Bag here!

There you have it. Our top 4 picks for the best golf carry bag. There’s almost nothing negative to say about any of these, so no matter what your choice is, you are sure to be happy with your purchase.  Let us know which bag is your favorite!

What’s the Best Golf Cart Bag?

Do you find yourself always renting a golf cart or using a push cart?  If you’re like me (out of shape & slightly lazy), then carrying your own bag for 18-holes is simply out of the question.  You should consider trading your old carry-style bag for a golf cart bag.

Cart bags are not meant to be carried, but are designed to fit perfectly with either your push cart, or on the back of a golf cart.  They are generally bigger, have more club slots, as well as an increased amount of side/front pockets. You will easily be able to carry the maximum number of clubs, as well as things you wouldn’t normally want to carry on your back (umbrella, drinks, extra clothes, etc.).  Here are our recommendations for the best golf cart bag on the market today.

Best Golf Cart Bag – 5 Recommendations:

TaylorMade SLDR Cart Bag

taylormade sldr best golf cart bagThe TaylorMade SLDR Cart bag is large, strong (crush resistant), and looks fantastic.  It is part of Taylor Made‘s premium SLDR line of products (SLDR driver, SLDR hybrids, irons).  It comes with 14 seperate club slots (full length dividers),  and nine outside pockets — including a velour lined pocket for valuables, and a cooler pocket specifically for drinks/food.  There are handles on every side, making it easy to pick up your bag from any angle.   Extra features include an umbrella sleeve, towel clip, pen sleeve, and rain hood.  If you are looking for the latest, sexiest cart bag on the market, then the SLDR is it.

OGIO Chamber Cart Bag

ogio chamber cat bag with silencerOGIO has made a name for themselves over the past few years by making fantastic, high quality golf bags. The main feature of the Chamber Cart Bag is OGIO’s trademarked club slot designs with “Silencer Technology”.   These unique slot designs will prevent your clubs from annoyingly clanging against each other, which will also help protect them from damage / scratches.  Another cool part of the OGIO bag is the zipperless ball pocket which allows for quick and easy removal of golf balls.  There are a total of nine zippered-pockets for nearly everything else, including a crush resistant armored pocket (for your sandwich?), insulated cooler pocket for drinks, and a water-resistant/fleece-lined pocket for valuables and electronics.  The OGIO Chamber is the mother of all cart bags, and is priced that way.  It will cost you a healthy $200.

RJ Sports DS-590 Golf Cart Bag

rj sports golf cart bagDon’t want to spend $200 on a golf bag?  Then the EX-350 offering from RJ Sports might be for you.  It is easily the cheapest option on this list, coming in at only $86 (on Amazon).  There are a total of 14 clubs slots, as well as two external tubes which can be used for easy access to your putter or wedge. There are only 6 external pockets though, which does not provide an excessive amount of carrying space compared to the other bags on this list.   The DS-590 is also not the most stylish bag on the market, but it does come in 5 different colorways.  If you are looking for a solid, budget-friendly golf cart bag, then you should give this one a shot.

Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag

sun mountain golf c-130 best golf cart bagThe C-130 Cart Bag has made it to Golf Digest’s Hot List  for five straight years. It is the best selling cart bag from Sun Mountain, and for good reason.   The C-130 was specifically designed for use on a driving cart — the nine outside pockets are all front facing for easy access when strapped onto the cart, and the top is reverse oriented for quick and easy removal of clubs.  There are a total of 14 club slots, each with full length dividers, as well as a separate compartment for your putter.  Other features include two velour lined pockets for valuables, lift handles on the top, tee holder, pen holder, and rainhood (included).  The C-130 is also one of the best looking bags out there, and comes in nine fantastic colorways.  It is a bit on the higher end of the price scale, but is the best golf cart bag to use with a riding cart.  The C-130 is not really designed for use with push carts, so it may not be the best choice if you like to walk most of the time.  Check it out here.